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ProJo Sold — Be Afraid

My dreams of a benevolent, progressive billionaire riding in on a white Prius have been dashed. A. H. Belo has agreed to sell the Providence Journal and its production facility, for $46 million in cash, to New Media Investment Group Inc., the parent company of

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Put An End To The WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Tonight is that annual co-opting of the Washington press corps known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — and this year is the organization’s centennial. Prepare for a deluge of selfies as respected journalists vie for the attentions of reality television stars, while getting chummy

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House Abolishes Master Lever Option

What a great way to celebrate the state’s first Day of Reason. The Rhode Island House voted 71-0 to abolish straight-ticket voting, the so-called master lever, a relic of the old voting machines and machine politics. It has no real defenders, only pols and special

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Meet Mayoral Candidates At Knight Library

(4.16) The mayoral candidates are participating in a series of three forums sponsored by PCL Friends groups and moderated by the League of Women Voters. The first event takes place this Wednesday at Knight Memorial Library. Hear what the candidates for mayor of Providence have

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Master Lever Bill ‘Held For Further Study’

The continued existence of  the “master lever” is indefensible. Proof of this came earlier this week when no one came out to defend it. One side came out in force, filling the hearing room and arguing that there’s no good reason for Rhode Island to

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Erik Chaput To Discuss Dorr At Statehouse

(3.21) Head over to the Statehouse to celebrate the official opening of the Statehouse Visitor Center with Secretary of State Ralph Mollis and author, and Providence College alum, Erik Chaput. Immediately following opening remarks by Secretary Mollis, author Erik Chaput will speak about his book,

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Edward Snowden — Whistleblower/Hero

Last May I wrote a post about the out-of-control expansion of the NSA and the entire Homeland Security apparatus. I was merely reporting on revelations from the PBS Frontline episode, “Top Secret America” which reflects two years of investigative reporting by Pulitzer prize-winning Washington Post

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The Incredible Shrinking State

Your assignment for the new year is to convince at least one interesting person to move to Rhode Island. Or have a baby, although the babies tend to grow up and move away. The Providence Journal reports that Rhode Island is in danger of losing

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Special Athenaeum Salon (Action Speaks) Feat. The Gov

(10.23) AS220 and RI Council for the Humanities (RICH) present a special edition of Action Speaks: Underappreciated Days that Changed America: “September 1965: DEMOCRACY DEMANDS WISDOM; 89th Congress establishes Arts and Humanities as essential to global leadership,” at the Providence Athenaeum. Are the humanities “in

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Authors Of “Dollarocracy” To Speak At Brown

There’s a great free event at Brown next Wednesday, October 2nd, about the biggest threat to American democracy — and how we can fix it.  It’s cosponsored by a number of great orgs, including: Brown Democracy Matters, RI Progressive Democrats of America, and mine, DemandProgress.

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The ‘New Yorker’ Notes Newly Signed NPV Law In RI

Good piece in the New Yorker — Electoral College Halfway Fixed — making note of Rhode Island’s passing of the National Popular Vote legislation. Contributing editor Hendrik Herztberg finds the bipartisan support heartening and finally puts a stake in the fallacious argument that the electoral

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View Sample Ballot, Find Your Polling Place, Then Vote

Find out who your elected officials are, check your voter registration, locate your local board of canvassers, view sample ballots for upcoming elections, and find out where your polling place is. There are two search options. Go to the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center.

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Salt Lake City Nixes Romney The Businessman

A final plea to the aging, white males who want to see the successful businessman in the White House, please heed Bill Maher’s recent warning about who you will be going to bed with. When you’re electing Mitt, you aren’t just electing him. You’re electing

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More Cuts At ProJo

A sad day indeed. Ian Donnis and Scott MacKay report on the new staffing cuts at the Providence Journal and offer up a brief history of the ProJo’s sad decline from one of the finest privately-owned papers in the country to now. (WRNI 9.7.12) The