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Weekend In Music

11:44PM ON 04/17/2014
BY Daily Dose

the mowgli's Friday@Dusk, Tigerman Woah, Ten Foot Polecats, Cannibal Ramblers, Lucky United @AS220, Big Scythe, Sydesho and the Main Attraction, Project 401 @the Met, Fungus Amungus, @Machines With Magnets, Antti Tolvi, Hector 3, Nightmom, Mothertongue @News Café, Wind in Sails, Gypsy, Diana DeMuth, Gypsy Blue @Lupo’s, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, Sleepwave @Fête Ballroom, the Devil Makes Three, Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons

Saturday@the Columbus Theatre, the David Wax Museum @Dusk, Detroit Rebellion, Us ‘n’ Y’all, Allysen Callery, Haunt the House @the Spot, Twiddle @News Café, PALS, the Down and Outs, May As Well, Overwith @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tim Taylor Blues Band @the Met, the Mowgli’s, Misterwives, Finish Ticket @Fête Ballroom, the Budos Band, Ravi Shavi @the Parlour, Chachi

Sunday@AS220, Rawsome, Night Slice, Nuda Veritas, the Trance @Machines With Magnets, Jason Lescalleet, Titans of Jazz @Fête Ballroom, Stephen Marley, Wayne Marshall @the Met, Pizza Underground feat. Macaulay Kulkin, Toby Goodshank, Baylies Band, Six Star General @Dusk, Haxen, Dendritic Arbor, Ratstab, Human Bodies

(Photo of the Mowgli’s)


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Yard Waste Pickup Starts

10:25PM ON 04/10/2014
BY Daily Dose

paper bags The City of Providence Department of Public Works has announced that free yard debris collection will begin Monday, April 14.

  • Residents are encouraged to recycle and compost all yard debris.
  • Yard debris should be left curbside on regular recycling and trash collection days.
  • Sticks and trimmings must be cut to 4 feet or smaller and tied together. Yard debris may not be placed inside plastic bags.
  • Yard debris collection ends on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Yard debris should be left curbside on recycling and trash collection days. Clippings, leaves, and sticks should be placed in open barrels or paper yard waste bags.

(We love the Benny’s logo . . . and Benny’s.)

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Weekend In Music

9:52PM ON 04/10/2014
BY Daily Dose

huge face Friday@Fête Ballroom, the Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach @Dusk, Headrot, Martyrvore, Witch King, Venomizer @AS220, Math the Band, Dirty Fences, Huge Face, Nightmom @Nick-A-Nee’s, Biscuit City @the Met (WBRU Rock Hunt finals), Jetty, the Rare Occasions, the Stilts, the Bithchin’ Aardvarks

Saturday@Lupo’s, B.B. King @AS220, Ask the Dead, Pink Eye,Teazer, Jezebel @Dusk, Sidewalk Driver, Eldridge Rodriguez, Geri X, Most Dangerous Men Alive @News Café, Pixels, Guttersluts, Sneaky Creeps, the New Gun Slingers @the Columbus Theatre, And the Kids, Way Out @the Parlour, Mertz, Pale Amanitas, Failsafe, Matt Fraza @the Met, the Hold Steady, Cheap Girls @Machines With Magnets, Boyfrndz, Owl Food, Working, Feeds

Sunday@News Cafe, Yeesh, 14 Foot 1, Lame Genie, Oakli Boys @the Met, Jerry Douglas, Mark Cutler

(Photo of Huge Face)

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‘The Unknown Known’ At Cable Car

10:54PM ON 04/09/2014
BY Daily Dose

Unknown Known Not a care in the world.

We should force all future presidents, all members of Congress, and all Cabinet members, to watch an Errol Morris double-feature: “The Fog of War” and “The Unknown Known.” From the New York Times review,

Unlike Robert S. McNamara, another former defense secretary who sat for a portrait in front of Mr. Morris’s camera (in “The Fog of War”), Mr. Rumsfeld is untroubled by second thoughts or pangs of conscience. At times, the discrepancy between his view of himself and the historical record is almost comical, as when he waves off the suggestion that he was a ruthlessly Machiavellian player in the internecine Republican struggles of the 1970s.

