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Brown Prof On BrainGate Team — Advances In Mind-Typing

This is nuts! BrainGate, a team of physicians, scientists, and engineers, including a neuroscientist in the Brown School of Engineering, has developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows people with paralysis to type using only brain control. No more blinking. According to the ProJo (2.22.17)

‘Science Denial’ Lecture At Brown

(2.16) Biology professor Kenneth R. Miller will deliver a lecture titled “Science Denial: from Anti-Vaxers and Climate ‘Skeptics’ to the Ark Park — Why it Continues and Why it Matters,” as part of the Reaffirming University Values series. Miller’s research work on cell membrane structure

Lewis Black At PPAC

(2.3) This picture calms me. Tickets are still available for the Lewis Black “Rant, White, & Blue” tour Friday night at PPAC. Black discussed recent events with Stephen Colbert. (Daily Beast) “I did a lot of hallucinogens when I was younger in order to prepare

Spelling Bee At AS220

(1.28) We knew he couldn’t stay away. Spelling is much like the Mafia. Just when you think you’ve gotten out, it’ll just keep pulling you back in. Bee Maestro and Word-Knower Nonpareil, Matthew Lawrence, sent out this invitation via his weekly ‘Law & Order Party’

Geek Dinner At AS220

(1.18) Before there was iPod, there was . . . Compaq Personal Jukebox! The PJB was the first hard-disk-based MP3 player made available on the market. This picture is from the “Interesting Items” section at the Rhode Island Computer Museum website. Good stuff. The Providence

John Cleese Brings Grail To PPAC

(1.14) Tickets are still available for an evening with John Cleese (seen here on the right) this Saturday at PPAC. First there will be a screening of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” followed by a conversation, and audience Q&A, with John Cleese. I personally

Nobel Prize Goes To Brown Scientist

Congratulations to Professor J. Michael Kosterlitz for winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, for “theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.” Colleagues and well-wishers at Brown University spoke with the modest professor today; he is currently on sabbatical in Finland. He

Dark Matter, Where The Hell Is This Stuff — Lecture At Brown

(9.16) Theoretical physicist Katherine Freese will deliver a lecture titled “The Dark Side of the Universe.” Freese — author of “The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter” — will recount the hunt for dark matter from the discoveries of visionary scientists like Knut Lundmark and

‘Atheist’ Is Not A Slur

We expect this regressive thinking from the Republican party, but for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to still be treating “atheist” as a pejorative term in 2016 is downright depressing. (NYT 7.22.16) This is why atheists need to speak up, use the word casually in

Pub Quiz — Wednesdays At Pizza J

You think you’re so smart? Head over to Pizza J Wednesday nights when ‘Geeks Who Drink RI’ test your trivia knowledge at the weekly pub quiz. (Facebook event page.) Join Quizmaster Jonpaul for eight rounds of Geeks Who Drink pub quiz. Things academic, pop, and

Inverse Problems And Harry Potter’s Cloak

(4.20) Gunther Uhlmann may or may not be in this photograph. Mathematician Gunther Uhlmann will deliver a lecture titled “Inverse Problems and Harry Potter’s Cloak,” sponsored by the Institute for Computational Experimental Research in Mathematics. The idea of invisibility has been a subject of fascination

Highly Energetic Materials

This seems to be the proper term for explosives in the realm of scientific research. It’s never good news when URI professor Jimmie Oxley is being interviewed on television, still it is worth noting that the energetic materials experts in the chemistry department at URI

What A Bummer

The untimely death of Cool Moose Party founder Robert J. Healey Jr. has blown a hole in the fabric of Rhode Island politics. Brilliant, funny, and an overflowing tank of good sense, Healey’s perspective will be sorely missed. And it was a testament to the

Temple Grandin To Speak At J&W

(3.16) Temple Grandin, world renown autism spokesperson and consultant to the livestock industry, will speak Wednesday at 11:35am as part of the Johnson & Wales “Cultural Life Series.” With the help of a determined mother, Grandin overcame an early diagnosis of autism, going to college

Hey, That’s Littman!

For many Patriots fans the highlight of the AFC championship game was the TurboTax ad featuring a local yokel. And yes, Michael L. Littman is a bona fide professor of computer science at Brown University. Of course if you are into cross-language information retrieval and

New Sherlock Episode — TV And Theaters

A special Sherlock episode will premiere this Friday, January 1st, on PBS, followed by a two-day theatrical release at the Providence Place Mall on January 5th and 6th. ‘Masterpiece’ and PBS today announced that Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, a 90-minute special, will premiere Friday, January