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Good Luck Rams!

“I was Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred, and when I die I’ll be [clap, clap] Rhode Island dead!” You know the rest. Good luck to the URI Rams in their match against the Oregon Ducks today. The winner heads to Kansas City to

Daylight Saving — Spring Forward

Daylight Saving Time — Who started it? Who needs it? One Rhode Island legislator thinks it’s time to abandon the system. According to this WPRI report, State Rep. Blake Filippi has submitted a piece of legislation that would have Rhode Island join the Atlantic Time

Set Clocks Back One Hour

Extra sleep. Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 6, at 2am. The government says so. More importantly, the government says ‘saving.’ No ess on the end. From the DST FAQ page we learn this: Arizona does not observe DST, but the Navajo Indian territories do

Relive The Glory Of Spinal Tap At The Parlour

(11.1) Get your bum cakes down to the Parlour Saturday for their 2nd birthday bash and the music of Spinal Tap courtesy of the ‘Mericans who have been practicing like crazy. Eardrums will bleed and that fake Marshall stack will make it look even louder.

E&O Tap

Footy At Noon — Everywhere

Okay! . . . okay, okay, okay. We don’t write about sports often. And soccer? Never. But this is kind of an event; it certainly seems likely to disrupt the workday across the country for a few hours. Also, U.S. defender Geoff Cameron is a

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StyleWeek Northeast Starts

StyleWeek Northeast 2014 starts tonight with all events being held in one place this time around. Jenna Pelletier at the ProJo has this event covered complete with a schedule of events and list of designers with what to expect from each. StyleWeek Northeast is rolling

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Pants On Fire

At this writing the odds on Pants on Fire are 20-1. Pants on Fire is the second foal out his dam, Cabo de Noche, who raced primarily at routes, and the Cape Town mare’s first foal recorded his only victory at two turns; Cabo de

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Spring Forward Sunday 2AM

What time is it? Go to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the exact time. For more information regarding the history of time. . . the history of clocks. . . what’s inside your wristwatch. . . go to ‘Time Exhibits’. First conceived

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Need Another Reason To Cheer For The Packers?

ESPN ran a segment today on Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and how he gets his players all charged up with what the team now calls his ‘Big Game Music’. For the last couple of years before all post-season games — including last night —

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45 To 3? Gotta Be The Hair

According to a recent piece in New York Magazine Tom Brady — at the urging of wife Gisele — was recently seen “visiting a hair-transplant specialist in Cranston, Rhode Island.” That would be our very own Dr. Leonard of course. The New York Times has

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Set Your Clocks Back One Hour At 2am

For more information about time, go to where you can find the answers to such questions as “Are noon and midnight referred to as 12am or 12pm?” and “Is midnight the beginning of the day or the end of the day?”

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Current Events

It would seem that the Dose can no longer completely ignore the Christopher Young ‘thing’ — Lizz Winstead opened with it last night — but I’ll be damned if I ever put a picture of that guy on our front page. Instead I give you

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Because Dose Readers Are The Best Readers In The World

The voting deadline for The Providence Phoenix ‘The Best 2010’ poll has been extended until March 18th. Pick your favorites in the various and sundry food, drink, entertainment and arts categories. (The fragmentation within these categories is getting a little ridicolous — wiener joint and

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Blowout 101

I know the show is egregiously horrible and signals the end of modern civilization, if not our entire species, but it’s impossible not to like this guy.