“The Unknown Known” is rated PG-13. The New York Times adds, “Thousands of deaths, bloodlessly discussed.” Running time 103 minutes.

Starts Friday, April 11, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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Meta-tastic G.I. Joe Parody On ‘Community’

5:09PM ON 04/09/2014
BY Beth Comery

gi joe mutineersThe NBC series ‘Community’ aired this season’s alternate-medium episode and it was a beaut. “G.I. Jeff” was an animated parody of the old G.I. Joe cartoons interspersed with live-action faux vintage TV spots for a new product line (see above) and a few scenes back in the show’s reality. Meta doesn’t begin to describe it. There is no mention of the show on their website, and I wondered whether Hasbro had embraced the project. I consulted some random online experts whose credentials and sources are completely unverifiable, although there are certain “indicia of reliability.”

A gentleman at Dork Shelf writes that it was a “Hasbro approved parody.” He goes on to describe various in-jokes involving beloved show creator, Dan Harmon (Dork status confirmed).

Word of the Nerd describes the amusing premise of what looks for all the world like a real G.I. Joe episode.

It seems like a rather odd episode of the old cartoon until ‘Wingman’ kills Destro, and we learn this is the first actual death in the twenty five plus years of war with Cobra. The study group lands in jail, and they meet ‘Fourth Wall’ (Abed, Danny Pudi) who first brings up the idea that their reality may only be an animated children’s show. Meta, meta. There is even a character named ‘Sleep Apnea’ who does not look entirely unlike the show’s creator, Dan Harmon.

Go here to watch Episode 511 “G.I. Jeff;” also available On Demand for Cox customers. Hasbro should embrace this — it’s a gas. And it must be noted no one will ever confuse the somewhat crudely executed faux action figures for an actual Hasbro product. (But they’re not bad.)

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Artists’ Talks And Opening Reception — Bell Gallery

8:54AM ON 04/09/2014
BY Beth Comery

Eletrobras [Rio]

(4.11) As part of Brown University’s 250th anniversary the David Winton Bell Gallery presents the second in a two-part exhibition of alumni artists. Alumni Exhibition Part 2 will run from Saturday, April 12, through Sunday, May 25. The exhibition features work from Sarah Morris, Rob Reynolds and Taryn Simon. Seen here is Eletrobras [Rio] (2013) by Sarah Morris.

All events are free and open to the public.

Artists’ talks 3pm to 6pm, Friday, April 11.

Sarah Morris — 3:10pm to 3:50pm.

Rob Reynolds — 3:50pm to 4:30pm

Taryn Simon — 4:45pm to 5:25pm

Conversation led by Wendy Edwards, Chair of the Department of Visual Art — 5:25pm to 6pm

Opening reception 6pm to 8pm, Friday, April 11, Bell Gallery, List Art Center, 64 College Street

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Pope And Mussolini At Athenaeum

8:02AM ON 04/09/2014
BY H.L. Parker

Pope & Mussolini (4.10) Historian David Kertzer will discuss his book The Pope And Mussolini: the Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe Thursday evening at the Providence Athenaeum.

