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So JWU, How About A Marijuana Major?

Today is 4/20, National Marijuana-something Day so listen up. Legislation to make marijuana legal for adult recreational use is before the general assembly, and director of Regulate Rhode Island Jared Moffat urges us to lead the way here in the northeast. When it comes to


It’s Time To Vote On Marijuana Legalization

A new idea has bubbled up in the general assembly regarding marijuana legalization, and that is the possibility of passing a non-binding resolution instead of holding a vote on the Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act currently being introduced to the House and the Senate. Jared


Let Marijuana Legalization Go To A Vote

There is unprecedented support in the general assembly this year for legislation that would effectively legalize adult use of marijuana in Rhode Island. The past few years similar bills have not made it out of committee — but look who is already on board this


Tax And Regulate Marijuana In 2016 — Let’s Do This!

Marijuana reform advocates will be returning to the state house next year in the hopes of convincing the General Assembly that 2016 is the year for Rhode Island to join the forward-thinking states that already regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. “War on marijuana a

13 Folds

13 Folds Prohibition Party At Dusk

(7.25) That’s Dusk, the excellent music venue; not dusk, the diurnal rhythm which is the final, or darkening stage, of twilight. 13 Folds Magazine, the self-described “lead provider of multimedia content for the Cannabis Community” presents their 2nd Annual Providence Prohibition Party. Facebook event page.


State Leaders Shown Constituents Support MJ Legalization

This will be hard to ignore. Regulate Rhode Island, a coalition of citizens and organizations committed to ending the costly and destructive policy of marijuana prohibition, is delivering proof to our legislative leaders that many of their own constituents support legislation to regulate, control,  and

regulate ri

New Billboard For Regulate Rhode Island

Last Tuesday Regulate Rhode Island unveiled a new billboard on Orms Street (between State and Charles Streets). Regulate Rhode Island director Jared Moffat told the Providence Journal, “While we’re debating this controversial stadium,” said Jared Moffat, director of Regulate Rhode Island, “let’s not forget we

weekend update

They Said Rhode Island On SNL!

We’re ‘Number One’ and it has not gone unnoticed. Last night’s ‘Weekend Update’ poked a little fun at the recently released survey on marijuana usage. Might as well embrace this whole thing because it seems to indicate that everyone in Rhode Island who wants to


Marijuana Regulation In Rhode Island

The Providence Journal editorial board has come out against Rhode Island’s proposed marijuana regulation legislation — “Put pot on hold” — again illustrating the piece with that skeevy-looking guy with the dirty fingernails (sorry whoever you are). The ProJo board joins legalization advocates everywhere* in

Regulate RI

Regulating Marijuana in RI — Forum At Brown

[Front page coverage in the ProJo! Remember to vote in their poll. And congratulations to Jared Moffat for organizing such an informative and well-run event — even the sound worked! The range of speakers with their unique perspectives illuminated both the problem and the solution.

Regulate RI

Regulate RI Prepares Push For Marijuana Legalization

Advocates for the repeal of marijuana prohibition will be back in the 2015 session of the General Assembly in support of legislation that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. Locally this effort is being organized by the excellent people over at Regulate Rhode Island,

Cannabis Caucus At Aurora

(9.18) Regulate Rhode Island presents ‘Cannabis Caucus’ Thursday at Aurora, an evening of music and conversation about how our coalition is moving cannabis policy reform forward in Rhode Island. (Facebook page.) We are inviting anyone from the public who is interested in cannabis policy reform

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Marijuana Roundup — Oaksterdam Comes To Town

(8.17) Citing the latest statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the Washington Post reported last week, “Forget Colorado or Washington — tiny Rhode Island is the marijuana capital of the United States, at least as measured by the percent of state residents


NYT Calls For Repeal Of Marijuana Prohibition

Comparing marijuana prohibition to the likewise failed noble experiment of alcohol prohibition, the editorial board of The New York Times has called for the federal government to repeal its ban on marijuana — “Repeal Prohibition, Again.” It took 13 years for the United States to

ProPro Party

Providence Prohibition Party

(7.12) 13 Folds Magazine is hosting Providence’s 1st Hemp Festival with live music on indoor and outdoor stages. Also on the schedule are guest speakers, beer tastings and an EDM dance party. Mike Liberty & Dave Death from 13 Folds Radio will host. A portion

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Reg Roundup — Marijuana Reform Update

Last month in his ‘New Rules’ segment on Real Time with Bill Maher, the host had some suggestions for the legalization pioneers in Colorado. (Video and text at Daily Kos.) Now that the people of Colorado have legalized pot for everybody — and not just