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Athenaeum Salon — Kramer!

(9.30) Dr. Peter Kramer — author of “Listening to Prozac” and a member of the Brown Medical School faculty — will discuss his new book “Ordinarily Well” this Friday as part of the Providence Athenaeum Salon Series. Book sale and signing will follow. A practicing

Help With HealthSourceRI Enrollment At Rochambeau

(12.2) A team from HealthSourceRI will be at Rochambeau Library today to help with enrollment. The Providence Community Library website says this event ends at 5:45pm. Yesterday’s email from HealthSourceRI says 7pm. It is suggested you bring: A Photo ID (driver’s license or passport) Your

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HealthSourceRI Enrollment Deadline March 31st

Despite extensions announced earlier this week by federal authorities, the deadline for individuals and families selecting a new plan through HealthSourceRI is still Monday, March 31st. HealthSourceRI spokeswoman Dara Chadwick spoke with the Providence Journal, Chadwick said the state will still use federal guidelines to

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Obama Pitches Health Care Between Two Ferns

By now most people have heard of this effort by the Obama administration to get the young invisibles on board with (Here in Rhode Island go to the state-run exchange HealthSourceRI). In case you have yet to watch Zach Galianfinakis interview Obama on Between

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Health Source RI At Red Fez

(12.2) Need health insurance? Come to Thee Red Fez at 5:30pm on Monday, December 2nd to learn about your new health insurance options through HealthSource RI. On HealthSource RI, single people can earn up to about $46,000 a year and get a tax credit to

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Slater Compassion Center Opens In Providence

The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center is open for business. The amusing names attached to certain cannabis strains may tend to undermine their image as serious medicine but this nomenclature has been evolving over many years and in no way diminishes the validity of the

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Blue Cross Back At The Trough

The headline says it all “Blue Cross seeking hefty rate increase.” According to today’s Providence Journal, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is proposing 2014 premium increases averaging 18 percent for individuals and 15 percent for small groups. The rates, the largest increases

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End Gender Rating In Health Insurance — Rally

(5.1) Sorry to be late on this one. Ocean State Action has called for a rally in the State House rotunda, Gender rating is the industry practice of health insurers charging women higher premiums than men. This is outright gender discrimination, and RI must outlaw

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La Bohème Sunday At Cable Car

Another installment of ‘Opera in Cinema,’ this time it is La Bohème by Puccini from the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Four young artists live out their everyday lives amid dreams and disappointments, waiting for the event that is to win them renown, but

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The Commish Comes Through For Direct Payers — Denies Blue Cross Rate Hike

Kudos to Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner Christopher F. Koller; it would appear that he has heard the desperate chorus of voices from the direct payer cohort. Not only has Koller issued an order lowering the effective overall average* rate for the Direct Pay plan

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Attention Direct Payers — Blue Cross Rate Hike Hearings Tuesday

[Address Correction: The hearings are being held at the RIPUC at 89 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick. The address below is that of the OHIC. Apologies for this error and the inconvenience it may have caused. BC] The Rhode Island Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC)

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Blue Cross Blue Shield To Put The Squeeze On Direct Payers

Happy New Year direct payers, some of you can look forward to double-digit rate hikes in 2012. Once again Blue Cross Blue Shield direct payers (who have no other choice in Rhode Island) are being asked to supplement the benefits afforded to the groups with

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Demystifying The RI Healthcare Insurance Exchange

(10.19) Rhode Island Community Forums, presented by The Rhode Island Foundation and Rhode Island Public Radio, is hosting a panel discussion on the state’s plans to create a new healthcare insurance exchange on Wednesday, October 19 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Crowne Plaza, Warwick.

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Less Care + Higher Costs = Big Profits For Insurers

On May 14th Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts (Chairwoman of the Rhode Island Healthcare Reform Commission) wrote a column for the Providence Journal trying to explain how millions of dollars in federal grants resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 has benefited Rhode Islanders

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Wendell Potter — Insurance Industry’s Worst Nightmare

Dave is apparently too busy to post this. You may have seen Wendell Potter, medical insurance industry whistleblower, on Rachel Maddow or Bill Moyers, or any number of other shows. And tonight you can hear/meet him (and Dave Segal) in person. PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS OF AMERICA,

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If You Must Swim With The Seals

. . . make sure they are the really really tasty-looking kind. Following the confirmed sighting of a great white shark off the coast of Massachusetts, the Coast Guard issued a shark warning last Friday. According to WBZ the Coast Guard suggests that the sharks