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Olneyville New York System Wins James Beard Award

12PM ON 28/02/2014
BY Beth Comery

ONYS The Olneyville N.Y. System is one of five recipients of the 2014 James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Awards — considered front page news over at the ProJo.

Fourth generation owners Greg Stevens and Stephanie Stevens Turini will accept the award in Lincoln Center in New York City on May 5 at the annual James Beard Foundation Awards which are considered the “Oscars” of the food world. A video was made at the shop last Friday which will be shown at the gala event.

The Olneyville N.Y. System website (which is very good by the way) has written up the honor with this excerpt from the announcement describing one ‘all the way.’

Olneyville New York System, despite its name, serves food that is distinctive to Rhode Island. Slathered with mustard, topped with meat sauce, sprinkled with celery salt and onions, and served in a steamed bun, the hot wiener is signature as are the salt and vinegar French fries. The preferred drink is coffee milk, made in Rhode Island by flavoring milk with a sweetened coffee concentrate called coffee syrup.

Note to Scrabblers: The restaurant spells it WEINERS on the neon sign out front, while it appears as WIENERS everywhere else. Both spellings are acceptable Scrabble words.

Love the sign at the pick-up window — clearly made in an effort to save time. I’ll bet it gets harder and harder to read the closer one gets to closing time on Saturday nights.  (Picture after the jump.)

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Steel Yard Looking For New Studio Director

8PM ON 30/01/2014
BY Daily Dose

steel yard Tomorrow is the last day at the Steel Yard for longtime shop manager and associate director Brian Dowling. Meanwhile the February 5th deadline approaches for those who would like to step into the position.

The Steel Yard seeks a full-time, experienced individual to join our vibrant community and manage our 9,000 sq ft studio facility and 1.7 acre site. In addition to strong relevant experience, the successful candidates must possess superior communication skills and show a clear commitment to building and supporting a creative community and creative professionals.

Interviews will be scheduled between February 10th and 20th, 2014. Position to begin on or near March 1st, 2014. Compensation $35,000/year. Call acting director Howie Sneider at 401.273.7101 or write jobs@the for more information.

Go here for job specs and details.

Full application must be received by 5pm, Wednesday, February 5th.

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Free Flu Vaccination Saturday — Adults Only

11AM ON 13/01/2014
BY Daily Dose

the flu, or something like the flu The Rhode Island Department of Health is holding several community vaccination clinics around the state. These clinics are not limited to the people who live in the individual communities, but for convenience to city residents there is one being held this Saturday in Providence.

There is no charge for a flu shot at these community clinics. People are not required to have health insurance either. However, people with insurance are asked to bring their insurance cards.

Although some clinics will be held in schools, they are open to everyone, not just the students of these schools and the people who live in these communities.

(Another clinic to be held 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday, January 22, at the East Providence Senior Center on 610 Waterman Avenue may be more convenient for some Providence residents.)

10am to noon, Saturday, January 18, Multiple Center for All, 22 Rye Street (2nd floor), off of Plainfield Street (directions)

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Steel Yard Iron Pour

12PM ON 24/10/2013
BY H.L. Parker

iron pour(10.26) Join the Steel Yard and the Iron Guild for the 8th annual Halloween Iron Pour. This family-friendly event exposes viewers to the spectacular process of casting iron in a creative and nontraditional way.

Each year the Steel Yard teams up with the Iron Guild, a New England based group of foundry artists, to present the industrial arts in an accessible and fun way. Large format sculptures and kinetic art pieces are cast before the crowd’s eyes, creating an evening of glowing metal, drama, and music. Attendees this year can expect to see our hill transformed by the Iron Pour performance; the space will be filled with sculptures of giant Easter Island inspired heads, volcanoes, and other tiki themed artworks that will come to life during the pour.

Food vendors will be on site. Music provided by The Empty House Cooperative.

