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‘The Nether’ At Gamm

Another great poster from Gamm, this one for their production ‘The Nether’ written by Jennifer Haley. Is it the blue that makes it creepy, or the little girl. About the play, Log in. Choose an identity. Live out your private dreams. This is life in

‘The Children’s Hour’ At Gamm

I used to teach girls this age and I think I speak for teachers everywhere when I say  . . . aaaarrrrgghhh!  I first encountered this startling image walking up Angell Street where a bus shelter features a large poster for the play. A flashback

Winter’s Tale At Gamm

Shakespeare is getting a real workout lately, it being the 400th anniversary of his death. Having your work in the public domain ensures immortality, but also, Shakespeare is really really good. Gamm is celebrating with a production of The Winter’s Tale. A royal family is


Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play, written by Anne Washburn and directed by Connie Crawford starts a short run this Thursday at the Leeds Theatre of the Brown University Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. The play is about how stories change over time and

‘Sans Everything’ At Black Box

(3.6) Two more performances of “Sans Everything” at Black Box. “Sans Everything” explores a time so far in the future that humans have been replaced by disembodied intelligence. Set aboard a ship that invites the experience of traveling through the human life cycle, one embodied

‘Hangmen’ Theater Production Broadcast Live

(3.6) Well ‘ello guvnah. Walking Dead’s David Morrissey stars in the Royal Court Theatre production of “Hangmen” to be broadcast live into the Avon Cinema this Sunday. In his small pub in the northern English town of Oldham, Harry (David Morrissey – The Walking Dead,

‘Grizzly Mama’ At Gamm

Now through February 7 George Brant’s ‘Grizzly Mama’ directed by Rachel Walshe at the Gamm Theatre. Deb is a divorced suburban mom who reimagines herself as a righteous, liberal avenger following the death of her activist mother. Her daughter, Hannah, is a typical texting teenager

‘Streetcar’ At The Gamm

Stella!!! You have all winter to practice your best Kowalski before heading down to the annual “Stella” shouting contest at the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans. In the meantime check out the Gamm’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” running now through October 25.

Marie Antoinette At The Gamm

The Gamm Theatre closes its 30th season with David Adjmi’s Marie Antoinette, a tragicomedy rich in historical context and contemporary culture. Directed by Rachel Walshe, Marie Antoinette profiles the famously iconic and controversial queen of France with dramatic parallels between the disenfranchised of 18th century

‘Writing Is Live’ Starts At Brown

The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University announces the sixth annual Writing is Live festival, a presentation of new writing for performance by writers in Brown’s graduate Playwriting M.F.A. program. Writing is Live runs February 6th through 8th at the Leeds

‘Morality Play’ At The Gamm

Morality Play, based on the book by Barry Unsworth, now at the Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, through February 1st. 1361: A bone-chilling winter in England. The Black Death, dormant for more than a decade, has returned with a vengeance. The Church rules the land, and a

‘Grounded’ At The Gamm

“Grounded,” the new one-woman play at the Gamm Theatre, examines how remotely-waged warfare may not be such a great idea vis-à-vis humanity, the soul, etc. The personal and the political are indistinguishable in American playwright George Brant’s gripping one-woman play about a hot-rod fighter pilot

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Arctic Theatre Royal At RWNM — Moved To Wednesday

[Update — Rain Date: The event was rained out on Monday and has been moved to 7:30pm, Wednesday, June 11th.] Special offsite salon Monday evening at the Roger Williams National Memorial: The Wonder Show presents The Arctic Theatre Royal, a magic lantern show featuring images

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Shakespeare In The Park — Henry IV Part I

(5.29) Head over to the Roger Williams National Memorial this Thursday for the TRIST production of “Henry IV Part I.” Boozy shenanigans, quarter-staff battle action, shady politics, magicians, thieves, and lovers are all in the mix as The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater presents the Bard’s

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Romp of Otters At AS220

(5.11) Romp of Otters, or ROO, is the graduate school theater company founded this year for the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at Brown University. It comprises the playwrights and performance studies doctoral students who study up the hill at Brown University, and the

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The Scottish Play At Gamm

Meet the Macbeths — fun couple but their dinner parties gang aft agley. Unchecked greed leads to an ambitious couple’s downfall in the Bard’s tale of absolute power that corrupts absolutely. Fresh from another blood-soaked victory, the brave soldier Macbeth meets a trio of witches