The Pope and Mussolini tells the story of two men who came to power in 1922, and together changed the course of twentieth-century history. Pius XI was scholarly and devout, “Il Duce” thuggish and profane. Yet they shared a distrust of democracy and a visceral hatred of Communism, were both fiercely protective of the powers of their offices, and each relied on the other to consolidate his power and achieve his political goals. In a challenge to the conventional history of this period, Kertzer shows Pius XI’s crucial role in making Mussolini’s dictatorship possible and keeping him in power. In exchange for Vatican support, Mussolini restored many of the privileges the Church had lost and gave in to the pope’s demands that the police enforce Catholic morality. Yet in the last years of his life—as the Italian dictator grew ever closer to Hitler—the pontiff’s faith in this treacherous bargain started to waver. With his health failing, he began to lash out at the Duce and threatened to denounce Mussolini’s anti-Semitic racial laws before it was too late. Horrified by the threat to the Church-Fascist alliance, the Vatican’s inner circle, including the future Pope Pius XII, struggled to restrain the headstrong pope from destroying a partnership that had served both the Church and the dictator for many years.

Free and open to the public, 7pm, Thursday, April 10, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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David Lamb Celebration At Columbus

12:13PM ON 04/07/2014
BY Daily Dose

david lamb

(4.8) Nice piece in the Providence Journal about the passing of musician David Lamb with thoughts from friends, family, and fellow musicians, and details about the event Tuesday night.

A concert to celebrate Lamb’s life will be held Tuesday at the Columbus Theater in Providence. Joe Fletcher, Death Vessel, Alec K. Redfearn and Last Good Tooth will play. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the event will start at 8:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

Free, doors 7:30, Tuesday, April 8, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Facebook page, (directions)

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Little Free Library

11:56AM ON 04/07/2014
BY H.L. Parker

LFL What is the Little Free Library?

It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.

This one is on Brown Street on the East Side. Want to get involved?

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Wheeler Clothing Sale This Week

11:18PM ON 04/06/2014
BY Daily Dose

wheeler school Attention thrifters: Start planning your strategy for the Wheeler Clothing & More sale.

. . . we sell gently-worn, nearly new and brand new clothing for the whole family, plus household goods, books, designer wear, sporting goods and more, at super-low prices. Net proceeds go to support financial aid for students and Breakthrough Providence (a program for low-income, academically motivated middle school students in the Providence public schools) and items remaining at the sale’s close are donated to area charities.

10am to 8pm, Thursday, April 10/9am to 8pm, Friday, April 11/9am to 4pm, Saturday, April 12

Open to the public, Wheeler Clothing Sale, Wheeler Madden Gym, 407 Hope Street,cash and checks accepted

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Week In Music

10:56PM ON 04/06/2014
BY Daily Dose

nymphidels Tuesday@the Columbus Theatre, memorial celebration for David Lamb @AS220, JV, Fam Squad, MicP

Wednesday@AS220, Nymphidels, Milk, East Coast Runaways

Thursday@the Columbus Theatre, Happiness, Andrew Cedermark, Cannibal Ramblers @AS220, the Novi Giants, Purple Honey, Daniel Pond @the Met, Bun B, Kirko Bangz @Fête Lounge, Milo and Otis

(Photo of Nymphidels)

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April Gallery Shows At AS220

10:27PM ON 04/06/2014
BY Daily Dose

AS220 Gallery April New works up at the AS220 Galleries now through April 26th.

AS220 Project Space, 93 Mathewson Street — Generations|8 Chapters Blooming: Collage and Ceramics by Meredith Stern

The Reading Room, 93 Mathewson Street — The Paper Dolls Project: Jiyoung Chung, Jacqueline Frole,
Holly Gaboriault, Francoise McAree

Main Gallery, 115 Empire Street — New Work by Ian Gaudreau & Paul Roustan

Open Window, 115 Empire Street — Through the Eyes: new work by Diana Castelleone

Youth Gallery, 115 Empire Street — Square Mile: Project by Central Falls High

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David Lamb Of Brown Bird Dies Of Leukemia

11:37AM ON 04/06/2014
BY Beth Comery

Brown Bird [Additional Note: Friends are planning a celebration of David's life starting at 7:30pm at the Columbus Theatre, Tuesday, April 8th.]

