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Kudos To PC Student Congress — Bottled Water Kicked Off Campus

The Providence College Student Congress is helping to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Starting next fall all clubs and organizations will be required to ban bottled water at all events. (Brown University has already joined other ivy league colleges in taking similar steps.) Further,

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Latest Providence Water Quality Report

The second best way to quench your thirst in Providence? Tap water. The 2011 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) from the Providence Water Supply Board (PWSB) has been arriving in mailboxes around town. Thousands of water samples are tested every year and the Scituate Reservoir is

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Agreed, Let’s Give Up Bottled Water

We’ve discussed the evils of bottled water before. And now Frank Carini over at ecoRI News has renewed the call to end the use of bottled water, including over on Smith Street. We challenge our elected officials to stop spending about $18,000 annually to provide