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Athenaeum Salon — The High Line

6PM ON 02/05/2012
BY H.L. Parker

high line (5.4) “Curating the City” is a 3-part series in which guest salonnier James Hall, Executive Director of the Providence Preservation Society, invites speakers to address strategies for evaluating, sustaining, and enhancing cities in the 21st century. Friday’s topic is the High Line, an elevated rail line in NYC that has become an innovative public space at the crossroads of environmentalism, preservation, and community activism.

Cities are made up of more than just monuments. Fragments of our industrial past also bear witness to the complicated, rich stories of urban life. Join Hall and Patrick Cullina — the horticultural designer and photographer who served as Vice President of Horticulture and Park Operations for ‘Friends of the High Line’ for a discussion of the reimagining of the High Line.

The High Line often gets mentioned during discussions of our own “where Route 195 used to be” project, currently in limbo. Check out the High Line image gallery.

Free and open to the public, 5pm to 7pm, Friday, May 4, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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Simplify Simplify Simplify

10AM ON 15/12/2010
BY Beth Comery

High Line “. . . and space for local sculptures. . .” Now there’s a phrase that should give us pause. A description of the winning PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE design in this morning’s Providence Journal includes this depressing threat. Pictured here is the glorious perfection that is the High Line Park in lower Manhattan. Comparisons to this (still unfinished) landscaped pedestrian walkway are unavoidable, and I’m assuming all the designers have studied this gem. If not they should. Created on an abandoned 30’s-era elevated railway, the High Line perfectly integrates many of the existing rail features using natural-looking, durable building materials, and a planting of grasses and plants that look like they were blown in on the wind. Benches rise organically out of the decking. Nowhere was the view compromised by some clunky or whimsical slab-o-art. Decking, plant material, the sky, the Hudson River, with New York City as the backdrop was considered enough. Noted designer Coco Chanel, who liked her accessories, always advised — “Before leaving home, remove one thing.” Ditch the sculpture garden.

(It is very difficult for any one photo to capture the High Line as it meanders along. More after the jump.)

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