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Heroes In Liberia

People play fast and loose with the word “hero” these days. (See: Republican carpetbagger Scott Brown and his courageous battle against government regulations.) But from now on, this will be the gold standard: Health care workers in West Africa. These people are risking their lives

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“First Birthdays” Gift

A big thanks to loyal Dose reader Heywood Jablome for tipping us off to this segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live exposing a recent pranking of our local NBC 10 news team. Coming as it did right between Sandy and the election, it kind of got

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Liberty Elm, One Year Later*

In 2009, the Daily Dose reported that Providence diner The Liberty Elm was in trouble. Local media had announced at the time that Liberty Elm was one of 1200 Rhode Island businesses facing closure over a sales tax issue. Elm owners and staff appealed for

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Who Is This Guy?

If you’ve got a lawn, apartment window, or a business location on a well-traveled street, WRNI could use your help! Put out a lawn sign and make the case for the importance of quality journalism in the election process. You’ll cause a few double-takes, confuse

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You Can Build Character And Affordable Housing

Want to run for public office? Plan your childhood carefully. It must involve struggle and hunger and only one personal possession, bootstraps. Beating the odds and fighting your way out of a middle class suburb just won’t cut it — wrong story. I’ve already complained

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Lil’ Rhody Racks Up Presidential Appointments

Barack Obama has an eye for talent—and it’s pointed at Rhode Island. This weekend, Obama appointed Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, which describes its mission as connecting people through various arts and cultural tourism.  Lahiri joins

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Justice Williams Must Step Down Now

Now this is what I call sordid. Rhode Islanders are learning more about the sudden departure of Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Williams last December. Today’s Providence Journal reports on testimony stemming from the divorce proceedings of his former driver, deputy sheriff Pamela DosReis. Seems

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Jim Taricani Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

UPDATE 8/15: All charges dropped. “‘She’s not a criminal,’ McEnaney said. ‘She’s a walking cartoon character, when she’s in character.’” Here’s the now-embeddable video, which has amassed its own little YouTube following and you should really watch if you somehow haven’t seen it: UPDATE 4/6:

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Freedom For Fromme!

After 30 years in the clink, historical footnote Squeaky Fromme has been released from prison today. Is she dying to finally Tweet? Is she as excited for Mad Men Season 3 as I am?! Taste that freedom, Squeaky, a brave new world awaits you! For

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(How To Survive The) Summer Of Death

Death has been no friend to the glitterati this summer. In truth, Summer 09 is playing out like a real-life celebrity slasher flick, and this weekend was no exception. Frank McCourt and Walter Cronkite are the latest victims cut down in the prime of life,

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This Is What Democracy Tweets Like

OMG. If you are not following the post-election events in Iran, start. If you are not following the way that Iranians are using Twitter to respond to the recent election, start doing it right now. I’ve always had my questions about the utility of web-based

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And… We’re Officially Last.

New Hampshire just approved gay marriage, which means that same-sex couples in the Granit State can now live free and/or die without having to concern themselves with crap like hospital visitation rights and separate state income tax returns. That means that we are now the

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Now Fry Like Bacon, You Little Freshman Piggies!

I like our state’s hustle on this swine flu.  I hadn’t even heard of it ’til days after RI’s Swine Flu Task Force contacted every doc in the state with guidance on evaluating it in patients. About two years ago, I was the lucky gal sitting between

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Drop The Chalupa, The Kids Are Coming

Update: The Youtube post is down, but it’s still online here.  Thank heavens. Original: I stopped going to Taco Bell when I was in sixth grade because I saw somebody working there sneeze in a really unhygienic way, and when my mom complained we were

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Scots May Start Playing Head Games (heh heh) With Teens

During tonight’s episode of Life On Mars–which is the first show I’ve decided to follow since Buffy got cancelled like nine thousand years ago–Channel 6* ran a bunch of news teasers about sexting, which I just learned is what it’s called when you’re in middle school and you text

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I Seriously Can Not Think Of A Headline For This, For Some Reason

There’s a really great (and very very long) article at filmmaker Errol Morris’s New York Times blog about President Bush as he’s been portrayed through news photographs.  He interviews three photographers, from the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Agence French-Presse, and asks them to comment