$10, doors 6pm, Iron Pour 7pm, Saturday, October 26, Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue

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RiverzEdge Industrial Ball Friday

9AM ON 24/09/2013
BY H.L. Parker

RiverzEdge Arts Project Support the RiverzEdge Arts Project this Friday at their 4th annual Industrial Ball.

Caricatures,fortune tellers and lots of nice fellers! Located in Olneyville at The Plant, this circus is sure to enchant.

Proceeds support innovative arts, entrepreneurship & educational programs for talented urban teens.

7pm to 10pm, Friday, September 27, The Courtyard at The Plant, 60 Valley Street, (tickets)

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Salon At Yellow Peril Gallery

6AM ON 20/09/2013
BY Beth Comery

cropped poster #bed (9.20) Prequel Salon at Yellow Peril: New York-based sculptor Leah Poller in conversation with Athenaeum Director of Programs and Public Engagement Christina Bevilacqua from the setting of #BED, Poller’s solo exhibition at Yellow Peril Gallery (through October 13) which titillates new understandings of our relationship with the bed via small scale mixed media sculptures and site-specific interactive installations.

Bedridden after an injury, Poller spent many hours pondering the nature of the bed – in life, in language, and in art. Using found objects and visual metaphors, she created “101 Bed Collection,” a detailed examination of the history, meaning, and symbolic nature of that unique place where one-third of life is lived, and where the most significant of life’s activities are enacted.

As a prequel to an upcoming Athenaeum Salon Series on the history of salon culture, “The Cosmology of Conversation,” and in homage to the original salonnières of 17th century France,  whose practice of cultivating conversation among their invited guests from the intimacy of their beds created an atmosphere where ideas of public and private came to define one another in a new way, the Providence Athenaeum will import its signature Salon sensibility to Yellow Peril Gallery for a discussion with Poller from a bed installed at the gallery about the concept behind #BED and how and where the project has taken flight since its launch in 2012. Shades of John and Yoko.

Free and open to the public, 5pm to 7pm, Friday, September 20, Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley Street

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‘Open For Dancing’ At Steel Yard This Weekend

12PM ON 13/09/2013
BY The Steel Yard

open for dancing The Island Moving Company will be holding its ‘Open for Dancing’ festival over two days at the Steel Yard.

The Steel Yard is excited to host Island Moving Co.’s Open for Dancing, presented for the first time at the Steel Yard in Providence, RI. This will be a site specific interpretive dance created for the Steel Yard’s industrial campus. The choreography has been created by Tom Pearson of Third Rail Projects in New York City. Working with Tom will be Providence based artists Bob Rizzo, Monica Shinn, and Anna Shapiro (of The Steel Yard). This team of artists will visually integrate the eclectic industrial arts landscape of the Yard into the performance.

Open for Dancing brings together artists, musicians, choreographers, professional dancers, and dancers from the community to create dances for unique sites.

Free, 5pm and again at 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue, Facebook event page, 401. 273. 7101

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MOTO At Scürvy Dög

9PM ON 22/07/2013
BY Beth Comery

MOTO (7.23) This week’s usual Be Stiff Tuesday night dj dance party will include some live garage punk from MOTO! From the event page,

STIFF Tuesdays at the Scurvy DOG: SUPER SAUSAGE PARTY! with special performances by Peter Burr (8:30) and MOTO (9:00)!!! then me [Josh] and Brian will eat records and spin hot dogs with everyone!!!

Look for a plugged-in solo set from Mr. Caporino. He has been here before.

Video after the jump.

8:30pm, Tuesday, July 23, Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street

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Tattoo Art — Solo Show At Scürvy Dög

9AM ON 19/07/2013
BY Beth Comery

jimmy lazer (7.21) The Scürvy Dög presents “Regurgitated” a solo exhibition of 30 paintings, tattoo flash, and illustrations by tattoo artist Jimmy Lazer. Mr. Lazer answered a few questions via email discussing his work and elaborating on his recent trip to Rome; he was kind enough to explain “tattoo flash” for the uninitiated (babies, old people, Jews).

