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Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, the Mallett Brothers Band, Brian McKenzie, Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders @Fête, Holiday Mountain, Radiant Shades, Empire @the Columbus Theatre, Joe Fletcher, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, the Stilts, Dead LA, Dead Trains, PALS @Aurora, Rampant Decay, Big Kill, Aneurysm, Radio Carbon @Machines

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Victor Matheson On Economic Impact Of Stadiums

(5.13) Here is a chance to learn about the economic impact of baseball stadiums from an impartial expert, Victor Matheson, professor of economics at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. Or you can go with the $225/hour advisor (sports economist Andrew Zimbalist) hired by


The Peregrine Hatchlings Have Arrived

It’s showtime people! Last Saturday the ASRI peregrine webcam announced the arrival of three hatchlings (one egg may be a nonstarter). Just minutes ago the dad flew into the box with a bloody gobbet of some poor creature (circle of life and all that) and

no stadium

PawSox Owner To Present Stadium Plan Today

PawSox owner James Skeffington will be addressing the monthly Jewelry District Association (JDA) meeting today elaborating on what a great deal a taxpayer-funded sports stadiums will be for him. If, however, you believe that 1) the riverfront is the wrong location, and 2) $150+ million


Week In Music

Tuesday — @AS220, Sports Coach, Kidaudra, JD Holiday, Glttrghost Wednesday — @the Met, Drag the River, Jay Berndt, Doris Duke @Psychic Readings, Hector 3, Bask, Aneurism @AS220, Yahkél, Lucci, Walrussia Thursday — @AS220, Snowplows, Gertrude Atherton, the Gondoliers, Solus @the Narrows, David Wax Museum, Twain


Mobile Museum Of American Artifacts Comes To Town

“Bring your object! Share your story!” The John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities is hosting the Mobile Museum of American Artifacts (MMoAA) for a week-long residency in Providence. The MMoAA is housed in a trailer driven by curator Laurelin Kruse which travels around the

Mary Lee track 2015

Great White Heads North

Here she comes. Three years ago an Ocearch biologist tagged a 16-foot great white shark off of Cape Cod and named her Mary Lee, after his mom. Mary Lee is making her annual springtime trip up the coast, headed no doubt for the all-you-can-eat seal

teddy bear

‘American Lullaby’ At Bell Gallery

Sculptor Dave Cole has filled the Bell Gallery with some massive bits of business in ‘American Lullaby’ up now through July 5th. This exhibition brings together iconic sculptures such as the Fiberglass Teddy Bear and The Music Box (2012), a vintage steamroller that has been

Lincoln Chafee

Chafee Said Balls On TV

Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee was a panelist on “Real Time With Bill Maher” this week. Maher got all excited that he got Chafee to announce he’s running for president. Of much greater interest was hearing Linc proclaim about his record . . .


RISD Seniors Furniture Design At Woods-Gerry

Hey, I found the aluminum tubes! Someone tell Rumsfeld they were anodized not weaponized. This piece is a Partition from Julie Kang, BFA furniture Design 2015. It is made of climbing rope and anodized aluminum. Below is a Library Chair by Anthony Dahut made of

regulate ri

New Billboard For Regulate Rhode Island

Last Tuesday Regulate Rhode Island unveiled a new billboard on Orms Street (between State and Charles Streets). Regulate Rhode Island director Jared Moffat told the Providence Journal, “While we’re debating this controversial stadium,” said Jared Moffat, director of Regulate Rhode Island, “let’s not forget we


Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Triangle Forest, Pyramid, Carnival, Twenty Four Hours @Columbus Theatre, Cannibal Ramblers, Tallahassee, Last Good Tooth, Smith & Weeden @the Spot, the Skatallites, Soulshot, the Thad Merritt Trio @Machines With Magnets, Downtown Boys (album release party), Fleabite, Secret Lover, Lovesick @the Narrows, Shelby

ted widmer

Historian Widmer At Athenaeum

(5.7) Brown marks the concluding month of the 250th Anniversary with the launch of Brown: The History of an Idea. Join historian Ted Widmer (a.k.a. Lord Rockingham), former assistant to President Clinton for Special Projects and former Director of the John Carter Brown Library, for

heaven adores you

‘Heaven Adores You’ At Cable Car

The life and music of Elliott Smith. Heaven Adores You presents a comprehensive review of the singer’s life and prolific songwriting, and the impact it continues to have on fans, friends, and fellow musicians. Pitchfork writes that while the film opens in an “appropriately grim

providence river

NO! To Riverfront Stadium Site

This should be an absolute deal breaker. Opposition to the stadium scheme has been largely focused on the taxpayer money grab — and rightly so — but the owners’ choice of the riverfront location has been hugely problematic as well. Now comes Kate Bramson’s piece

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Week In Music

Monday — @AS220, the Hurt Ensemble, Au Revoir, Atsuko Chiba, Barrens Tuesday — @the Met, Robert DeLong, I Am Strikes, Djnook Wednesday — @Firehouse 13, Capsize, Rarity, Great American Ghost, Rat Trap @Dusk, Sandworm, Discipline, Shatplunger Thursday — @Psychic Readings, Cantanac Dagar//Fort Crèvecœur, Rachel Rosenkrantz