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Hooligan And His Person Retire

And thank you for your service. It has been brought to my attention that Officer Patty Blake has retired after decades with the Providence Police Department. Most of that time was spent with the Mounted Command on top of her beloved Hooligan. She had been

New Horses For Mounted Command

Three new horses have been donated to the Providence Police Mounted Command. Seen here is Charlie a 4-year-old Clydesdale coming in at 17.1 hands . . . for now. He may still be growing. John Hill has a nice piece in today’s ProJo “Charlie, Goliath

‘No One Ever Pets A Police Car’

So say mounted police officers everywhere. Good thing WPRI had already run their piece on the Providence Mounted Command before all hell broke lose this week. With the horrifying murder of two more black men by out-of-control cops followed by the Dallas sniper — all

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Bottles And Cans, Just Clap Your Hands

Why I “heart” Providence — something like this can just appear in a tree in someone’s front yard for all the world to enjoy. (Full view after jump. The hooves are adowable.)

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Pants On Fire

At this writing the odds on Pants on Fire are 20-1. Pants on Fire is the second foal out his dam, Cabo de Noche, who raced primarily at routes, and the Cape Town mare’s first foal recorded his only victory at two turns; Cabo de

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Providence Mounted Command — The Distaff

Officer Patty Nichols gets a kiss from Hooligan, her partner of seven years. He was originally purchased from the Mennonites who found his work ethic not quite up to snuff; maybe he found pulling a buggy a bit of a bore. Nichols agrees that he’s

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Dan The Man With Friend

Officer Dan Famiglietti of the Providence Police Mounted Command is patrolling the Thayer Street area today — presumably to greet and guide the out-of-towners — on board this utterly imposing and gorgeous piece of horse flesh. According to the ‘Meet the Horses’ page at the