Tattoo flash are the tattoo designs that hang on the walls of a tattoo parlor.  At one time, they were hand painted in each shop, and many designs were shared among friendly tattooers.  Each design was labeled and individually priced, and correlated with an acetate stencil, which was cut for each size. These acetate stencils were what was originally used to transfer designs, and were used hundreds of times over. This repetition of popular designs still drives the tattoo industry, although the technology has changed.

The visit to Rome provided many opportunities for artistic inspiration and new ideas.

The trip was personal. But, the religious art, and some of the food (ha), we came across was photographed and will be used for future use professionally.  Every inch of that great city is covered in historic art, so it is hard to choose any one place over another but, the Vatican possessed some of my favorites. Notably, the triptychs of the Pinocateca section of the Vatican Museum and the many statues in St. Peter’s Basilica.

And of course the Sistine Chapel is nothing but flash. Mr. Lazer resides in Rhode Island but plies his needle in Fall River at Up in Flames Tattoo. (Check out his work after the jump.)

Free, 21+, 5pm to 8pm, Sunday, July 21, the Scürvy Dög, 1718 Westminster Street

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Steel Yard Cruise Night

12PM ON 11/07/2013
BY Daily Dose

Mustang (7.12) Rain date Saturday (enough with the rain already). Head over to the Steel Yard for the 8th Annual Cruise Night.

This unique event is more than a simple display of chrome and horsepower, but is also an important part of the Steel Yard’s Works in Progress fundraising event series.

Each year, this family friendly event has consistently grown larger, bringing classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts together from throughout the region in an old school rendezvous and show off. The 2013 Cruise Night will include over 70 custom and classic vehicles, in an evening of polished chrome, greasy grooves, raffle prizes, studio tours, and food sold by local vendors.

Donation of $5 would be nice, 5pm to 9pm, Friday, July 12, Steel Yard, 27 Sims Street (rain date Saturday, July 13)

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'Be Stiff' Tuesdays At Scurvy Dog

9PM ON 03/06/2013
BY Daily Dose

be stiff DJ Brian Shawn Oakley & Joshua Livingston Kemp the First host

another ‘Be Stiff’ Tuesday with PSYCHO-derelict-icious music; appealing, disturbing, satisfying visuals; and hot dogs by Jenny.

This week we’ll be spinning: Hem ‘n Haw, Burgle Boy, Avante Softe Rocke, Escalator Music, Acoustic Chair, Flower Power Sucks, Assid Rawk, ZoomZoomZoom, Growth Spurt, Witch Apartment and more…

10pm, Tuesday nights, Scurvy Dog, 1718 Westminster Street, (facebook)

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Vermin Supreme At Dusk

7PM ON 25/05/2013
BY Daily Dose

vote jesus (5.26) The people of New Hampshire know this name well. Protest performer and perennial presidential candidate Vermin Supreme (a.k.a Ken Stevenson) will screen his documentary “Vote Jesus: The Chronicles of Ken Stevenson” at Dusk on Sunday. Gawker reported on the Supreme campaign last year.

Vermin Supreme is a street performer and occasional activist who manages to qualify for a major party’s primary ballot in New Hampshire every four years. This year he’s on the Democratic ballot, alongside anti-abortion nut Randall Terry, 10 other nobodies, and President Barack Obama. Polls suggest we’ll see a photo finish.

His main campaign technique is to stand outside other candidates’ rallies and rant on a bullhorn for hours about a national law requiring everyone generic viaga canada to brush their teeth. But today he merely joined a media mob that was doing its journalistic duty of chasing Ron Paul out of a diner.

Oh, and he wears a big black rubber boot on his head and sports a Gandalfian beard (looking rather different than this image from the movie).  There’s a good pic at CNN; they caught his act down at the Republican National Convention.

The movie runs 109 minutes and features Stephen Baldwin, Jerry Falwell, Newt Gingrich, and others of that ilk who probably did not see the filmmakers coming their way. There will be a lecture and Q&A after the screening.

