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‘Weiner’ At Cable Car

Was there ever going to be another title for this movie? Did anyone ever walk into a production meeting and say “Hey, you know what we should call this movie?” “Weiner,” starting Friday at the Cable Car, is an inside look at this exasperatingly arrogant

Raimondo Getting National Attention

Rhody democrats are a different breed. Our de facto one-party system has an embedded “right wing” and national political analysts often don’t quite grasp the situation. Conservative ideas and initiatives often find significant support here (see: Voter ID). It’s just that we just look so

If It Quacks Like A Lobbyist . . .

Ralph Mollis may be on his way out for now, but it would appear he doesn’t want to burn too many bridges, just in case. According to the Providence Journal, outgoing Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis has determined that former Attorney General Patrick C.

Governor’s Race Just Got Interesting — Welcome ‘Moderate’ Moose

As did any future debates. Robert J. Healey, founder and chairman of the Cool Moose Party, will make a fourth run at the governor’s office, this time representing the Moderate Party. This is one politician who does not traffic in sound bites, bromides, bumper stickers,

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Political Roundtable At Athenaeum

(5.13) Co-presented with Rhode Island Public Radio, Policy & Pinot is a timely conversation series on vital issues facing our state. RIPR’s Political Roundtable team of political reporters Ian Donnis and Scott MacKay, along with URI Professor of Political Science Maureen Moakley and frequent Roundtable guest Dr.

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“Hacking Politics” — Edited By David Segal

Former frequent contributor Dave Segal has not been able to write so much for the Dose these days, what with his panels, and speaking engagements, and lobbying down in Washington, and flying around the country saving the Internet. Finally we can find out exactly what

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Langevin To Be A Presence At State Of The Union Address

Congressman Jim Langevin will be using the President’s upcoming State of Union address to make a statement of his own. According to an article in today’s New York Times — “A Personal Quest To Make Guns’ Toll More Visible” — Langevin, in a wheelchair since

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Athenaeum Salon — Recent Elections And A Look Ahead

(12.4) These are interesting people. A Tuesday Salon at the Providence Athenaeum — co-presented with Common Cause Rhode Island — “A Time to Campaign and a Time to Govern.” Brown University Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Wendy Schiller moderates a conversation with

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Drinking Liberally With Langevin

(8.22) This invitation from the folks at Providence Drinking Liberally, Summer 2012 is coming to a close. The Tall Ships sailed, the America’s Cup came and went, America won the medal count in London, a North Kingstown native took home some silver and bronze, Pauly

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Drinking Liberally (Weds)

Some number of us will be gathering at 8pm (Wednesday January 25) at the Wild Colonial in Providence.  (And we’re looking for new folks to help organize Drinking Liberally — if you’re interested, please come by and let us know.)

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Meet/Honor Whitehouse Friday At Z Bar

From Ocean State Action, Join the Progressive Democrats of RI to honor Senator Sheldon Whitehouse as he receives the first Progressive Hero Award. Come and thank him for his outstanding job of representing RI in the U.S. Senate and hear him speak about the challenges

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Miguel and Me

I haven’t written much about the passing of my dear friend and colleague Miguel Luna, but just unearthed this photo from the day we were sworn into the City Council together: We were the entire freshman class of 2003 and went on to co-author dozens

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Rhode Island SOS — Same Old S#*t

Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis interviewed only one person for the position as his $43,321-a-year executive assistant. That must have been one heck of an interview. Of course Eleuterio Patriarca had a great reference — his brother-in-law John Fleming, Ralph Mollis’s chief of staff.

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Segal Ponders The Political Landscape

It will come as no surprise that former State Rep, and Dose creator, David Segal has been thinking about that First Congressional District seat again. Cicilline’s numbers are terrible and a recent WPRI-TV poll has him losing to the Republican candidates. Segal spoke to David

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Works Well With Others

And he’s smart and awesome, but we already knew that. Interesting profiles in Monday’s ProJo on the new crop of freshman legislators. District 2 State Rep. Chris Blazejewski, who ran for the seat vacated by then congressional candidate Dave Segal, was already familiar to Dose

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‘Gallery Of Governors’ At Providence Art Club

An exhibition featuring portraits of former Rhode Island governors starts Wednesday at the Providence Art Club. Bill Van Siclen writes for the Providence Journal, The show, opening May 4, is the culmination of a four-year campaign to clean and restore the so-called “Gallery of Governors,”