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RI State Legislature To Replace Successful Mistake With Proven Failure

In order to secure itself a ‘Happy Ending’ to an otherwise unsuccessful session, the Rhode Island legislature has decided to hatchet its successful policy of allowing legal indoor sex-work. Seeing as how most sex workers prefer to keep very private, they make for a very

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Citizens Against Trafficking Mangles Facts, Again

State legislators will be gathering again next week, and more likely than not they’ll be voting on proposed legislation to change the state’s prostitution law.  One of the primary people trying to force this legislation through has been URI professor Donna M Hughes, who earlier

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Donna Hughes On Our Nation’s Autoerotic Asphyxiation Epidemic

Conservative talk radio host Dan Yorke invited Megan Andelloux on his WPRO program on Monday show to talk about her battles opening the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in downtown Pawtucket, which we covered here before.  Yorke was sympathetic to Andelloux, arguing that the

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Pawtucket Opposes Sex, Education

The City of Pawtucket doesn’t like the idea of a new sex education center opening up in its downtown area, and things are getting kind of messy. Megan Andelloux, the tattooed lady that URI professor Donna Hughes editorialized against back in June, is opening a

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Sex Radicals’ International Conspiracy Afoot In RI, Apparently

Donna Hughes, the URI professor who has made it her personal mission to ban prostitution in the Ocean State, has used a lot of tactics over the years.  She has testified before the state house, she has written melodramatic newspaper editorials, she has put a

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URI Women’s Studies Professor Horrified By Tattooed Women

The Rhode Island senate’s going to be voting tonight on an anti-prostitution bill.  I don’t need to repeat all the reasons why the bill is a terrible, terrible idea, but I thought I would mention an editorial written in the ProJo yesterday by URI professor