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Funeral For Fogarty Building

(3.17) Could there be a more fitting metaphor for the dismantling of the Fogarty legacy than the actual demolition of the John E. Fogarty Memorial Building? The loss of this Brutalist icon will be noted today with a funeral starting at 4pm. (Facebook event page.)

Stop Praying And Contact Your State Legislators

So you can just program the “Thoughts and Prayers” format into your illuminated sign and fill in the name of the city or school when news breaks? Really saves time. Or maybe it’s time to do something more substantive. Rhode Island State Rep Aaron Regunberg

New Urbanism Summit

(4.29) The Congress for New Urbanism New England (CNU) will be hosting the 2016 New Urbanism Summit at various locations around town. Since its birth in 1993, the CNU has advocated for walkable cities, human-scale development, and diverse, vibrant neighborhoods. Today more than ever, people

‘Asian Fury’ Colloquium At Brown

(2.25) Sydney Hutchinson, assistant professor of ethnomusicology at Syracuse University, will be hosting ‘Asian Fury: A tale of race, rock, and air guitar’ as part of Brown’s graduate program colloquium series. Attending to race has become essential in ethnomusicology at least since publication of Music

The Haffenreffer ‘Fun Size’ Museum

What could a tribal leader in Cameroon have in common with the chancellor of an Ivy League university? The two exhibitions at the Haffenreffer Museum help illustrate how leaders of all types around the world use symbols, images, and regalia to impart and bolster their

Epic Pope Fail

[Our senior ‘Circles of Hell’ correspondent is on vacation. I will try to handle some recent inquiries.] 1) What sort of person understands that it is wrong to throw litter on the ground but then stuffs it into the hollow of a tree? Do they

Machine Guns And Grenade Launchers . . . At The County Fair

No sooner had I hit ‘publish’ on this morning’s rant concerning current events in Missouri and the militarization of American police departments than I opened the Providence Journal to see a lovely picture of a young boy lying against his prize-winning calf, Edelweiss, at the

Aid To Liberia — What You Can Do

DeContee’s African Restaurant at 711 Broad Street is one of four drop-off points accepting donations of emergency supplies to be shipped to Liberia. According to the World Health Organization, Liberia has reported 516 cases of ebola in the current crisis, with 282 deaths. Providence Journal

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How To Throw Away A Mattress

From the Department of Public Works: To dispose of old mattresses in the City of Providence, residents may either schedule a pick up on regular recycling collection days for a $22 fee or drop off old mattresses at a city facility free of charge. PICK

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Steam Sauna Pods At Machines With Magnets

(3.11) Here’s a unique opportunity to participate in an 80-minute sweat lodge ceremony using individual steam sauna pods and live video to create a wireless network among audience members (?) . . . in Pawtucket . . . with other people you just met. Willfully

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Show At RISD Examines Culture Of Fear

Inspired by the fear and panic engendered by the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, Nancy Chunn: Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear is a series of paintings that represent the media sensationalism that infects our current political and cultural landscape, feeding our fears and distracting us from constructively dealing with

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Anti-Bullying Song Comes To Life In New Video

Who invented dodge ball anyway — and how can we make his life totally miserable? (Okay okay, that’s not the right attitude.) “To All You Guys” — an anti-bullying song written by area singer/songwriter, and founding member of the Cautions, Eric Barao — is now

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Heritage Day Festival

Just bumped into this — the 34th Annual Heritage Day Festival courtesy of the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission. If you heard some George M. Cohan tunes and patriotic marches earlier that was the National Guard band (pic after the jump). More than

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The Providence Plan — “We Democratize Data”

The numbers from the 2010 U. S. Census have been crunched and Rhode Island is just barely hanging in there population-wise. Muchas gracias to the burgeoning Hispanic population for keeping those numbers up — it looks like Rhode Island came damn close to losing a

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Africana Film Festival Starts Today

Starting today, filmmakers from Jamaica, Ghana, Cameroon and Cuba will arrive on Brown’s campus to discuss their films and life’s work with Providence audiences. The 2010 Africana Film Festival features a retrospective of work by The Black Audio Film Collective. John Akomfrah (Ghana/UK) and Lina

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Taking Down The Numbers

Census jobs abound. Read more here. And here. (Any old Projo article’s an excuse for Lardaro to throw a sucker punch.) Leonardo Lardaro, distinguished professor of economics at the University of Rhode Island, said that one reason why the census bureau might be having trouble