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Week in Music

Monday — @Aurora, Gymshorts, Corners, Quahogs Tuesday — @the Met (Motif Awards) VulGarrity, Husband and Wife, School of Rock @Fête Lounge, Best Kept Secret, An Honest Year, Take a Breath, This is All Now, more @Aurora, Tovarish, more @AS220, Joe DeGeorge Sax Machine, Brian 4


Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, the Viennagram, Eric and the Nothing, Tall Teenagers, Young Lincoln @Lupo’s, Badfish, Take It to the Bridge, Cornerstone @AS220, bloodpheasant, Goddard, the Cloth @Firehouse 13, Vital Remains, Untombed, Nucleator, Candy Striper Death Orgy, Possessed Entity Saturday — @AS220, Tiny Diamond, Paper

Purple Rain

‘Purple Rain’ At Providence Place

(4.28) Let’s go crazy. ‘Purple Rain’ is the semi-autobiographical tale of The Kid, a musician navigating the Minneapolis club scene, while dealing with a romantic rival and a difficult family life. From Rolling Stone (April 21, 2016), In the film, The Kid refuses to listen


Week In Music

Monday — @Firehouse 13, Devil’s Cut, Saint Christopher, Ten Foot Polecats, Sonny Jim Clifford @Fête Lounge, Jamie Kilstein @Aurora, Triathalon, Mouni, Host Tuesday — @the Met (Bernie Primary Party), the ‘Mericans, Allysen Callery, Dan Paswell, Jared Paul @Aurora, Tangerine, Edgar Clinks, Thug Honey @Fête Lounge,

ballroom thieves

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Viennagram, Triangle Forest, Lovesick, the Twenty Four Hours @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Ballroom Thieves, the Dupont Brothers @Firehouse 13, the Rare Occasions, Marriage Material, Oh Malô, Von Donvan @Lupo’s, Max Creek, Jiggle @the Spot, Consider the Source, Little Known Alien, Mmere Dane

fine fine titans

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Stephen Steinbrink, Brendon Glasson, Sianna Plavin @Dusk, Sadistik, Ceschi, Weerd Science, Upgrade Tuesday — @Fête Lounge, Transit, Royal Street, Light Years, the Red Summer Sun @Dusk, Kississippi, Latch, Joe Touchette @AS220, Harvey Garbage, Starship Shape, Great Gale @Aurora, Buck Gooter, Black Pus,

whore paint

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Snowplows, Willow, Sharpest, Pleasure Gap @Aurora, Shame Michael Broderick, Soft Target, Worth, Creeping, Lvmmvx, Cyst @Firehouse 13, Black No. 1, Devlyn Sydus, Necrophiliac Meat Circus, Jimi Half Dead & the Die Alongs Saturday — @Fête Ballroom, Magic Man & the Griswolds, Panama

ramming speed

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Ramming Speed, Teazer, Worst Days, Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Vandaveer, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, Cocek! Brass Band, Extraordinary Rendition Band @the Met, LE1F, Junglepussy, Ladie Tune, Emmanuelle Guilme @Aurora, Hide, Tinnitus Stimulus, Sects, Gunboy Wednesday — @Psychic Readings, Dumpster Cookies, Amat, Why,

the freeze

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Laura Gibson @the Met, It Lives It Breathes, Silver Knights, Barbarian, Shane Slaughter, more @the Spot, the Heavy Pets, Jeremiah Hazed @Psychic Readings, Writer, Hideout, Leiko, Call Security @Aurora, High-Functioning Flesh, Body of Light, Nick Klein, Wilted Woman @Firehouse


Week In Music

Monday — @the Met, Robert Delong, VulGarrity @Aurora, Ancient Ocean, House Red, Alex Dupuis & Asha Tamirisa, Time Base Corrector Tuesday — @the Met, Jonathan Richman feat. Tommy Larkin @Lupo’s, Citizen Cope, Victoria Reed @Firehouse 13, Andy Social and the Antidotes, Jagger Holly, the Struggle,

beta motel

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Dusk, Lord Almighty, Crypter, Coffin Birth, Wreak @the Met, Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty @the Spot, Oblivious Fools, Mr. Sampson, Tyrone Shoelaces, Free Air @Firehouse 13, Damnation, Wolfman Chuck and the Spookelele of Doom, King Sickabilly Trio, Snake Oil Caravan Saturday — @Dusk, Triangle


Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Glenn Jones, Rachel Blumberg, Joshua Marcus Tuesday — @AS220, Ian Faria, Edgar Clinks, Mouni, J. Manana’s Art Set @Dusk, Zip Code Rapists, Baylies Band, Ioneye, Vudu Sister Wednesday — @the Met, the California Honeydrops, McLovins Thursday — @Psychic Readings, Broads, Cool Tara,

seven hats parade

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Ballroom, John Brown’s Body, People’s Champs, Tobler @the Met, Flatbush Zombies, A$AP Twelvvy, Remy Banks @the Spot, Elephant, Big Mean Sound Machine, Background Orcs @Firehouse 13, Nihil, DNR, Hellrad, Branch Davidian, Neighborhood Shit @News Café, the Dead LA, Seven Hats Parade, Wild

Blevin from Blectum

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Beverly Tender, Food Court, Lady Queen Paradise, Edgar Clinks @Dusk, Queen Elephantine, Weak Teeth, Honest Living, Junior Beat Tuesday — @Dusk, Blevin Blectum, Mark Milloff @AS220, the Stoned Gentlemen,Guy Dalton, Jetski & G @Aurora, Divey, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Dan Talbot, Brendan Glasson

the giraffes

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Hollow Earth, Church Tongue @the Met, Max Creek @AS220, EarWorm @Psychic Readings, Chris Watford, Asha, Cp, Kristin, Sakiko, Scott @Aurora, Viennagram, Triangle Forest, (and fashion?) @Dusk, Headrot, Leukorrhea, Sevenday Cure, Shroud, Unlimited Warfare, Get Ignorant @Columbus Theatre, Matmos, Container, Muslin Saturday

sweet release

Week In Music

Monday — @Fête Lounge, the Intrinsics, Puppet Club @Aurora, Party Pigs, Thee Amazing Andy California, Far Corners Tuesday — @AS220, Icky Woods, Noah Denzer, Bruvs, Holdfast @Firehouse 13, Sirona, Polarity, Silent on Fifth Street Wednesday — @Firehouse 13, Affiance, XXI, It Lives it Breathes, Versus,