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Register Now — Prekindergarten Lottery

The Rhode Island Department of Education has just announced that applications are now available for its Prekindergarten Lottery. Ready to Learn Providence operates three of the programs and wants to get the word out about this fantastic statewide opportunity. The lottery is open to all

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‘American Promise’ At Cable Car

A ‘Q&A’ with “American Promise” directors Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson follows the Friday screening at 7pm and the Saturday noon and 6pm screenings at the Cable Car Cinema. A documentary 13 years in the making, American Promise provides a rare look into the lives

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Money Dollars Headed Our Way

Happy news for Providence for once — infusion of cash coming our way. First: Nabsys, a technology company working on “advances in life sciences and healthcare through strategic deployment of a novel positional sequencing platform with broad applicability for DNA analysis” will get an infusion

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Need Science Teachers? Waive The Education Courses

The Providence Journal reports that Rhode Island schools are facing a shortage of science teachers (12.26.12). “Fifteen years ago, I would have had 20 students applying to become secondary science teachers,” says Paul Tiskus, chairman of the education studies department at Rhode Island College, which

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Learning Community Fundraiser

(5.4) Head down to the Roots Café for the Get Smart! fundraiser, Join the Learning Community for an evening of classic cocktails, live music and a few smart surprises.  Get your secret agent on with a night out in support of one of Rhode Island’s

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Welcome Class of 2015!

They’re ba-a-a-a-ck. The Providence Daily Dose is happy to see all the incoming freshmen and older students returning to town. Today was move-in day over at Brown University; classes start Wednesday. RISD students move in Saturday, September 10, and Providence College students are already settled

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Bell Street Concert Sunday — Help Send CMW Kids To Music Camp

The annual Fred Kelley Memorial Concert takes place this Sunday, April 3rd, at the Bell Street Chapel. Featured musicians will be Jesse Holstein on violin, Heath Marlow on cello, and Jeff Louie on piano, performing works by Franz Schubert, including the Rondo in B Minor

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Rally To Support Providence Teachers — City Hall

From Ocean State Action, Join us at City Hall to stand in solidarity with the 1,926 Providence teachers who have been unfairly fired!  The Providence Teachers Union is calling upon Mayor Taveras to rescind these unjust terminations. Teachers Rally, 4:30pm to 7:30pm, Wednesday, City Hall

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“I’m Thinking Of Going To Law School”

If you ever ever hear a friend or relative say these words slap them hard across the face three times, and then make them read this recent New York Times article, because that person should not be going to law school. There are no jobs

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Why Winter Is A Nightmare For Providence Youth — How You Can Help

Remember being a kid and jumping for joy when you saw the first snowflake of the season? The thrill of seeing beauty fall from the sky, the hope for snow days, and the desire to drop down and make snow angels returns to many this

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How To Get Your Kids Into A Good School

It’s never too early to get them on the right track. Fred & Friends is the very cool Cumberland operation you have never heard of — of whom you have never heard? oh screw it — primarily because they are a wholesale outfit. Fred explains

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Education Secretary Duncan Takes On Master’s Bonus Pay

Speaking to a presumably receptive audience at the American Enterprise Institute about how best to deploy dwindling education resources, Education Secretary Arne Duncan suggested that “master’s-degree bonuses [for teachers] are an example of something that doesn’t work.” More than a decade of research shows that

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Ockham and Central Falls

It’s sad, but why is it at all surprising that teachers in Central Falls — subject to a (temporary) mass firing last school year — feel detached from their work and are looking for jobs elsewhere? You really didn’t need to get too deep into

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Dictionaries Needed

The ‘Race to the Top’ $75 million jackpot was announced on Tuesday to great fanfare. The Channel 10 graphics department (read: intern) helped illustrate just how urgently these funds are needed.

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Rhode Island Is Ready: Press Conf And Rally For Funding Formula Tuesday

The Rhode Island is Ready coalition will be holding a rally and press conference in support of a fair school funding formula tomorrow, Tuesday, from 2:30-4:30, with the press conference at 3:15.  It’ll be based in and around the State Room, on the second floor

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Funding Formula, Please?

The rejection of our Race To The Top application should serve as a wake up call to Rhode Island’s politicians: We need a funding formula RIGHT NOW! The overwhelming majority of our failings, per the DOE measurements, can be chalked up to our inadequate and