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Acme Video — New Store Hours

5PM ON 26/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

acme video New store hours at Acme Video are 4pm to 10pm, Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays). What does this tell you people?

Here at the Dose we believe that it is occasionally good for you to step away from the computer, leave the house, and interact with the world. Head over to Acme Video and wander around the stacks and you might find a gem or genre you never knew existed. Get more info from proprietor Ralph Goudreau, a knowledgeable movie fan, although you can talk to him about anything because he’s smart and funny and interesting. There’s a wide selection of current titles and your fave TV series as well as the more obscure treasures.

Damon Darlin wrote a column in The New York Times a while back “Serendipity, Lost in the Digital Deluge” about the happy accidents that can occur when we get to browse  . . . library shelves, bibliographies, record stores, book stores, newspapers.

WE’VE gained so much in the digital age. We get more entertainment choices, and finding what we’re looking for is certainly fast. Best of all, much of it is free.

But we’ve lost something as well: the fortunate discovery of something we never knew we wanted to find. In other words, the digital age is stamping out serendipity.

Go rent a movie this week. Everybody. Just do it. Sooner rather than later.

Acme Video, 137 Brook Street, 4pm to 10pm Monday through Saturday, closed Sundays, 401.453.2263, directions

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‘Paranormal Activity’ At Movies On The Block

7AM ON 25/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

paranormal activity (9.26) If you have never seen a Paranormal Activity movie then you would have no idea why this image is sooooo creepy. I love this movie but it is pointless to judge it according to any standard film criticism criteria.  The reviewer for New York Times was pretty dismissive of its premise and primitive production values — I think it was much more than “half-clever” — but even he had to acknowledge it’s power.

At the midnight screening I attended last weekend, by far the most entertaining thing about the movie was the audience. “Oh no. Oh hell no.” That was a stocky gentleman in the row behind me, whimpering as a door swung open on-screen.

It certainly pushed all my buttons. Of course, maybe you don’t sleep in a bed, at night . . . in the dark . . . in a room with a door. And maybe you’ve never heard those little noises coming from the first floor, as you pull the covers up and tell yourself “Oh it’s probably just the cat”  . . . except . . . you don’t have a cat! This is why everyone should have a cat.

Rated R. Running time 86 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, September 26, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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St. Elmo’s Fire At Movies On The Block

2PM ON 19/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

tickle me elmo (9.19) Who would have thought that out of this vapid array we’d still be discussing Rob Lowe? Apparently the New York Times reviewer saw something promising back in 1985.

In the case of Rob Lowe, whose irresponsible pretty boy becomes the film’s central figure, a matinee-idol future is assured, and perhaps something more; Mr. Lowe reveals an interesting petulance in some of his less showily emotional scenes, and brings a disarming warmth to the finale.

(Don’t miss Lowe in “Behind the Candelabra.” Someone should spin off that character.)

“St. Elmo’s Fire” is rated R. Running time 110 minutes.

Dusk, Thursday, September 19, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Streets

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Sundance Film Festival Shorts At Cable Car

9AM ON 14/09/2013
BY H.L. Parker

Sundance Shorts Check out the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Shorts at the Cable Car.

A roller coaster mix of drama and comedy, the Sundance Film Festival Short Films program is a 93-minute collection of eight short films from the 2013 edition of the Festival. Vibrant storytelling highlights the group, including fiction, documentary and animation, with five award-winners. With no rules, the short film serves as a proving ground for young filmmakers to make their mark and for established filmmakers to take risks in story and style.

Running time: 93 minutes

Through Tuesday, September 17, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street, 401.272.3970

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Death Wish — Movies On The Block

6PM ON 10/09/2013
BY Daily Dose

charles bronson (9.12) I said . . . no . . . trans . . . fats! Head downtown Thursday for this cynical appeal to our lesser angels — a movie The New York Times called “despicable”— the 1974 Charles Bronson vehicle “Death Wish.”

. . . a movie that takes a very dim view of New York City, particularly of its muggers who, according to this film, could be easily eliminated if every upright, middle-class, middle-aged citizen got himself a gun and used it at least three times a week.

Look for Jeff Goldblum as Freak #1.

Free, dusk, Movies on the Block, Thursday, September 12, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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‘Sign Painters’ At Cable Car

3PM ON 09/09/2013
BY H.L. Parker

sign painters Only a few more nights to catch “Sign Painters” the 2010 documentary directed by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon.

There was a time, as recently as the 1980s, when storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were all hand-lettered with brush and paint. But, like many skilled trades, the sign industry has been overrun by the techno-fueled promise of quicker and cheaper. The resulting proliferation of computer-designed, die-cut vinyl lettering and inkjet printers has ushered a creeping sameness into our landscape. Fortunately, there is a growing trend to seek out traditional sign painters and a renaissance in the trade.

