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Chafee Said Balls On TV

Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee was a panelist on “Real Time With Bill Maher” this week. Maher got all excited that he got Chafee to announce he’s running for president. Of much greater interest was hearing Linc proclaim about his record . . .

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Chafee To Speak At DNC

(9.4) Governor Lincoln Chafee is an interesting choice for the Democratic National Convention given his past life as a Republican and current Independent status. Personally I hope he uses every second of his time at the podium talking about what a douchebag Curt Schilling is.

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Chafee Asks Feds To Reclassify Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana advocates rejoice! Maybe Santa can bring a little Christmas Kush to Rhode Islanders in pain and distress. Governor Chafee has joined with Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire in asking federal authorities to reclassify marijuana. The reaction over at NORML, NORML began the entire