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Wild Colonial Becomes Sabin Tavern

(6.13) From flash mob to freedom — the Gaspee Incident and the Birth of America! WaterFire Providence presents ‘The Gaspee Project,’ a celebration of the very first act of war against the British Crown. (Eat it Concord). There will be walking tours and open historic

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The Hannah

(6.14) Gaspee Days continue in Warwick today with the parade. And the fireworks were postponed to Saturday, June 14th. Get up to speed on the Burning of the Gaspee here. HMS Gaspee and her hated commander, Lt. William Dudingston, were sent by King George III

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WaterFire Welcomes Netroots, And Everyone Else Too

(6.9) Saturday’s WaterFire comprises a weird amalgam of the Netroots Nation, Portuguese heritage, and a Gaspee historical reenactment (not the burning part, the plotting and leaving part). Check out the WaterFire website for details and complete explanation. There are a few unusual elements in Saturday’s