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Lou Dobbs=CottonPickin’Moron

Anyone catch this? Recently,Condoleeza Rice briefly stopped being a tool to describe the difficulties with discussing race in America, calling Obama’s speech “important” and slavery America’s “birth defect.” “Black Americans were a founding population,” she said. “Africans and Europeans came here and founded this country

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News Slap: International Edition

Opposition claims Zimbabwe election victory; Robert Mugabe mum with the “official count” still secret. Keith Richards is too high to write autobiography, remember life. Saudi Prince plans mile-high tower in Jeddah. Tower-of-Babel jokes not OK. Penis jokes inevitable. Russia wants to build a tunnel from

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50 Cent switches his endorsement

While he’s no John Lewis, or Alice Walker, or even a Jay-Z, as a former Clinton supporter 50 Cent‘s mostly incoherent endorsement of Obama is newsworthy. Of course, he tries hard to argue otherwise. Quoth Fiddy: Don’t look for my vote, for me to determine

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The fatcats come out swinging for fading Hillary

You know it’s bad when Slate starts a Deathwatch for your campaign. HRC’s increasingly desperate effort wasn’t helped much by her repeated fibbing about her “experience,” specifically that as “the first high profile American to visit Bosnia after the Dayton accords (false)” and “the first

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Election reforms in Senate today

Major bills on the FairVote RI agenda are coming up tomorrow for hearing in the Senate. Young people and parents will be present in support of two bills which would engage young people in civic participation and democracy. One is Youth Voter Pre-registration.  With new