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Downtown Rink Opens Thanksgiving Day

5PM ON 26/11/2013
BY Daily Dose

skating The Providence Rink has postponed the opening of the Bank of America skating rink.

Due to changing weather conditions and the warm front on its way, we now expect to open on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 28th at 4pm through 10pm.  It is still weather dependent!  If rain comes our way on Thanskgiving, then we will open on Friday, November 29th at 10am through 10pm.

Also this weekend: Saturday, 9:30am to 10:30am, free intro lessons at the ‘Learn to Skate Open House.’

Rink opens weather permitting, 4pm to 10pm, Thursday, November 28, Bank of America Rink, Kennedy Plaza

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“Before I Die . . .”

7PM ON 25/11/2013
BY H.L. Parker

B4 I Die Hmm, too late for babies . . . this is either going to involve the Northern Lights or cronuts.

Mayor Angel Taveras joined city planners Thursday to announce a three-year, citywide demonstration program called PopUp Providence.

The installation of two “Before I Die” chalkboard walls, where passers-by can share their ‘bucket-list’ wishes. This project was initiated by community artist Candy Chang in 2011. Since then it has been replicated in 50 countries across the world. This project is a joint partnership with Cornish Associates, Building Futures, the Downtown Improvement District and the City’s Department of Planning + Development. The project was recently installed in Kennedy Plaza and at Grants Block in Downtown Providence.

Kate Bramson had a nice piece in the ProJo about some out-of-towners visiting the Grants Block wall. Future Pop-Ups on tap this year include a pop-up music studio, a parklet on Thayer Street, banners in Olneyville, and a photo collage on Broad Street. Details here.

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Two Providence Tech Companies — Expanding Into New Downtown Digs

12PM ON 25/11/2013
BY Daily Dose

10 dorrance street Encouraging business news from Providence’s technology sector! The Providence Journal reports that two tech businesses — MojoTech and Swipely — are expanding, hiring, and moving into bigger digs . . . in downtown Providence. According to “2 nimble tech firms broaden footprints in Providence” the proximity to the train station is a big plus. MojoTech will be moving into 56 Exchange Terrace, “a bastion of traditional organizations such as the Rhode Island Foundation, the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and investment advisories. (MojoTech also maintains a small office in New York City.)”

And Swipely owner Angus Davis reports that his company now processes “$1 billion in annual customer charges for businesses in 29 states.”

Projections for continued customer growth are paralleled by a planned growth in employees, with Davis expecting to employ 125 workers by the end of 2014.

That’s prompting a move, starting Dec. 2, to 10 Dorrance St., [seen here] a building in the heart of the former financial district. Swipely will take all of the third floor and part of the ninth floor, the latter for a meeting space that overlooks Kennedy Plaza.

Both these firms are run by enthusiastic downtown boosters determined to revive Kennedy Plaza. (Big thanks to all concerned for sticking around.)

Add to this the Arcade now coming online with its shops, and micro-lofts, and bicycle garage, and maybe we are closing in on that elusive tipping point where the downtown neighborhood becomes a place where people live and work . . . and play.

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World Series Trophy Coming To Town

9AM ON 19/11/2013
BY Daily Dose

World Series Trophy (11.20) Head down to the Rhode Island Convention Center Wednesday afternoon to see the 2013 Red Sox World Series trophy and view assorted local politicians grinning and gripping for the camera. (If you have always wanted a photograph of Teresa Paiva Weed standing next to a baseball trophy . . . here’s your chance.)

Once the elected officials get out of the way, fans can take their own pictures with the trophy.

Fan photo op from 4pm to 7pm. The event is free.

Rally starts 3:30pm, Wednesday, November 20, Rhode Island Convention Center, One Sabin Street

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WaterFire ‘Salute To Veterans’

10AM ON 09/11/2013
BY Daily Dose

blue star (11.9) Full WaterFire Saturday with special events starting earlier in the day.

Starting at 3pm with the U.S. Navy/Army Brass Band, the WaterFire ‘Salute to Veterans’ music stage at Station Park will be showcasing Rhode Island’s local music scene helping celebrate our veterans until 10:30pm.

At 4:45pm watch the ‘100 Veteran Torch Procession and 200 Veteran Ring of Fire’ when veterans will process into Waterplace Basin led by the RI Professional Firefighters Pipes and Drums. There will be a presentation of the colors as the national anthem is played by the Navy Band Northeast and the Army 88th Band on the basin stage.

