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Son Of Hanson Brother Coming To Town Probably Maybe

12PM ON 11/07/2012
BY Beth Comery

hanson brothers Never thought I’d be writing about hockey, but this item got my attention. According to the Wednesday ProJo, the Bruins have signed Christian Hanson, the 26-year-old son of Dave Hanson one of the famous Hanson Brothers in the excellent Slap Shot, the only sports movie worth seeing, ever. Dave (seen here on the left) is no stranger to Providence, having played 27 games for the Providence Reds back in the 70’s.

The movie, directed by George Roy Hill and Rated R for any number of reasons, was favorably reviewed by the New York Times, but Canby didn’t even mention the Hanson Brothers?!!

“Slap Shot,” which follows the fortunes of the Chiefs through their last, dizzy season, was written by Nancy Dowd, a Smith College graduate with a master’s degree from the University of California School of Cinema Arts. She’s a young woman who appears to know more about the content and rhythm of locker-room talk than most men.

A Smith girl. That only makes the movie awesomer. But as to Christian — who I hope isn’t tired of hearing about Slap Shot; he is 6′4″ and 228 pounds so I don’t want to make him mad — The Globe reports, “If Hanson plays in Providence, he will make $105,000. Hanson projects to start the season in the AHL, but could earn a promotion if and when injuries take place.” Cool. Providence Bruins’ opening night is October 12, free Thundersticks. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sum total of my hockey knowledge.

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Why Settle For Dinosaur Junior?

1PM ON 02/04/2009
BY Beth Comery

providence reds We got your dinosaur seniors right here.  (I keed, I keed).  Former Rhode Island Reds team members will actually appear tonight after a showing of the film When the Reds Ruled the Roost at the Woonsocket Stadium Theater.  This 30-minute movie covers the 51-year history of the Rhode Island Reds hockey team, and it looks to have some amazing old footage of mobs of fans at the old Auditorium wearing hats and dresses to a hockey game. (You can’t even get people dressed up for a funeral any more.) And by the way, whoever owns the rights to this image should run up some t-shirts or something — it’s very cool. (The film will also air on Channel 10 Saturday night at 7pm.)

$22, 7:30pm, Thursday, Stadium Theater, 28 Monument Square



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