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Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’ — MotB

(7.9) Bette Davis attacks this role hammer and tongs, earning her an Oscar nomination for ‘Most Scenery Chewed.’ Here’s another great choice for the Movies on the Block series, Robert Aldrich’s 1962 horror thriller “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” starring Miss Davis, Joan Crawford, and

The Wolfpack

‘The Wolfpack’ At The Cable Car

Look vaguely familiar? This image probably reminds you of an entirely different movie. That effect is entirely intentional and these guys must be loving it. Held over through the holiday weekend is “The Wolfpack” the true story of six brothers, locked up for years in


Womanimation! Film Festival

(6.27) This Saturday, MergingArts Productions returns with their 7th festival of films made by women around the world. In between the festival’s 90-minute screenings, DJ Madame B will play soundscapes created by women around the world. $10, AS220’s Black Box Theatre, 95 Empire Street, shows

Have a Gansett!

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Screen

‘Jaws’ is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a two-day theatrical release across the country presented by Turner Classic Movies. From their blog, Finally, Jaws provides an excellent example for the argument that movies are best viewed on the big screen. Movies are an immersive, larger-than-life

touch of evil

‘Touch Of Evil’ At Movies On The Block

(6.11) Who booked this honeymoon?  Attention budding cineastes, do not arrive late for tonight’s installment of Movies on the Block, the 1958 Orson Welles thriller “Touch of Evil” with its famous 3.5 minute opening sequence, a much-discussed tracking shot in film geek circles. The NYT

gano steet, tunnel

Register Now For The 48 Hour Film Project

And this is where the body gets discovered! (I have no experience as a location scout, but this place just screams body.) The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Providence on the weekend of July 17 – 19. Filmmakers from all over the Providence area

heaven adores you

‘Heaven Adores You’ At Cable Car

The life and music of Elliott Smith. Heaven Adores You presents a comprehensive review of the singer’s life and prolific songwriting, and the impact it continues to have on fans, friends, and fellow musicians. Pitchfork writes that while the film opens in an “appropriately grim

cable car

Cable Car Garners RI Foundation Grant

Daniel Kamil and Emily Steffian, owners of the Cable Car Cinema, have won the Rhode Island Foundation’s fourth annual Innovation Fellowship of $300,000 over three years! Couldn’t happen to nicer people — I’m sure we will all end up benefiting from this award. Kate Bramson

jemaine clement

No . . . More . . . Vampire Movies!

Okay maybe just this last one. But then absolutely no more. Anthony Lane writes in The New Yorker that he too had misgivings going in, but “It was with both joy and mystification, therefore, that I found myself cackling at What We Do in the


Free Screenings Of Past Oscar Nominated Short Films

(2.21) In anticipation of the Oscars broadcast on Sunday night, the Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival, in collaboration with the RI Film & Television Office, will be presenting a special collection of Oscar nominated short films that have screened at RIIFF over the past


Magic Lantern At Cable Car

(2.5) Another installment of Magic Lantern Cinema — “Masses and Swarms.” From the earliest Lumière actualities to King Vidor’s The Crowd (1928) and onward through Spring Breakers (2012), cinema has given apt expression to masses and what they seemingly do best: massing. This program presents

a single life

Oscar Shorts Start At Cable Car

Screenings of the 2015 Oscar Shorts (animation, live action, and documentary) start Friday at the Cable Car Cinema. The theatrical release of The Oscar Nominated Short Films has met enthusiastic audiences ever since its launch 10 years ago giving people around the world an opportunity

the babadook

Babadook At Cable Car

“The most terrifying film I have ever seen.” So says William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of The Exorcist. He is referring to The Babadook. Apparently he has yet to watch CitizenFour (held over). Babadook opens Friday at 9pm, December 12, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main

Deirdre Sargent

Magic Lantern At Cable Car

(12.11) This past summer Magic Lantern put out the call in the Providence-Boston-New Haven area for its first submission-based program. The Local Show is the result. Rather than trying to craft a coherent, thematic program, we found it more interesting to simply highlight this heterogeneity

force majeure

‘Force Majeure’ At Cable Car Friday

Really looking forward to this one. The premise is exquisitely twisted. Force Majeure tells the story of a Swedish family on a pleasant ski vacation in the French Alps. During a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, a looming avalanche turns everything upside down. With diners


Fight Crowd Extras Needed

Or should I say background actors are needed to sit and cheer and boo. And you should probably practice doing that thing where you punch your fist in the air. Think you can handle that? Then sign yourself up at the “Bleed For This” website.