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The DEA Protects Its $2 Billion Budget

Condemnation for the Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision to keep marijuana listed as a Schedule I drug has been universal. The DEA defines Schedule I drugs, substances, and chemicals as “. . . drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

‘End The Drug War’ Trifecta — Cops, Docs, And Clergy

Three perfect panels yesterday at “Cops, Docs, and Clergy,” a conference featuring speakers from those three areas of expertise who are calling for an end to our war on drugs. All aspects of our failed approach to the drug problem were covered. I was particularly

Ending The War On Drugs — Conference

(12.5) We can not arrest our way out of this, and god knows we’ve tried. But public health problems are just not amenable to law enforcement solutions; It’s time for a new approach and on Saturday you can hear what some cops, docs, and clergy

Proposed Opioid Regulations Are A Terrible Idea

Here’s a new wrinkle in the misguided war on drugs. Doctors and dentists have been looking over their shoulders a while now with nothing less than their licenses on the line. Now, in an effort to curb the abuse of prescription painkillers, state regulators want

Prohibition Does Not Work

Fans of forensic police procedurals (and chemistry, and history, and true crime) should check out the PBS show, “The Poisoner’s Handbook,” based on the book of the same name. Case by case we learn how New York City’s first scientifically trained medical examiner and his

Bad Police Work

“Once a town gets a SWAT Team, you want to use it.” Radley Balko — who writes on criminal justice, the drug war, and civil liberties for The Washington Post — was speaking to Slate about his recent book “The Rise of the Warrior Cop:

Chaos On The Border — Who Benefits

The images of children crossing into this country through the Mexican border are heartbreaking and the latest tragedy traceable to America’s futile war on drugs. The numbers astonish. According to The New York Times More than 52,000 minors traveling without their parents have been caught

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U.S. House To DEA — Stop Raiding Marijuana Dispensaries

The U.S. House of Representatives has actually done something . . . something good. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. On Thursday night the House of Representatives passed a bill that prevents the DEA from raiding state-legal marijuana dispensaries. According to the Daily

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Unsolved Homicides On the Rise

Since the federal government declared its war on drugs several decades ago the clearance rate of homicides throughout the country has steadily declined. Data available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports) show that the percentage of homicides “solved”

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ProJo Editorial — Legalize Marijuana

I have a piece in today’s Providence Journal — “Drug war has failed; legalize marijuana” — in which I take the ProJo editorial board to task for their recent opposition to the legalization of marijuana. My advocacy concerning the war on drugs and the reform

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Patrick Kennedy Can’t Get Out Of His Own Head

Too bad, because that’s where he does most of his thinking. Former congressman, and outspoken opponent of marijuana reform, Patrick Kennedy is in a snit: Lifespan has backed out of hosting a planned conference in which medical and addiction professionals were apparently prepared to discuss

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Overdose Prevention Forum At Miriam

(2.19) On January 17th state Health director Michael D. Fine held a news conference with the alarming news that in a 13-day period that month 22 people had died of accidental drug overdoses (ProJo 1.17.14). By February 7th Dr. Fine held another news conference along

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End Marijuana Prohibition — Join Regulate Rhode Island

Supporters of the move to end marijuana prohibition in Rhode Island can now organize under one banner. The newly launched Regulate Rhode Island is a coalition of citizens and advocacy groups who will be focusing their efforts on educating the public and persuading the members

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‘The House I Live In’ Screening

(11.7) “40 years, $1 trillion, 45 million arrests — This is the war on drugs.” The Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America presents a screening of The House I Live In, a documentary about America’s unsuccessful war on drugs. The documentary

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DOJ Coming Around On Drug War/Mass Incarceration

Attorney General Eric Holder will be announcing a policy shift today at the annual meeting of the ABA, simultaneously issuing new guidelines to U.S. attorney offices regarding drug prosecutions. The New York Times reports from Holder’s prepared remarks, . . . “too many Americans go

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Judge Lagueux Rights A Wrong

Ten years ago U.S. District Court Judge Ronald R. Lagueux reluctantly sentenced Denise Dallaire to 15 years in prison for selling crack cocaine; one of the more invidious initiatives in the war on drugs — mandatory sentencing guidelines — left him no choice. The New