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This Time It’s About The Buildings, Actually

11AM ON 13/10/2010
BY Matthew Lawrence

Back in July 2009, the Providence Public Library (PPL) agreed to hand over nine neighborhood libraries to the Providence Community Library (PCL), and the transition thusfar has been very successful.  There’s just one problem: the PPL still owns seven of the nine library buildings.
The PPL won’t do any structural repairs on the buildings, and the PCL can’t apply for grants to do repairs because they’re not actually the landlords.  (Several of the libraries are on the National Historic Register, so government grants are available.)
The Smith Hill and Knight Memorial Libraries were seemingly closed more than they were open this summer because they don’t have air conditioning.  The Olneyville Library’s got water in the basement and an air quality problem.  And Smith Hill and Wanskuck have leaky roofs.



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