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Downtown Boys — “America’s Most Exciting Punk Band”!

We already knew that, and now Rolling Stone Magazine has informed the rest of the world. It’s just possible that the Downtown Boys are about to blow up. Great for them, but it means more time away from Providence. This self-described “bi bilingual political dance

Net Neutrality Finds Conservative Support

On February 26th the FCC will either vote to preserve Net Neutrality, or pave the way for Comcast and other ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, Cox, Time Warner Cable) to create Internet slow lanes. The encouraging news is that many Congressional Republicans are getting schooled by their

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“Hacking Politics” — Edited By David Segal

Former frequent contributor Dave Segal has not been able to write so much for the Dose these days, what with his panels, and speaking engagements, and lobbying down in Washington, and flying around the country saving the Internet. Finally we can find out exactly what

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‘P’ As In Poorhouse

Almost immediately upon taking office Mayor Taveras announced that the city’s financial situation was much worse than he had imagined, leading to the inevitable question — how could we not know about this? We now know that former Mayor David Cicilline was hiding the extent

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Sexy And Provocative Type Stuff

Okay that’s a lie. Other than this vaguely phallic pylon, there is really nothing terribly sexy in a post about net metering and decentralized renewable energy production, but they are very important. See, this is why Rhode Island will miss having David Segal in the

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Democratic Primary — Dose Endorsements

CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Blazejewski and Angel Taveras!!! Mr. Fernandez and our own David Segal made very strong showings and should be commended for their effort. And both should be encouraged to run again in the future — we need all the good people we can

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Primary Tuesday — VOTE SEGAL!!!

Vote in the Democratic Primary Tuesday! Go to the Secretary of State website to Find Your Polling Place. For a complete list of candidates in tomorrow’s primary go to ProJo. All polls close at 9pm. Opening hours vary by town — Providence opens 7am —

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Volunteer For David

Call up campaign headquarters at 274.6800, or just head over to 38 Transit Street right now, and help get a normal person elected to congress!!! Everyone can help do something — make phone calls, hold signs at the polls — you are needed! Watch this

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Segal Segal Segal For Congress

Staff writer Tom Mooney has a great story on the front page of today’s Providence Journal about democratic Congressional District 1 candidate David Segal and his grass roots campaign. The piece includes a nice profile of a recent and ardent supporter, Lisa Beade, and her

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Lessig In Town For Segal Event

Save the Date — Tuesday August 24th for another interesting David Segal event. (He’s running for the Congressional District 1 seat in the democratic primary on September 14.) Professor/Activist Larry Lessig will talk about his work for Change Congress, followed by music by the What

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Registration Deadline To Vote In Primaries — Saturday

From the Secretary of State’s office, State law requires Rhode Islanders to register to vote at least 30 days before the September 14th Democratic and Republican primaries. To be eligible to register to vote, you must turn 18 by November 2nd and be a resident

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Well Done Mr. Segal

The staff here at the Daily Dose wishes to congratulate state Rep. David Segal on tonight’s debate, which by all objective criteria he won in a romp! And we are nothing around here if not objective. Judge for yourself. WPRI has the video of the

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Democratic Candidates For U.S. Congressional District One Debate

This is the House Chamber in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Four democrats — David Segal, Anthony Gemma, David Cicilline, William Lynch and David Segal — want to represent Rhode Island District One in this chamber. (The democratic primary is September 14th.) The candidates

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Don’t Let The ‘Meter’ Fool You

This may not be science. When the Providence Journal announced its new feature PolitiFact Rhode Island I thought some fact-checking in this election year might make the candidates more ‘careful’. But I also thought the analysis would involve checking the accuracy of the statistical citations

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An ‘Independent’ Democrat

An illuminating piece in today’s Providence Sunday Journal lays out the recent court decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and what can be done to rectify it. Rhode Island state Rep. David Segal, a candidate for Patrick Kennedy’s seat in Congress, has introduced a

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Kick-Off Party For Segal Friday

David and crew are having a big kick-off bash at the Pawtucket Armory on Friday, June 25th, featuring Mark Cutler, The ‘Mericans, Chris Paddock, The Amil Byleckie Band, Josh Garcia, Dan Lilley and Scatman, and more… Reception from 6pm to 8pm, and live music follows