Hearts are breaking as news spreads of the death of local musician Dave Lamb. Wife and musical partner MorganEve Swain announced his passing last night on the Brown Bird Facebook page. Her message reads in part,

Dave entered the battle with leukemia as only Dave could- determined, steadfast, smiling and always with his mind on our future. His incredible ability to continue writing through his struggle is something I’ll forever aspire to.

He was 35. See also the obituary at the Providence Journal.

(Photo of Brown Bird by Mikael Kennedy)

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Book Signing At Athenaeum

10:22PM ON 04/05/2014
BY H.L. Parker

yellowstone (4.6) Join translator and editor Suzanne Cane on her and Janet Chapple’s new edition of Belgian travel writer Jules Leclercq’s book Yellowstone, Land of Wonders: Promenade in North America’s National Park, first published in 1886.

In the summer of 1883 Belgian travel writer Jules Leclercq spent ten days on horseback in Yellowstone, the world’s first national park, exploring its natural wonders — astonishing geysers, majestic waterfalls, the vast lake, and the breathtaking canyon. He also recorded the considerable human activity, including the rampant vandalism. At that time, few people anywhere knew about geysers, mud pots and hot springs, despite the fantastical tales told by early explorers of boiling pitch, lands on fire, fountains of hot water, mountains of glass, and glacial rivers. This scientifically-based travelogue by a keenly observant and poetically reflective world traveler is itself a small marvel blending natural history, firsthand impressions, scientific lore, and anecdote. A sensation in Europe, the book was never published in English until now.

Join Ms. Cane as she discusses the book and her translation and shares some of its beautiful 19th century engravings and contemporary photos. Books available for sale and signing.

Free and open to the public, 3pm to 5pm, Sunday, April 6, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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Group Art Exhibit/Music At Columbus

10:37PM ON 04/04/2014
BY H.L. Parker

angels & outlaws (4.5) The Columbus Theatre and Owls to Athens present Angels & Outlaws, a group art exhibition and celebration of creative culture.

Please join us for a night of local art, music, and celebration at one of our favorite venues in the city — the historic Columbus Theatre. We’ll have a lot of original artwork on display, installation/sculpture work, digital projection art, affordable prints available and some beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale as well. So join us for the evening and help show some support for local artists and friends.

Music by Devil’s Twins, Littlefoot, and Party Pigs, and DJ’s Tank Jones and Ty Jesso.

Free admission, 6pm to midnight, Saturday, April 5, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Facebook

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RISD Graduate Open Studios — Trading Cards

10:06AM ON 04/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

Grad Open Studios (4.4) Collect ‘em all. Head down to RISD for a chance to view nascent artists in their natural habitat. Graduate Open Studios is free and open to the public.

Tour the RISD graduate studios for one night, visit all sixteen studios and collect a trading card at each! Collect all 16 cards for a free drink ticket at the after party at the Salon, 57 Eddy Street.

Free and open to the public, 7pm to 11pm, Friday, April 4, various locations, BEB, Metcalf, CIT, go here for details and schedule

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Rice Cakes Release Party Benefits RI Food Bank

9:53AM ON 04/04/2014
BY Beth Comery

roz & rice cakes (4.4) Roz and the Rice Cakes are back from a tour of the south and a six-show run at SXSW and are ready to throw a party and celebrate the release of their new album “Need to Feed.” And in a nice bit of synergy and good karma they will be collecting canned food for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Chris Conti has all the details over at the Providence Phoenix.

The Rice Cakes spent the past 18 months writing Need To Feed. The album was recorded at the Columbus Theatre with help from co-producers Prystowsky and Knox Miller (it was mastered by go-to studio duo Keith and Seth at Machines With Magnets). Belisle and Foster, who built a studio from scratch for the Monster Man sessions, produced two of the new songs. And, perhaps a sign of just how unique a sound the Rice Cakes kick out, Raskin noted this is the first time the band recorded with electric guitar.

The Low Anthem and Dr. Jones and the Shiners open. Bring a can!

$10, all ages, 8pm, Friday, April 4, the Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket



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