Like Providence Painted Signs for instance.

Through Thursday, September 12, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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MI:Ghost Protocol — Movies On The Block

8PM ON 04/09/2013
BY H.L. Parker

MI: Ghost Protocol (9.5) The fourth in the Mission: Impossible franchise stars Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Cruise. Said Roger Ebert of the famous Dubai skyscraper scene (the tallest building in the world),

. . . it has been claimed that Cruise “insisted on doing his stunts himself.” Say what? The character Ethan Hunt is seen like a human fly clinging to glass, thousands of feet in the air, and you’re telling me we aren’t looking at CGI? If that’s really Tom Cruise, he seems like a suitable case for treatment.

I thought we established that years ago. Rated PG-13. Running time 2hours, 13 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, September 5, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union

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‘Goodfellas’ Movies On The Block

9PM ON 28/08/2013
BY H.L. Parker

Goodfellas (8.29) Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring everybody. Nobody didn’t like this movie including Vincent Canby of The New York Times. Based on the bestseller Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family by Nicholas Pileggi, the movie is ” a memoir of life in the Mafia, narrated in the first person by Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), an Irish-Italian kid whose only ambition, from his earliest teens, was to be a “wise guy,” a Mafioso.” Hill was a real person who shared the tale with Pileggi while in the federal witness protection program. Canby praised the director’s innovations and frenetic pacing.

There is flash also in some of Mr. Scorsese’s directorial choices, including freeze frames, fast-cutting and the occasional long tracking shot. None of it is superfluous. The film’s rhythms are built into the shape of the narrative, whose penultimate sequence is a Keystone Kops comedy for adults.

Film school students have been analyzing that opening tracking shot, frame by frame, for decades. You will likely overhear some of this chatter on Thursday.  “Goodfellas” is rated R. Running time 146 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, August 29, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union

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“Aliens” At Movies On The Block

10AM ON 22/08/2013
BY Beth Comery

legs and eggs (8.22) Legs and eggs; this is the only image from the movie “Aliens” I care to contemplate on a nice summer day. My curiosity regarding these creatures was completely satisfied by “Alien” where I learned that, even while getting the director’s joke, my emotions can always, always, be manipulated by the appearance of a cat in peril*. . .  and that I am easily startled.  Roger Ebert has similar misgivings about this 1986 sequel but gives it a thumb-up nonetheless.

The movie is so intense that it creates a problem for me as a reviewer: Do I praise its craftsmanship, or do I tell you it left me feeling wrung out and unhappy? It has been a week since I saw it, so the emotions have faded a little, leaving with me an appreciation of the movie’s technical qualities. But when I walked out of the theater, there were knots in my stomach from the film’s roller-coaster ride of violence. This is not the kind of movie where it means anything to say you “enjoyed” it.

But for people who do enjoy this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they enjoy. (Rated R. Running time 137 minutes.)

*The ne plus ultra of this pets-in-peril device was the very funny ‘My kittens!’ scene in “Hellboy.” The joke has officially landed.

Dusk, Thursday, August 22, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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‘The Haunted Palace’ At Rochambeau

7AM ON 21/08/2013
BY Daily Dose

haunted palace (8.22) Head over to the Providence Community Library’s Rochambeau location for a free screening of the 1963 film, “The Haunted Palace,” starring Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., and directed by Roger Corman. The film was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” and a poem by Edgar Allen Poe (fun fact: additional dialogue by Francis Ford Coppola). Emerson College professor Moe Methot will provide a short introduction and commentary. According to the Wiki entry for Lovecraft work,

In August 1925, Lovecraft’s Aunt Lillian sent him an anecdote about the house at 140 Prospect Street in Providence. Lovecraft wrote back: “So the Halsey house is haunted! Ugh! That’s where Wild Tom Halsey kept live terrapins in the cellar–maybe it’s their ghosts. Anyway, it’s a magnificent old mansion, & a credit to a magnificent old town!” Lovecraft would make this house—renumbered as 100 Prospect—the basis for the Ward house in Charles Dexter Ward.

Terrapin ghosts . . . the horror.

The Rochambeau Library Community Room can accommodate 70 people so be sure to arrive early to get a seat. Presented in partnership with the Arkham Film Society and the Friends of Rochambeau.

Free, 6pm to 8pm, Thursday, August 22, Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope Street

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‘Rocky Horror’ Con Comes To Town

8AM ON 20/08/2013
BY Daily Dose

RKO Con The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” national convention — the RKO Con — is headed to Providence, August 22 to 25. What a weekend . . . can we set up some kickball between the Lovecraftians and the Frankfurtians? According to the Providence Journal, “Some 300 devotees of the 1970s cult classic are expected to descend on Providence Thursday for a four-day “Rocky Horror” bash that includes a showing of the film, panel discussions, a costume contest and a late-night “Time Warp” dance party lasting into the wee hours.”

