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Be Thankful For Journalists

We need them now more than ever and they need to be paid! Apparently subscriptions to the bona fide newspapers are on the rise since the election and that is a good thing. Democracy can not survive without a free press and they have to

‘RI Future’ Pursues Media Bias At ProJo

The uneven coverage of the Democratic primary race by the national media outlets has been getting major attention — although, not in the national media outlets. Everywhere you look — it’s all Hillary, all the time. Even when Bernie is filling arenas with thousands of

Conversations With Ted Widmer — Tuesdays At Brown

Historian and former Upper Crust guitarist, Ted Widmer, has been conducting a short series of conversations — Climbing Down from the Ivy Tower — Tuesdays at Brown University. This week he hosts Alex Kingsbury, the deputy ideas editor at the Boston Globe. The Globe has

We Need Journalists

The democracy depends on it. Unfortunately it is the field of public relations that is exploding, and just as newspapers continue cuts into their reporting staffs. Edward Fitzpatrick illuminates the seriousness of this imbalance in Tuesday’s ProJo with “R.I. needs less spin, more transparency.” Look

Spotlight — Why We Need Journalists

And why we don’t need the Catholic Church. First: This is an excellent movie. I was on the edge of my seat despite knowing perfectly well how the story ends. That’s good movie-making. (NYT review here. ) Second: This is a local story — Providence

Providence Police Corruption Under Buddy

You may need the police some day. Would you prefer that the officer responding had been hired and promoted on merit? Would honor and integrity be desirable attributes in a law enforcement officer? Then vote for Jorge Elorza. Today’s ProJo cover story “Buddy’s Boys” shows

Ken Auletta To Speak At Brown

(9.22) Writer, journalist, and media critic, Ken Auletta, will speak at Brown University’s MacMillan Hall today. “Tales From a Journalist’s Visits to Other Planets” starts at 5:30pm. Auletta has written the “Annals of Communications” column for The New Yorker since 1992. He is the author

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Providence Journal For Sale

Dear Santa — Please send Providence a benevolent, progressive, billionaire anxious to burnish his/her reputation and create a new respectable legacy for the family name. The sale comes as no real surprise given recent noises and maneuvers by the parent corporation, A.H. Belo of Texas,

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Providence Phoenix Throws Itself A Party

(11.21) And it’s free. This invitation comes from the good people over at the Providence Phoenix: Please join us in celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Rhode Island’s longest running alternative newspaper! A night filled with the sounds, sights and ideas of the Creative Capital, the

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The Free Press Under Attack

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”  As true now as when Pogo first said it in 1971. All Osama had to do was take down two buildings then sit back and let us dismantle the rest of the country. The citizens of

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More Cuts At ProJo

A sad day indeed. Ian Donnis and Scott MacKay report on the new staffing cuts at the Providence Journal and offer up a brief history of the ProJo’s sad decline from one of the finest privately-owned papers in the country to now. (WRNI 9.7.12) The

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Watergate — 40th Anniversary

Go to The Washington Post for a comprehensive retrospective of investigative journalism’s finest hour. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein once again share a byline for their unique take on the legacy — “Nixon was far worse than we thought.” Tonight, Monday at 6:15pm, Woodward and