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Final RI Presidential Primary Field

Thanks to Chris Barnett at the Secretary of State’s Office for this update. Mollis Announces Final R.I. Presidential Primary Field 13 candidates make the ballot; 7 with more than 2,000 signatures compared to 1 in 2004. PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Jan. 10, 2008) – Thirteen presidential candidates

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Follow The Money Indeed

An astute commenter posted this below the excellent letter from our own Ariel Werner to one Gloria Steinem, and I think it deserves a post of its own. Helpful to those who want to know just where all this campaign money is coming from. Thanks

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Obama’s Behind-The-Scenes Diplomacy

Something that has been overlooked during the primaries, possibly because there’s so much other sexier news going on but also maybe because, as I’d like to believe, Obama and his staff wouldn’t stoop to playing up humanitarian diplomacy efforts as campaign flash (maybe wishful thinking

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For Clinton, A Close Second Would Be A Victory

From The Huffington Post: But even officials within the Clinton campaign were conceding that the zest and the ploys were likely for naught. Late on Monday, aides acknowledged that a “victory” for Clinton could be just a close second-place finish. Some polls have given Obama