“Free ponies for Americans!”

$7, 7pm, Sunday, May 26, Dusk, 301 Harris Avenue

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Steel Yard Spring Courses — Register Now

10PM ON 05/03/2013
BY The Steel Yard

bike rack The Steel Yard has prepared a spring course scheduled filled with engaging and informative hands-on classes. Explore all the possibilities waiting for you in our studio; you could weld a robot, slip cast a thousand rubber duckies, or throw a sufficient amount of ceramic plates to feed an army.

This spring the Steel Yard is offering classes in blacksmithing, ceramics, iron casting, jewelry, and welding. Courses offered are a mix of entry-level opportunities for the inexperienced maker as well as classes that focus on advanced techniques for the seasoned artisan. Courses are taught by knowledgeable and talented instructors, and class sizes are kept small to provide the best possible experience for those enrolled.

Students will be able to forge their own tools in Tool Making 101, cast molten iron to produce unique objects in Iron Cast Sculpture, or make family heirlooms in Introduction to Jewelry Making. Ceramics classes include: Slip Casting, Wheel Generate Form, Handbuilding or Ceramics II. For metalworking: Introduction to Welding, Weekend Welding Workshop and Welding II. If making jewelry is what appeals to you, then try our Ring Workshop, Wire and Chains, Wax Casting, or our Guided Open Studio.

Spring courses start mid-March. More info about registration and enrollment here.

2013 Spring Courses, Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue, 401.273.7101

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Additional Performances of “Chad Deity” At Wilbury

10AM ON 13/02/2013
BY thewilburygroup

EECD The Wilbury Theatre Group has added extra performances of “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” to its schedule. This well-received satire of American pop-culture, racism, and professional wrestling impressed The New York Times who wrote that the play “has the delicious crackle and pop of a galloping, honest-to-God, all-American satire, a genre that seldom shows up these days.” About the play,

In wrestling, as in life, behind every winner lies a really excellent loser. This smart, hilarious powerslam of a play from Pulitzer Prize nominee Kristoffer Diaz features Macedonio “The Mace” Guerra, a middle rank Puerto Rican pro-wrestler who’s made a career of being that loser. He thinks he’s found his ticket to the big time in a charismatic Indian kid from Brooklyn whom he recruits as the perfect foil to wrestling star Chad Deity. But when their wrestling rivalry is used to exploit racial stereotypes to raise ratings, Mace wonders: is swallowing his integrity too high a price for the rewards of the media spotlight?

Additional performances start at 7:30pm/Thursday, Friday, Saturday/February 14th through the 16th.

Wilbury Theatre Group, 25 Eagle Street (at the Butcher Block Mill), 401.400.7100

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Rock Lotto At Dusk

4PM ON 11/02/2013
BY Daily Dose

rock lotto (2.12) Here’s a novel concept: Forty-five Providence area musicians drew names out of a hat and had three weeks to come up with an original 10-15 minute set.

Participants include members of Dropdead, Soul Control, Ravi Shavi, Gertrude Atherton, Verse, bloodpheasant, Invisible Hours, Thrillhouse, and many more.

Rescheduled from Friday (go to Facebook).

8pm, Tuesday, February 12, Dusk, 301 Harris Avenue (directions)

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Consider This Brand

10AM ON 25/11/2012
BY Daily Dose

SY gift cert Something different from the Steel Yard,

Steel Yard Gift Certificates are each hand made by lovingly branding our logo onto a sheet of birch wood. Recipients can use their gift certificate to take Steel Yard classes, rent studio access, and/or to outfit themselves with some Steel Yard gear! Not sure how much to give to cover class costs? Contact us at the office, and we’ll help you out. Course listing for our spring 2013 season will be posted early next year.

This is just cool looking. Each handmade certificate is branded with a Steel Yard logo using an iron heated up in a coal forge.

The Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue, 401.273.7101



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