Tonight’s WaterFire features several special memorials including the launch of a memorial canoe. Music includes: Bizet, Low Anthem, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Coleman Hawkins, Mike Figgis, Mamadou Diabate, Gipsy Kings, and of course, Philip Glass. Gargoyles and oracles on College Street from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

WaterFire, 4:31pm to midnight, Saturday, November 9, downtown

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The Providence Arcade Starting To Open

8PM ON 20/10/2013
BY Daily Dose

The Arcade (10.21) According to the Arcade Providence Facebook page, retail tenants are preparing for a soft opening Monday at 10:15am on the Westminster Street side. The Providence Journal reports “Eleven of 17 stores in the historic Arcade will open Monday, and developer Evan Granoff will hold a ribbon cutting celebration at 10:15 a.m. to mark the day” adding “New Harvest, a coffee and whiskey bar, opened Saturday with its entrance on the side of the building.”

Now, about this plaque. The text reads as follows:

This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America

An important example of early monolithic granite construction, this is one of the most beautiful early commerical [sic] structures initiating [?] European business arcades.

It would seem that the National Park Service could use some copy editors.

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AS220 Gallery Receptions

10AM ON 05/10/2013
BY A-S-2-2-0

Gallery October 2013 (10.5) Head downtown and check out new and original work at the AS220 galleries.

@95 Mathewson Street — AS220 Project Space, new drawings by Chris Kilduff/the Reading Room, new work by Emily Coxe

@115 Empire Street — AS220 Main Gallery, new work by David Planka and David Lee Black/Open Window, new paintings by Therea Iafrate/Youth Gallery (2nd floor), new work by Kenneth Norman

@131 Washington Street — Pot Luck, new work by AS220 residents

Free receptions, AS220 Galleries, 5pm to 7pm, Saturday, October 5, downtown

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‘Paranormal Activity’ At Movies On The Block

7AM ON 25/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

paranormal activity (9.26) If you have never seen a Paranormal Activity movie then you would have no idea why this image is sooooo creepy. I love this movie but it is pointless to judge it according to any standard film criticism criteria.  The reviewer for New York Times was pretty dismissive of its premise and primitive production values — I think it was much more than “half-clever” — but even he had to acknowledge it’s power.

At the midnight screening I attended last weekend, by far the most entertaining thing about the movie was the audience. “Oh no. Oh hell no.” That was a stocky gentleman in the row behind me, whimpering as a door swung open on-screen.

It certainly pushed all my buttons. Of course, maybe you don’t sleep in a bed, at night . . . in the dark . . . in a room with a door. And maybe you’ve never heard those little noises coming from the first floor, as you pull the covers up and tell yourself “Oh it’s probably just the cat”  . . . except . . . you don’t have a cat! This is why everyone should have a cat.

Rated R. Running time 86 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, September 26, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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10AM ON 21/09/2013
BY Daily Dose

WaterFire (9.21) Flaming gourds, dancing fairies, pork . . . what more do you need. Full WaterFire tonight with some special features.

5pm to 11:30pm —  Jack-O-Lantern Installation in the Waterplace basin courtesy of Roger Williams Park.

6pm to 11pm — FoodForward: A Showcase of RI Food Innovators on the College Street bridge, a curious combination of pork-based charcuterie and prenatal supplements. (More about FoodForward at today’s ProJo.)

7pm to 10pm — Never before seen TEN31 characters at the War Memorial/The Dance of the Fairies will occur multiple times throughout the night at: 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm, 9:55pm.

Ignition 6:46pm, Saturday, September 21, WaterFire, downtown (head towards river, flames, smoke)

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Downtown Living Tour

11AM ON 20/09/2013
BY Daily Dose

westminster street (9.21) The Providence Foundation and the Downtown Providence Improvement District is hosting a Downtown Providence Living Tour, from 11am to 5pm Saturday, showcasing downtown’s transformation into a vibrant mixed-use district.

Buy advance tickets for $6 at (until 6pm on Friday, September 20th) or purchase them for $10 during the tour at the registration center, AS220, 115 Empire Street. After checking in at AS220, tour-goers can experience downtown in their own way, visiting as many or as few of the nine participating properties as they’d like: The 903, Arcade Providence, Avalon at Center Place, The Promenade, Providence G, Regency Plaza, The Residences, Waterplace, and Westminster Lofts. (Appointments to see the Arcade Providence upper-floor micro-lofts have sold out, but guests are invited to preview the ground-floor retail units before their official opening date).

While people are encouraged to walk or ride bicycles, shuttles will also circulate throughout the afternoon, stopping at each property. Tour-goers looking for alternative ways to get around can also take free Sol Chariots Pedicabs rides from 11am to 2pm.

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St. Elmo’s Fire At Movies On The Block

2PM ON 19/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

tickle me elmo (9.19) Who would have thought that out of this vapid array we’d still be discussing Rob Lowe? Apparently the New York Times reviewer saw something promising back in 1985.

In the case of Rob Lowe, whose irresponsible pretty boy becomes the film’s central figure, a matinee-idol future is assured, and perhaps something more; Mr. Lowe reveals an interesting petulance in some of his less showily emotional scenes, and brings a disarming warmth to the finale.

(Don’t miss Lowe in “Behind the Candelabra.” Someone should spin off that character.)

