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Happy Flag Day

(6.14) Remember when we were all British? This was our flag. This particular flag can be found in the Royal Charter Museum on the first floor of the Rhode Island Statehouse. The wall text beneath the display states, “Flag from the ship that brought the

The Mystery Of Doubloon Street

And why doesn’t Google Maps do gangways? So what is this weird little street. It is the first left when leaving the parking lot behind the Wild Colonial Tavern and it is ridiculously narrow. Given that today is Mardi Gras and people might be throwing

‘The Letter’ At Roger Williams Memorial

(1.21) The innovative Park Service crew running the Roger Williams National Memorial have instituted their own version of Throwback Thursdays — four dates altogether from January through April. This week Roger Williams’ 1679 letter ‘To the Town of Providence’ will be on display and the

Someone Needs To Write A History Of Ted Widmer

Although . . . his story could make for a very terrible television show. (Mild-mannered historian by day/Perfumed fop-rocker by night!) Signed copies of Ted Widmer’s new book “Brown: The History of an Idea” are available at the Brown Bookstore. Thumbs up from Tony Horwitz

The Green Mile

Welcome to the Independence Trail of Providence. History buffs hoping to learn more about the Burning of the Gaspee on June 9th, 1772, might check out this point of interest at Planet and South Main Streets, the site of the Sabin Tavern where Rhode Island

Give Peace A Chance

At least while we tend to the latest cohort of returning veterans . . . let’s have a few decades to catch up. A message from Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, founded in 1985. “Our message for Memorial Day is to remember

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Events At RWNM

(6.21) More good weather queued up for this weekend so head down to the Roger Williams National Memorial for some edification and music. First at 5pm — Character actress Jessa Piaia (seen here as Mary Dyer) will portray Elizabeth Brown, wife of Chad Brown, proprietor

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The Hannah

(6.14) Gaspee Days continue in Warwick today with the parade. And the fireworks were postponed to Saturday, June 14th. Get up to speed on the Burning of the Gaspee here. HMS Gaspee and her hated commander, Lt. William Dudingston, were sent by King George III

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Visit The Roger Williams National Memorial

Family coming to visit this weekend? What to do . . . what to do. One nearby attraction of interest to American history buffs and Baptists is the Roger Williams National Memorial (RWNM), a 4.5 acre park operated by the National Park Service, complete with

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Sine Nomine Performance Saturday — The Puritan Playlist

And now for something completely different. Books can teach us much about the life of the earliest colonial settlers, but there are some things they can’t do. Sine Nomine sets out to explore a question that is rarely asked: What did this world sound like?

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Welcome To The Patrick T. Conley Book Barn

The Rhode Island State House Visitor Center opened last December just down the hall from the Charter Museum. While the shop carries the expected assortment of postcards, prints, and state-themed tchotchkes, the bookshelves are overwhelmingly devoted to the works of “Historian Laureate”* Patrick T. Conley;

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Hannibal Lecture At Brown

(1.29) “Cosmopolitanism and the Cult of the Martyrs in Late Antique North Africa” will be the topic Wednesday at Brown University. Archaeologist and historian, Richard Miles, is the senior lecturer and research director for the Department of Classics at the University of Sydney, and author

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Design Bugs At The Charter Museum

Okay, what’s with the bugs? I did not head over to the Charter Museum at the State House expecting anything but pure unadulterated joy; I couldn’t wait to see this fabulous artifact finally being displayed in an appropriate setting (and that part of the exhibit

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A Little Something For The Ladies

The October issue of GQ came out with a new list of “The 20 Worst Sports Franchises of All Time” and look who comes in at Number 8 — the Providence Steamrollers. In the late 1940s, the Steamrollers, billed as “The Fleetest, Fastest-Breaking Team” in

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Rhody Celebrates 350th Anniversary Of Colonial Charter

(6.22) Rhode Island will celebrate the 350th anniversary of our Colonial Charter this Saturday, June 22nd, with daylong events. 10am to 3pm at the State House — Grand opening and ribbon cutting for the new Charter Museum, lecture by John M. Barry author of Roger

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Historical Fiction Writers Meet At Athenaeum

(5.5) The HiFi (Historical Fiction) Collaborative, in partnership with the Providence Public Library and the Providence Athenaeum, presents “The Craft of Historical Fiction Forum,” with authors Adam Braver, Ann Hood, Thomas Cobb, and Taylor Polites. Local historical fiction authors Braver (Misfit), Hood (The Obituary Writer),