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Support Planned Parenthood

Among the many services provided by Planned Parenthood is STD testing. They also provide information on women’s health, emergency contraception, birth control, and abortion. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a show of support for this vital organization. Click on Planned Parenthood

Women’s Rally At State House

(1.21) These rallies are taking place in cities all around the country and I hope the crowds look angry and dangerous. Because future demonstrations (let’s retire the word “rally” for now) must be targeted directly at Trump-owned properties, especially his D.C. hotel (where, by Saturday,

‘Womanimation’ At AS220

(6.25) AS220 hosts three screenings of the ‘Womanimation Film Festival’ Saturday on the main stage. A catered reception follows the final screening with DJ Madame B. Presenting a select program of eleven short films from Europe, Asia, and North America, the festival blends styles such

Gabler At Gamm

Bored by bourgeois society and intellectual pursuits, Hedda Gabler tries to fulfill her aimless desires by manipulating the fates of those around her…with tragic results. Offering no easy answers, Ibsen’s masterpiece is a fascinating, paradoxical portrait of a woman slipping into despair. Directed by Tony


Womanimation Film Festival At AS220

(6.28) Eleven films from ten countries — the 6th annual Womanimation! Film Festival runs all day Saturday at the 95 Empire Black Box theater. What is Womanimation? As the name implies, it’s a festival showcasing acclaimed animated films created by women from around the world,

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Let’s Make This Women’s History

Why in the 21st century is it still necessary for an accomplished female politician and candidate to put on an apron and go baking in a kitchen? Gina Raimondo’s political platform and performance as state treasurer are not the issue here; this is about political

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Fems And Women’s Media Festival

(3.16) Free and open to the public in two locations: Cable Car Cinema and the Granoff Center at Brown. Go to Feminist & Women’s Media Festival for complete schedule, locations, film descriptions, panels, participants, and locations. Event organizers emphasize that the diverse programming — a

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Providence Roller Derby Championship Double Header Bout

(11.23) Head downtown Saturday for the 2013 Providence Roller Derby Championship double header bout. First at 6pm, the ladies in black and gold of the The Mob Squad will bring their syndicate of terror to the track as they play against the Boston Train Wrecks.

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‘The Women Who Loved Poe’ At Lippitt House Museum

The Lippitt House Museum hosts a week of events around “The Women Who Loved Poe” — a film installation by Sandra Luzzi Sneesby — revealing the interior life of writer Edgar Allan Poe, as told by the women who loved him. As is the case

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‘Womanimation’ At Cable Car

(6.22) The 2013 edition of Womanimation! comes to the Cable Car Cinema and Café in Providence on Saturday. Read the write-up in todays’s ProJo. It is the fifth annual “Womanimation!” film festival. Toni Pennacchia, creative director of MergingArts Productions, organized the festival, with films from

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Providence Roller Derby

(11.10) The Providence Roller Derby is in town this weekend. Warm yourself by the fire of rollerbattle Saturday, November 10th, as the Old Money Honeys and the Sakonnet River Roller Rats scratch out an answer to the question: who will face the undefeated Mob Squad

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Unite Against The War On Women

(4.28) Okay people, ink it in — Rally at the State House, Saturday, April 28. This is a call to action from Help defend women’s rights and pursuit of equality. Join Americans all across the United States on April 28th, as we come together

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March Is Women’s History Month

March is International Women’s History month and while Nero’s consort Poppaea may not exactly be the type of woman organizers had in mind, this is the time of year when the awesome movie Quo Vadis sometimes comes on television and it’s the best of the

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Movie Saturday — History Of Riot Grrrl

Although it is often credited with kick-starting the “third wave” of feminism, Riot Grrrl barely made a blip in the mainstream media. Yet Riot Grrrl paved the way for the more conventional “girl power” phenomenon. Several books and films have now been released on this

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Friday At The Athenaeum: Anne Hutchinson

The Athenaeum‘s salons are free to Daily Dose readers: Friday, 3/26, 5-7pm Anne Marbury Hutchinson is one of the most important people who ever lived in RI. Born in England when Shakespeare was writing his plays and Good Queen Bess was on the throne of

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Soul at Work Unconference

Join a group of women leaders next Wednesday, February 3rd, for their season kickoff event. The Unconference is where women gather to discuss leading on their own terms. The theme “Be Visible” will spotlight how we can all be more visible in 2010. Register online