“St. Elmo’s Fire” is rated R. Running time 110 minutes.

Dusk, Thursday, September 19, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Streets

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Steampunk Returns With WaterFire

8AM ON 07/09/2013
BY Daily Dose

ENSMB (9.7) The Red Fork Empire Embassy to Steampunk returns to the Old Stone Bank Building today. The exhibit runs from 2pm to midnight. Tonight’s WaterFire ignites at 7:10pm.

A gallery show like none other, this creative placemaking project of WaterFire brings the historic Old Stone Bank back to life with a host of artwork and SteamPunk inspired characters.  WaterFire has transformed the historic bank, the gold-domed Providence landmark, into an art gallery and performance space where artists throughout the region will showcase their interpretation of Steampunk art in this singular venue worthy of such an occasion.  In attendance will be various eccentric and renowned personalities including performance artists, circus acts, and musicians to accompany the wonder hung on the walls and positioned on pedestals.

7pm (outside on the steps) — Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

10pm — Treaty Signing and Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band Concert

For more about the history and transformation of the Old Stone Bank building read “Behind the Scenes at the Old Stone Bank” by Tim Blankenship, WaterFire’s media guru and webmaster (as well as Dose originator and designer).

Steampunk exhibit is free and open to the public, 2pm to midnight, Saturday, September 7,  Old Stone Bank, 86 South Main Street

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Mark Cutler At Burnside Beer Garden

8AM ON 05/09/2013
BY Daily Dose

Burnside Park (9.5) Final show of the season! Sara Azriel opens for Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage. (The gentleman seen in this picture is probably not Mark Cutler.)

Mark is joined by his band “The Men of Great Courage” featuring legendary musicians such as Jim Berger on Bass (bandmate from the Schemers), Rick Couto on drums (Rizzz), Bob Kirkman on banjo and guitar (Tumbleweed Connection) and Richard Reed on keys (Roomfull of Blues, Junior Walker and the Allstars, Earl King, Duke Robillard).

Food trucks and Trinity Brewhouse make it a party. Please obey park rules: No dog leashes longer than 6 feet and no pulling your pants down and waving your thing around.

Free, 4:30pm to 7:30pm, music starts about 5:30pm, Thursday, September 5, Burnside Park Music Series, Kennedy Plaza, downtown, Facebook

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MI:Ghost Protocol — Movies On The Block

8PM ON 04/09/2013
BY H.L. Parker

MI: Ghost Protocol (9.5) The fourth in the Mission: Impossible franchise stars Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Cruise. Said Roger Ebert of the famous Dubai skyscraper scene (the tallest building in the world),

. . . it has been claimed that Cruise “insisted on doing his stunts himself.” Say what? The character Ethan Hunt is seen like a human fly clinging to glass, thousands of feet in the air, and you’re telling me we aren’t looking at CGI? If that’s really Tom Cruise, he seems like a suitable case for treatment.

I thought we established that years ago. Rated PG-13. Running time 2hours, 13 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, September 5, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union

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‘Avenue Sandwich’ At Skating Rink

11AM ON 03/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

avenue sandwich Check out ‘Avenue Concept’ 5pm to 9pm, Thursdays downtown at the skating rink — skate boarding, paint jam, DJ’s, dancing. I was approached by Jenny from The Avenue Concept while photographing this enthusiastic artist; she clued me into their new Instagram photo contest (go to website for details).

According to the website the next ‘Avenue Sandwich’ might on Thursday, September 12th (Jen said every Thursday, so not clear as to this week).

Also coming up is the closing reception for the exhibit ‘Recaptured’ — New works by Jennifer Rydwansky, Gregory Pennisten, and Daniel Seliger.

This collaborative show forensically examines urban debris and hypothesizes the life and after-life of derelict artifacts.

The Avenue Concept is located at 304 Lockwood Street.

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‘Goodfellas’ Movies On The Block

9PM ON 28/08/2013
BY H.L. Parker

Goodfellas (8.29) Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring everybody. Nobody didn’t like this movie including Vincent Canby of The New York Times. Based on the bestseller Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family by Nicholas Pileggi, the movie is ” a memoir of life in the Mafia, narrated in the first person by Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), an Irish-Italian kid whose only ambition, from his earliest teens, was to be a “wise guy,” a Mafioso.” Hill was a real person who shared the tale with Pileggi while in the federal witness protection program. Canby praised the director’s innovations and frenetic pacing.

There is flash also in some of Mr. Scorsese’s directorial choices, including freeze frames, fast-cutting and the occasional long tracking shot. None of it is superfluous. The film’s rhythms are built into the shape of the narrative, whose penultimate sequence is a Keystone Kops comedy for adults.

Film school students have been analyzing that opening tracking shot, frame by frame, for decades. You will likely overhear some of this chatter on Thursday.  “Goodfellas” is rated R. Running time 146 minutes.

Free, dusk, Thursday, August 29, Movies on the Block, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union



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