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Free Holiday Parking Begins At Meters

Starting Friday, November 18, the holiday parking program begins when everybody gets two free hours at the parking meters. Do not forget — anyone who overstays the two-hour period is subject to a ticket for overtime parking. Grace period runs through New Year’s Day. This

‘Coats For Coffee’ Drive — Seven Stars Bakery

For the ninth year in a row, East Side Monthly is working with Seven Stars Bakery and Courtesy Cleaners collecting those lightly used/no-spark-of-joy coats that are just taking up room in your closet, and getting them to the people who can really use them. So

Contract Awarded For Pedestrian Bridge

Finally. The state has awarded a $16-million construction contract to a Massachusetts firm to build the Providence River pedestrian bridge. This is the project that got tabled when the stadium idea came to town. This is a much better idea and will alter the development

Volunteer Riverfront Repair Project Continues

(8.24) Last Wednesday dozens of volunteers sanded and painted over 100 pillars along the riverwalk. So kudos to all the volunteers — it looks fantastic. But Rich Pezzillo of the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) says there is more to do. So many volunteers stayed until

Money Earmarked For New Pedestrian Bridge

The Providence River pedestrian bridge just got one step closer to becoming reality. On Monday the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission authorized spending up to $2 million on construction, but they are having to move some money around to accomplish this. Clarification of the resolution was

Girls Rock! Camp Showcase At Aurora

(7.22) If you have never been to one of these, do yourself a favor and stop by Aurora early Friday evening (or stop in after work) for a Girls Rock! RI Showcase. That’s right, I’m telling you to go watch other people’s kids play music.

Bring Back The Seventh-Inning Stretch

“Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the singing of ‘God Bless America.’” So ordered the Fenway announcer last week during the seventh-inning stretch. Since when did stretching become mandatory? And why are men removing their hats and people putting their hands over their hearts for

‘No One Ever Pets A Police Car’

So say mounted police officers everywhere. Good thing WPRI had already run their piece on the Providence Mounted Command before all hell broke lose this week. With the horrifying murder of two more black men by out-of-control cops followed by the Dallas sniper — all

POP Antiques & Vintage Opens

The Emporium of Popular Culture is back. And this time the shop/gallery/performance space is up here in Providence. Proprietor Darren Hill is certainly an interesting character. The former musician was written up in yesterday’s Boston Globe in anticipation of the opening of the new POP

Sunflower Project On Riverfront

Nature (and artists) abhor a vacuum. One thing about Providence, any space or surface left empty long enough will soon attract the attention of creative types who will paint it, shape it, build on it, perform on it, and plant it. This time the place

Lower Minimum Credit Card Charge On Parking Meters

Kudos to Providence City Councilman Sam Zurier for bringing a little sanity to the new parking meter invasion. From the WPRI report, City Councilman Sam Zurier will introduce a resolution at Thursday’s council meeting calling for the city to reduce the minimum charge when someone

Record Store Day

(4.16) Saturday’s weather looks perfect for a vinyl crawl. Why not hit all the local shops selling new and used records. My pals the Daltrys own What Cheer Records & Vintage at 180 Angell Street and it’s always something of a party there, including live

Wheeler Clothing Sale

(4.16) Who knows, you may even score some Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. The annual Wheeler Clothing Sale runs this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — rain or shine. I know people who leave work early to hit the racks on Thursday. Clothing is gently worn

City Launches Pothole App

Mayor Elorza has launched the city’s new PVD311 cellphone app for reporting potholes. First a primer on hole classification and morphology from the PVD Pothole Hunt website. Potholes are round, irregularly bowl-shaped openings up to several inches deep. Occur when asphalt surface of the road

An Evening Of David Bowie — Columbus Saturday

Arc Iris and Friends Present: The Music of David Bowie this Saturday upstairs at the Columbus Theatre. On the card: MorganEve Swain, the newly shorn Death Vessel, Rafay Rashid (Ravi Shavi), Roz Raskin, Brian Webb, Big Nazo, Allysen Callery, Chris Daltry (the ‘Mericans), Emma Corbin,

Virtual Reality For The Times, Panel And Q&A

(2.15) I already geeked out over the cardboard virtual reality goggles when the New York Times first tucked 1,000,000 of the viewers into the Sunday paper for home delivery subscribers, thus launching their VR collaboration with Google. Go to NYTVR to watch a desktop version