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Cianci Rape Allegation Finds Traction With Younger Voters

For most people considering the Providence mayoral race it is not necessary to go back further than 2002 when Judge Earnest Torres sentenced Buddy Cianci to 5 years 4 months in federal prison saying that the outgoing mayor had . . . ”presided over an

Elorza Fundraiser At RWP Casino

(10.30) Do not get complacent, people! Yes, that last poll felt good, but do not relax. This is too important. The mail ballot system is under attack — just like in 1982 — let’s not have this come down to counting and verifying individual mail

Cianci Campaign Sinks To New Lows

Intimidating the homeless. (Somebody get Jimmy Carter on the phone . . . now!) According to the Providence Journal, The state police are investigating possible ballot tampering at the state’s largest homeless shelter after two “official-looking men with clipboards” entered Crossroads Rhode Island on Wednesday

Elorza Plays The Columbus

(10.23) And it’s free. The good people over at the Columbus Theatre have organized a great night of music (natch) but they also have an agenda — one that involves the future of Providence. This event will present an opportunity for Democratic mayoral candidate Jorge

Mayoral Candidates At Rochambeau

(10.9) The PCL will host a forum with mayoral candidates Thursday at the Rochambeau Library.  Don’t miss this opportunity to question mayoral candidates Jorge Elorza (D), Daniel Harrop (R), and Buddy Cianci (I) before Election Day! Doors will open at 5:30pm, 30 minutes before the

Register To Vote, Last Day

(10.5) If you care about the future of Providence, you must elect Jorge Elorza to be the next mayor. But you must be registered by today, Sunday, October 5th! Residents of Providence can go to: 8am to 1pm, Office of the Secretary of State, 148

Voter Registration At Columbus Theatre

(10.4) Register to vote today, Saturday, October 4th, at the Columbus Theatre! (Tomorrow is the deadline for registering to vote in the crucial November election. Don’t let Nana pick the next mayor.) The good people over at the Columbus Theatre and their excellent and motivated

Voter ID In Effect — Primary Day

(9.9) The new Voter ID requirement will be in effect tomorrow at the Rhode Island polls. Don’t forget to thank the “Democrats” of our general assembly for giving Ann Coulter ammunition about Voter ID not being a Republican initiative (and if you can vote against

Going, Going . . . The ProJo Circles The Drain

So let’s get this straight — Bob Kerr is out, but Patinkin stays? Apparently Mr. Kerr should have spent more time writing about his kids leaving wet towels on the floor. Word spread quickly this week that Providence Journal columnist Bob Kerr had been unceremoniously

Up To 40 ProJo Employees On The Chopping Block

The Providence Business News reports that, according to an asset purchase agreement filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the new owners of the Providence Journal will be looking to cut up to 40 employees from the payroll. In other words, the buyer, GateHouse

ProJo Sold — Be Afraid

My dreams of a benevolent, progressive billionaire riding in on a white Prius have been dashed. A. H. Belo has agreed to sell the Providence Journal and its production facility, for $46 million in cash, to New Media Investment Group Inc., the parent company of

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Put An End To The WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Tonight is that annual co-opting of the Washington press corps known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — and this year is the organization’s centennial. Prepare for a deluge of selfies as respected journalists vie for the attentions of reality television stars, while getting chummy

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House Abolishes Master Lever Option

What a great way to celebrate the state’s first Day of Reason. The Rhode Island House voted 71-0 to abolish straight-ticket voting, the so-called master lever, a relic of the old voting machines and machine politics. It has no real defenders, only pols and special

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Meet Mayoral Candidates At Knight Library

(4.16) The mayoral candidates are participating in a series of three forums sponsored by PCL Friends groups and moderated by the League of Women Voters. The first event takes place this Wednesday at Knight Memorial Library. Hear what the candidates for mayor of Providence have

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Master Lever Bill ‘Held For Further Study’

The continued existence of  the “master lever” is indefensible. Proof of this came earlier this week when no one came out to defend it. One side came out in force, filling the hearing room and arguing that there’s no good reason for Rhode Island to

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Erik Chaput To Discuss Dorr At Statehouse

(3.21) Head over to the Statehouse to celebrate the official opening of the Statehouse Visitor Center with Secretary of State Ralph Mollis and author, and Providence College alum, Erik Chaput. Immediately following opening remarks by Secretary Mollis, author Erik Chaput will speak about his book,