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Good Luck Rams!

“I was Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred, and when I die I’ll be [clap, clap] Rhode Island dead!” You know the rest. Good luck to the URI Rams in their match against the Oregon Ducks today. The winner heads to Kansas City to

No Criminal Charges In 38 Studios Case

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin and State Police Col. Steven O’Donnell have announced there will be no criminal charges stemming from their four-year investigation of the 38 Studios video-game debacle. (ProJo 7.30.16) O’Donnell told the crowd of reporters gathered at state police headquarters that 146 people

Benny’s Homage To The Biggest Little

The new Benny’s television spot — more like a love letter to Rhode Island — has been out for less than a day and already it has over 3,000 hits. “The Biggest Little State in the Union” revives a much-loved jingle from the 80’s. The

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ At MotB

(8.7) This one was filmed in Rhode Island so study up before heading downtown. The Providence Phoenix was kind enough to provide a map of locations two years ago when this movie first came out (New Penzance = Rhode Island). There is sure to be

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Welcome To The Patrick T. Conley Book Barn

The Rhode Island State House Visitor Center opened last December just down the hall from the Charter Museum. While the shop carries the expected assortment of postcards, prints, and state-themed tchotchkes, the bookshelves are overwhelmingly devoted to the works of “Historian Laureate”* Patrick T. Conley;

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Alex And Ani, And One Of These (¥Øξ), And Energy, And . . .

. . .  you know . . . empowerment!!! Also getting the job done journalism-wise is Phil Eil over at the Providence Phoenix with his cover story of the rapidly expanding Alex and Ani empire (“It’s Alex and Ani’s State . . .”). When this

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The Gettysburg Gun — 150 Years Ago

On your left as you enter the foyer of the Rhode Island State House is the Gettysburg gun. Unfortunately the metal detector and security personnel on your right will make a more immediate claim on your attention. Consequently, many people just walk on through without

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Happy What Cheer Day

(10.13) On Saturday, October 13, the Rhode Island Historical Society hosts its first-ever What Cheer Day, a fun-filled day of history taking place at four sites. When Roger Williams crossed the Seekonk River to found Providence, the Narragansetts greeted him with “What cheer, netop?” A

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Rhody Foursome Heading To World Yo-Yo Contest

When did yo-yo get so cool. If the four guys I saw at WaterFire that time are any indication, the current practitioners of “competitive” yo-yo have a distinctly ‘Dog Town and Z-Boys’ vibe that I find very agreeable. Clearly music is an integral part of

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Atlas To Moonrise Kingdom

Thank you David Scharfenberg! You have performed an invaluable service for Rhode Island movie-goers everywhere. Check out “New Penzance = Rhode Island” in today’s Providence Phoenix for Scharf’s map to the locations Wes Anderson used in the film “Moonrise Kingdom” (with interesting tidbits). Anderson’s New

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The Fighting Quaker

Rhode Island native Nathanael Greene had to overcome some significant physical and philosophical obstacles in becoming a Major General in the Continental Army. In August 1774, Greene helped organize a local militia which was chartered as the Kentish Guards. His participation in the group was

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We’re Here, We’re Deciduous, Get Used To It

Sure, the maples will spread their limbs for anyone* but to tarnish the entire forest canopy? Sir, you offend me. Like most Rhode Islanders I get really excited when the state gets mentioned on the TV (global warming is going to be huge for us,

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Embarrassing Tree Battle On Daily Show

Well, we made The Daily Show. Of course Jon Stewart does a great job of skewering the lying fools at Fox News who this week made little Doreen Marie . . . a star! (She looks like she’s going to wet her pants she’s so

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Rhode Island SOS — Same Old S#*t

Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis interviewed only one person for the position as his $43,321-a-year executive assistant. That must have been one heck of an interview. Of course Eleuterio Patriarca had a great reference — his brother-in-law John Fleming, Ralph Mollis’s chief of staff.

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Register Now For 48 Hour Film Project

Two days left to take advantage of the the special $160 registration fee (after Wednesday the fee goes up to $175). The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Providence on the weekend of July 15th. Filmmakers from all over the Providence area will compete to

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Let The Tatting Begin

Rhode Island has a lace industry. . . who knew? According to this morning’s ProJo, the staff of Leavers Lace Company of West Greenwich was standing by waiting to hear from Theia bridal house of Manhattan about a possible order. Both concerns were hoping upon