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Whale Guitar/World Oceans Day — Cable Car

We are The Ocean State. If we trash the ocean, we’ll have to get new license plates. (Plus life will suck and we’ll all be dead.) This Thursday the Cable Car Cinema will be hosting a World Oceans Day special event — The Whale Guitar

Urban Pond Procession

(5.13) [Weather Update: Due to the rain the procession will start at Alvarez High School, 375 Adelaide Avenue at 5:30pm! A mini procession is still planned with singing and dancing and food.] Hope the weather cooperates for the 10th annual, and possibly final, Urban Pond

‘Message From The Gyre’ Two Events

(3.4) It’s almost pretty. Yet this is but a small corner of “Plastic Bottles,” Chris Jordan’s monumental image depicting the two million plastic beverage bottles used in the United States every 15 minutes. And this is the least distressing image on view at “Message from

Mark Baumer Remembered At Granoff

(2.4) Last month, writer, librarian, and environmental activist Mark Baumer was struck and killed by an S.U.V. as he walked along the shoulder of a highway in Florida. This was day 100 of his barefoot walk across America, a one-man campaign to raise awareness of

Invenergy Eyes Providence Water

Just 200,000 gallons of water a day if you don’t mind. Great work by Steve Ahlquist over at RI Future who brings to light some “backroom negotiations” taking place last summer. It seems that while we were busy gobbling Zoloft and clicking on 538, Invenergy

Wind Farm Comes Online

Finally, the national news reports on Rhode Island without the obligatory handcuffed politician getting frogmarched into the courthouse. The CBS Evening News recently covered the new wind farm off the coast of Block Island — “Rhode Island offshore wind farm, first in the U.S., to

Earth Day Cleanups

(4.23) Cleanups and e-waste collection are scheduled for Saturday. Join in. WaterFire Providence is celebrating its 6th annual Earth Day cleanup in conjunction with Providence Parks. Clean-ups include Waterplace Basin, Donigian Park and O’Brien Park. Unclear where exactly people are meeting or when. Go to

Future Of Commercial Fishing Forum

(4.14) “Is Commercial Fishing Sustainable?” will be the topic of Thursday’s forum at Rhode Island College. And not a moment too soon. Just in the news: “Climate-related Death of Coral Alarms Scientist” (NYT 4.9.16.) Coral reefs are the crucial incubators of the ocean’s ecosystem, providing

Obligatory Earth Day Post

I give up. It’s impossible for me to continue my years-long rant against bottled water and plastic shopping bags since the explosion of K-Cups. These evil pods are not only plastic but they can’t be recycled (NPR 1.28.15). That their popularity follows the publication of

No More Plastic Bags

Once again the general assembly will consider a bill to phase out the use of plastic bags. If passed, the bill would require large-scale retailers to stop using plastic checkout bags by January 1, 2016; smaller retailers would have an additional year to comply with

California First State To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a ban on single-use plastic bags. Paper bags and reusable plastic bags will be available at checkout counters for a 10-cent fee intended to prod shoppers to remember their own reusable bags. The measure is intended to

People’s Climate March

We don’t want to let this event go by without a mention. The local effort took off like gangbusters with extra buses needed and couches in the 212 in great demand. Happily, RI Future’s climate correspondent, secular humanist, and all-round good guy Steve Ahlquist was

Minor Fish Kill In Seekonk River

While not a major episode, locating fish in distress near the shore on River Road was not difficult. Seagulls pulled this one out of the shallows, so . . . circle of life and all that. According to the ProJo, On a routine boat trip

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Green Patriot Posters

Discovered at the Graphic Design: Now In Production exhibition at the RISD Museum: Green Patriot Posters — posters for energy independence and the fight against climate change. This organization encourages you to submit a poster or distribute one of their many existing posters. Green Patriot

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Let’s Consign Phone Books To The Dustbin Of History

For now? Please place in your recycling container. That is, after removing the plastic bags — which will persist in the environment forever — and transporting those bags to the supermarket or other bag-using store. Thanks phone book people. This is the time of year

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Earth Day

(4.22.14) A list of Earth Day events and activities in Providence, and around the state, can be found at What Grows On in Rhode Island. Roger Williams Park Zoo will be holding a Party for the Planet all week. Save the Bay conducts shoreline clean-ups