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Happy PEZidents Day

Ugh. What do we do with this holiday, this year? Why not head over to Julian’s, eat, and view his epic Pez collection (in the bathroom). More about Pez, or PEZ, from Wiki: Pez was first marketed as a compressed peppermint sweet in Vienna, Austria

‘The Great Dictator’ At Cable Car

(2.15) Look at that tie. I suspect Chaplin was making a statement with that. The Cable Car Cinema kicks off its Civics & Politics Film Series tonight with Charlie Chaplin’s iconic 1940 talkie “The Great Dictator.” Chaplin plays two totally opposite roles in his first

Congressional Delegation — Town Hall Forum

(2.12) All four members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation will host a town hall forum this Sunday at East Providence High School. The ProJo advises, “If the U.S. Senate is called into weekend session, the forum will be rescheduled for a later date in the

Happy Year Of The Rooster/Capon — Make Some Noise!

How fitting that the Chinese Year of the Rooster coincides with our own Congressional Year of the Capon. How to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Make some noise! The first day is for the welcoming of the deities of the heavens and earth . .

Emergency Meeting — Hope High School

(11.12) [Venue changed to Hope High School cafeteria.] So what to do? There’s no harm in updating your passport, but it turns out they don’t really want us in Canada. And as Stephen Colbert reminds us, this is no time to abandon our country. .

Michael Moore Film at Cable Car

(11.3) Only three more screenings scheduled for the showing of Michael Moore’s presidential election movie: Wednesday at 6:30pm and 8:15pm, and Thursday at 3pm. running time 73 minutes. Rolling Stone describes “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” . . .  a new film culled from two one-man

A ‘Body Blow’ To The General Assembly

Six incumbents gone! House Majority Leader DeSimone gone! Jan Malik gone! Such good news from yesterday’s primaries, and look how close some of those races were. First-time candidate Moira Walsh won her District 3 seat by 21 votes; Marcia Ranglin-Vassell ousted DeSimone by a mere

Register To Vote — Stephen Hopkins House

(8.13) Become a registered voter — or update current registration — Saturday at the 18th century home of ten-time colonial Governor, and Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Stephen Hopkins. George Washington visited this house . . . twice! These men risked “their lives, their

Another One Bites The Dust — House District 13 Back In Play

It’s like somebody opened a window! Following the determination of the Providence Board of Canvassers that Rep. John Carnevale does not live at the Barbara Street address as claimed, the good people of House District 13 will no longer have to deal with this lying

Convention News — Raging Against The Machine

Following months of preparation, two of Rhode Island’s more progressive politicos — Rep. Aaron Regunberg (D-Providence) and former Rep. David Segal (D-Providence)* — have been taking an active role this week in shaping the future of the Democratic party. Edward Fitzpatrick writes about Regunberg’s efforts

Progressive Dems Open Headquarters

(7.6) Exciting things are in the works here in Rhode Island. Job One? Fix the General Assembly. This fall, complacent, entrenched incumbents are facing primary challenges from motivated and qualified candidates . . . real Democrats! Much of the credit goes to Sam Bell and

Congress Finally Agrees On Something — Doing Nothing

A small victory for the good guys. With some help from the not-so-good guys. Barring a last-minute compromise when the Senate returns to session on May 31st, a controversial provision of the Patriot Act authorizing the NSA collection of phone records will sunset on that

David (Segal) Beats Goliath — Victory For Net Neutrality

This was huge! One for the good guys . . .  the common folk . . . the humble blogger (moi) who was definitely going to be priced out of the high-speed lane. And yesterday, activists celebrated the FCC decision to regulate the internet as

Mail Ballots Are Vulnerable To Fraud

In today’s ProJo, Steven Frias — writer, lawyer, and Rhode Island’s Republican National Committeeman — suggests we need to tighten up the current mail ballot system. His analysis of the city’s last mayoral election makes for very interesting reading. The voting patterns in the South

Harrop To Vote For Elorza — And You Should Too

The stakes have never been higher.  We have compiled some last minute talking points for convincing drunk uncle and dopey grandma who still can’t believe Buddy came to the wake that time and he was so nice. ~Cianci has been actively currying favor with Muslim

Cianci Rape Allegation Finds Traction With Younger Voters

For most people considering the Providence mayoral race it is not necessary to go back further than 2002 when Judge Earnest Torres sentenced Buddy Cianci to 5 years 4 months in federal prison saying that the outgoing mayor had . . . ”presided over an