Thursday — @Dave & Buster’s, Ralph and Betty’s wedding reception/Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Friday — @Lupo’s, shadow cast of “Shock Treatment” with rave to follow until 3am

Saturday — @Columbus Theatre, “Repo!” enactments followed by a screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Sunday — @Fire + Ice, closing dinner

There is some discussion of informal get-together on Wednesday at the Facebook event page. (Click here for complete event info.)

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‘Best Of 48 Hour Film Project’

4PM ON 18/08/2013
BY H.L. Parker

48 Hour Film

(8.18) Tonight is the ‘Best of the 48 Hour Film Project’ at the Columbus Theatre.

For the price of a single movie ticket you will see drama, fantasy, comedy, romance, science fiction and more. You’ll see the best of the best, see just what can be accomplished in forty-eight short hours, and be treated to an awards ceremony and Q&A session with the filmmakers.

$10, 7:30pm, Sunday, August 18, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Facebook

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The Matrix — ‘Movies On The Block’

8PM ON 14/08/2013
BY H.L. Parker

The Matrix (8.15) Head downtown Thursday night for Movies on the Block. This week it’s “The Matrix” starring Keanu Reeves (“Providence”) and Laurence Fishburne (Pee-wee’s Playhouse). Here’s what Janet Maslin had to say in her 1999 review for The New York Times,

“The Matrix” is the kind of film in which sunglasses are an integral part of sleekly staged fight scenes.

Rated R. Running time 136 minutes.

Free, Dusk, Thursday, August 15, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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Movies On The Block — Cinema Paradiso

7PM ON 07/08/2013
BY Daily Dose

cinema paradiso(8.8) Let’s face it, the coolest kid in this picture is the one with the cigarette . . . in a sort of Merv Griffin-ish kind of way.

The Movies on the Block movie this Thursday will be the 1988 Italian import “Cinema Paradiso.” Vincent Canby wrote in The New York Times,

When the rich, middle-aged Salvatore receives word in Rome of the death of his old friend Alfredo, his mind goes hurtling back over the years to Giancaldo, the parched Sicilian village where he grew up. Possibly because Salvatore is now a successful movie director, he remembers all in neatly chronological order.

Thus begins Giuseppe Tornatore’s ”Cinema Paradiso,” an Italian memory film about what one might call (in a soggy moment) the magic of movies.

Smoking tots notwithstanding, it is a little sentimental. The movie won the Academy Award for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ in 1989. Running time 123 minutes.

Free, starts at dusk, Thursday, August 8, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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RI International Film Fest Starts Tuesday

8PM ON 04/08/2013
BY Beth Comery

balls to prove it The Rhode Island International Film Festival starts Tuesday at venues around the state. With more than 200 films from 65 countries, the festival features comedy, drama, documentaries (Gore Vidal), and animation. The local favorite has got be the world premiere of “The Legacy of Claiborne Pell” an account of the late, great Rhode Island senator, with a panel discussion moderated by Jim Taricani to follow. There is something for everyone here including KidsEye Film Festivals mornings at 10am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. From the ProJo;

Films of every description — full length, shorts, animated, live action — and big name stars — Toni Collette, Emma Thompson, Octavia Spencer, Hayley Mills, Ioan Gruffudd and homegrown young actors Robert Capron and CJ Adams — will all grace screens at fest venues in Providence, Jamestown, Tiverton and Woonsocket.

Festival runs through Sunday August 11. Seen here: Documentary sport short, “The Balls to Prove It.”

Opening night screening, 7pm, Tuesday, August 6, the Vets (full schedule here)

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Movies On The Block — Superbad

9AM ON 25/07/2013
BY Beth Comery

superbad (7.25) Some people like this movie. It’s a good choice for outdoor viewing since you don’t actually have to pay attention. Written by Seth Rogan, the script seems like a hastily thrown together first draft of something that could have much better had it been allowed to percolate (always a problem for this crew . . . slow down ferchrissake, you don’t have to make a movie every month.) The New York Times reviewer thinks it has a heart.

It works because no matter how unapologetically vulgar their words, no matter how single-mindedly priapic their preoccupations, these men and boys are good and decent and tender and true. They never take cruel or callous advantage. They call. They love. They marry.

I guess. Anyway, it’s fun to sit outside with friends and eat and drink . . . weather permitting.

(Compare and contrast: For a more satisfying comedy experience check out Michael Cera and ‘Cake Boss’ on Comedy Bang! Bang! after the jump.)

Free, starts at dusk, Thursday, July 25, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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