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roger williams

‘The Letter’ At Roger Williams Memorial

(1.21) The innovative Park Service crew running the Roger Williams National Memorial have instituted their own version of Throwback Thursdays — four dates altogether from January through April. This week Roger Williams’ 1679 letter ‘To the Town of Providence’ will be on display and the

saints & strangers

Saints & Strangers & The Kalani Queypo Fan Club

The horrors endured by the Mayflower settlers on the ocean crossing and their first dreadful winter in Plymouth make for compelling, if stomach churning, television but the new National Geographic Television drama “Saints and Strangers” really takes off when the Natives show up. A great

CDW House

Lovecraft Walking Tour & Film Screening

(10.25) Learn more about the life and times of H.P. Lovecraft — walk the streets that inspired and/or frightened him. (This is said to be the house in the The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.) The life and work of Providence’s best-known fantasy and horror

Brown U.

It’s Not A Hangover Until You’ve Stopped The Drinking

“We have to get over the 38 STUDIOS HANGOVER.” (ProJo 10.21.15/Caps theirs.) So said House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello at a speech to the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council’s annual meeting Monday night adding, “A company from outside Rhode Island is not going to locate here

Roger William's root

The Tree Root That Ate Roger Williams

(10.22) Roger “Groot” Williams . . . Hero of the Reformation or Guardian of the Galaxy? Gather round Protestants, we got ourselves a relic! This unique tale begins with the digging up of bones from a long neglected grave. So, boo. This Thursday the Roger

Main Library

‘Genealogy Roadshow’ At Library

(10.4) PBS favorite “Genealogy Roadshow” will be taping an episode for its third season at the Providence Public Library downtown on Sunday. According to the ProJo, Representatives of several genealogical societies will be on hand to answer questions, including the American-French Genealogical Society, the Rhode


NPS Birthday Party At RW Memorial

(8.25) Help celebrate the 99th birthday of the National Park Service and the 50th Anniversary of the Roger Williams National Memorial! Enjoy light refreshments, meet the park staff, stroll the beautiful grounds at the Memorial, check out the exhibits at the Visitor Center and learn

stephen hopkins museum

Washington Slept Here

Or was it a dine and dash? We may never know for sure. Read more here or visit the home, now a museum, of merchant and ten-time Governor Stephen Hopkins. His revolutionary cred started with the Gaspee Affair when he refused to cooperate with the

lafayette at washington

Where Lafayette Meets Washington

The Marquis de Lafayette seems to be having a well-deserved moment. The 19-year-old Lafayette sailed over in 1777 offering his services to the Continental Army for free. Lafayette met with George Washington that August in Philadelphia, and the two men took to each other immediately.

the hannah

Wild Colonial Becomes Sabin Tavern

(6.13) From flash mob to freedom — the Gaspee Incident and the Birth of America! WaterFire Providence presents ‘The Gaspee Project,’ a celebration of the very first act of war against the British Crown. (Eat it Concord). There will be walking tours and open historic

independence trail

The Green Mile

Welcome to the Independence Trail of Providence. History buffs hoping to learn more about the Burning of the Gaspee on June 9th, 1772, might check out this point of interest at Planet and South Main Streets, the site of the Sabin Tavern where Rhode Island

north burial ground

Give Peace A Chance

At least while we tend to the latest cohort of returning veterans . . . let’s have a few decades to catch up. A message from Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, founded in 1985. “Our message for Memorial Day is to remember

st. john's cathedral

Cathedral To Be Slave Trade Museum

(4.16) First an update on this formerly endangered property from the Providence Preservation Society (PPS). The iconic 1810 Cathedral of St. John, designed by Providence Architect John Holden Greene, was included on the PPS Most Endangered Properties List for seven years due to increasing maintenance

wooden bridge

The Last Wooden Bridge

It’s all gone now. Having finally collapsed into the Moshassuck River, this wooden pre-Civil War bridge presented a flooding hazard and had to be removed. ProJo photographer Sandor Bodo has been documenting its slow decline and the result is this charming essay, “Documenting the fall

RW letter

Original Roger Williams Letter On Display

(3.19) Catch the third of five letters written in Roger Williams’ own hand at the Roger Williams National Memorial tomorrow night. RWMN staff collaborated with the RI Historical Society to connect visitors with history via five letters displayed over five months. In this letter, Rog

president harry s. truman

Presidents Day — Truman In Providence

We found this image showing President Harry S. Truman addressing the crowd at Providence City Hall on October 28, 1948 in the State Archives. Note that not one single person is holding a bottle of water. All were expected to survive the event without constant