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Week In Music

Monday — @the Met, Delta Spirit and Friends, feat. Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), Ian O’Neil (Deer Tick) Tuesday — @Machines With Magnets, Soleilune, Dustan Louque, Layers and Frames, Bent Knee, Brian 4 Ever @Aurora, Darsombra, Woozy, Vomit Arsonist, LVMMVX Wednesday — @Lupo’s, Between the Buried

Smith & Weeden

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Machines With Magnets, Trinary System, A Band Called E, Odysseus Finn @the Met, (Roadhouse the Musical) Smith & Weeden, Jay Berndt and the Orphans @the Spot, Elephant the Wrecking Ball, the Edd, Gramps the Vamp @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Shabazz Palaces, Eaters @the

Providence Daily Dose

Girls Rock! With Roz And Rice Cakes At Burnside

(8.6) Head down to the Burnside Park Music Series Thursday for the jazz-based pop songwriting mastery of Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes, with a special showcase from Girls Rock! RI, an arts non-profit empowering girls and women through music. From the Downtown Providence Parks

atlantic thrills

Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Warbler Roost, Accidental Seabirds, Community Center, John Faraone Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Tune-Yards, White Hinterland @AS220, Wichita, Small Talk, He Heard Footsteps @Firehouse 13, Philm, Aneurysm @Aurora, Passerine, Dan Blakeslee, Tyler-James Kelly, Soleilune @Fête Lounge, Highly Suspect, Those Alone, No

the so so glos

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Aurora, Tovarish, Seeming, Deftly Demolition, Snowbeasts @Firehouse 13, the Paraplegics, Bender X, the Defectives, the McGunks, the Vaporubs @Fête, Andy McKee, Stephen Bennett, Antoine Dufour @the Spot, Elephant, Harsh Armadillo, ZOD @Columbus Theatre, Happiness, Pixels, Eric and the Nothing, Leiko @AS220, Sun Bears,

burnside park

String Builder At Burnside Music Series

(7.30) Brothers Alec and Joel Thibodeau perform as String Builder in this week’s Burnside Park Music Series. DJ LaRochelle starts things off at 4:30pm as the Trinity Beer Garden opens for business. The live music generally starts around 6pm. As always, no skateboarding or indecent

la luna

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Cat Has Claws, Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Bruvs @Psychic Readings, Violet, RRLew, Valise, Muyassar Kurdi, Gyna Bootleg Tuesday — @AS220, Windhand, Pilgram, Second Grave @Psychic Readings, Native Giant, Neutrinos, Eric and the Nothing, Pyramid Wednesday — @Aurora, Providence Research Ensemble, Dan Talbot, XR

nate cozzolino

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, True Blue, Bored With Four, Toad and the Stooligans @the Narrows, Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington @the Met, Apathy, Motive, Suave Ski, Meta P, Spocka, Reziztanz @Waterplace Park, Public Alley, S. Walcott Saturday — @Firehouse 13, VulGarrity, Latin Metrics, Hweuvo, Nate Cozzolino, Global Crash,

barn burning

Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Darklands, Burglary Years, Hemingway and Holy Hands Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Liturgy, Yvette @AS220, Kid Fame, Jaz Marley, Adrenaline the Rapper, Project Five Star @Machines With Magnets, Sun Foot, Ice Balloons, Container, Dungeon Broads, Black Pus @Psychic Readings, Slouch,


Girls Rock! RI Showcase At Columbus

(7.17) It’s time once again for the Girls Rock Camp Final Showcase. These things are fantastic. We rarely recommend that you go and watch other people’s children doing stuff, but this would be the exception. (Try not to look weird and creepy.) It is amazing

Black Oil Incinerator

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Lupo’s, Waka Flocka Flame @Firehouse 13, Liquid Destruction, Mechanical process, Threatpoint, Cause of Affliction, Whiskey Fyre @Nick-a-Nee’s, Biscuit City @the Met, the Quins, Dionysus Park Ranger, Bruvs @Dusk, Nefarious, Discordia, Haethen @the Spot, Canopy, Populace, Tobler @AS220, the Viennagram, the New Highway Hymnal,

thee tsunamis

Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Thee Tsunamis, Funeral Cone, Ramblin’ Sal Tuesday — @AS220, the Wishing, Tiny Diamond, Speak Easy, Michael Graham and the Lewd Waiters @Aurora, Jesse Smith, Dan Dodd, John Faraone, Dylan Sevey, more Wednesday — @Dusk, Arbor, Lower the Casket @AS220, Kyoshi, Sea

pwr bttm

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Solo Sexx, Boltcutter, Shane Hall, Gripp @the Met, Murder by Death, Shipla Ray @the Spot, Viral Sound, CloZee, Matt Carey Saturday — @the Met, B Dolan, Dropdead, Ask the Dead, Sage Francis, Roz Raskin @Fête Ballroom, Spirit of Cesaria @the Columbus Theatre,

the womps

Week In Music

Monday — @Firehouse 13, Apathy Cycle, Short Handed Goal, Broken Stereo @Aurora, Circuit des Yeux, Orion Rigel Dommisse, High Aura’d Tuesday — @Fête Lounge, Electric Six, Atlantic Thrills, the Sweet Release @AS220, the Womps, Sexy Coyote, Hot Letter, Mummer Cycle, No/Hugs Wednesday — @Firehouse 13,

Revival Fest

Fourth Of July Revival Fest All Day At Dusk

(7.4) For those who eschew the beach etc, head over to Dusk for a free all-day festival of live music. Hosted by Revival Brewing Company and Narragansett Beer with two bars, indoor and outdoor hangs, food, fun and booze. “We will have Providence staple Julian’s

beta motel

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Skyjelly, Deep Likes, Jarva Land feat. Josh Kemp @the Met, Point 08, Bad Marriage, Chained to Insanity @the Spot, Resin Ed, Dubbest, Phonosynthesis @Firehouse 13, the Dust Ruffles, Kiss Me Deadly, Heather Rose in Clover @the News Cafe, Jjaaz, Monsoon, Safari Club