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Lobby For Secure Elections — State House

(5.3) Join the Young Democrats of Rhode Island in urging your legislators for modern and secure elections in Rhode island.  (Facebook event page.) Voting brings us together as Americans. But almost a half-century after Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the right to

Women’s Rally At State House

(1.21) These rallies are taking place in cities all around the country and I hope the crowds look angry and dangerous. Because future demonstrations (let’s retire the word “rally” for now) must be targeted directly at Trump-owned properties, especially his D.C. hotel (where, by Saturday,

Prepare For Election Day

(11.8) Figure out how you’re going to vote ahead of time ferchrissakes. You can not start sorting through housing opportunity bonds and port infrastructure bonds right there in the voting booth. Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea is reminding Rhode Island voters to be prepared before

Voter Registration Deadline

(10.9) Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea is reminding Rhode Islanders that they have until 11:59pm, Sunday, October 9, to register to vote online for the November 8 general election. (Español) “The easiest way to register or update your registration is to go to

Tuesday Primary Day

(9.13) Tuesday could signal the beginning of the end for the old guard of DINO democrats that currently control the Rhode Island general assembly. Out of the 27 primaries for assembly seats, 12 will determine who gets the seat. (If you are new to town,

Register To Vote — Now Online

The state’s new online voter registration system kicked off yesterday and can be found at the Secretary of State’s website — Vote Online! (In Spanish — Aquí) Important Dates! Deadline for voting in the September primaries: August 14. Deadline for registering to vote in November

Putting Asses In The Seats

Good for show business . . . bad for government. And here in Rhode Island we have too many “asses” and too many seats. The ProJo editorial board makes a good case today for expanding the three-day filing window for public office in Rhode Island,

Progressive Dems Endorsement Meeting

(6.30) The Progressive Democrats (PDA) are having a special meeting this Thursday to vote on candidate endorsements for General Assembly primaries. Can’t make it? Donate here to help support the efforts of the progressive challengers. Check out the appearance of PDA state coordinator Sam Bell

RIPDA Fundraiser/Primary Watch — Wild Colonial

(6.7) Warning to you complacent incumbents in the general assembly, the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America (RIPDA) are loaded for bear, aiming straight at your primaries. RIPDA director Sam Bell reports that some excellent candidates — real Democrats — are throwing their hats into

RI Progressive Democrats Meeting

(5.16) Tired of seeing those boneheads in the general assembly running unopposed? Tired of an ostensibly blue legislature enacting conservative initiatives? Take heart. There really is a political revolution in the works. We have an active candidate recruitment campaign going on and it is already

Bernie Primary Day Party At The Met

(4.26) Come watch the returns, drink booze, listen to music, and celebrate Bernie’s primary victory Tuesday night at the Met! The Bernie Sanders RI Primary Day Party will be hosted by Phillipe and Jorge with live music from the ‘Mericans, Allysen Callery, Dan Caswell, and

Sunday In The Park With Bernie

(4.24) Bernie Sanders will stop by with his “Future You Can Believe In” rally this Sunday at the Temple to Music in Roger Williams Park! The Bernie Sanders for President website indicates that the rally will run from 9am to 2pm adding that “. .

Where Are You Voting?

(4.26) Find out here: Voter Information Center. The R.I. Board of Elections plans to open only 144 of Rhode Island’s 419 polling places for the April 26 primary, so you may not be voting at your usual polling place. Check out the sample ballot here

Bernie Events Calendar

Events of interest to Bernie supporters. RALLY —10am to 1pm, Saturday, April 16 — Deputy State Coordinator Lauren Neidel invites everyone to join in. (Facebook event page.) There will be a YUUUUGE rally for Bernie supporters at the State House on Smith Street. Right after

RI For Bernie HQ Opens

(4.10) Come help celebrate the grand opening of the bricks-and-mortar ‘Rhode Island for Bernie’ headquarters this Sunday at 500 Broad Street. (Facebook event page.) Join us for the grand opening of the Providence Bernie 2016 field office! The program will begin at 12:00 pm and

Fire Kando

A recent editorial in the Providence Journal — Elections Dysfunction — noted the continuing chaos over at the Rhode Island Board of Elections and has suggested a remedy. This will be a busy year for the people who oversee elections in Rhode Island. On April