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Rise of the Warrior Cop

Bad Police Work

“Once a town gets a SWAT Team, you want to use it.” Radley Balko — who writes on criminal justice, the drug war, and civil liberties for The Washington Post — was speaking to Slate about his recent book “The Rise of the Warrior Cop:

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Marijuana Legislation Forum At Rochambeau

(6.19) Head over to the Rochambeau Library on Thursday for a forum on the marijuana ‘Tax and Regulate’ legislation currently before the general assembly.  Regulate Rhode Island (RRI) will host a panel of advocates from varied backgrounds who will discuss why they believe marijuana should

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Lewis Black At PPAC

(3.24) Some years ago I was sitting on my couch watching a Lewis Black comedy special. At one point, he took to task the Baby Boomers as a cohort so feckless that they had failed to do the one thing expected of them — legalize

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Attention Pols — Support Marijuana Reform And Be A Winner

Attitudes are changing across the country regarding marijuana reform. A piece at HuffPo —  “Colorado, Washington Pot Legalization Deals Drug War Major Blow” — has a great quote from my LEAP cohort Tom Angell. “To put this into historical context, there is no historical context,”

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“The House I Live In” Coming In November

Coming to the Cable Car in November “The House I Live In” may be the film that will finally get this topic traction with the general public. Directed and written by Eugene Jarecki, and winner of the Grand Jury documentary prize at the 2012 Sundance

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ProJo Editorial Suggests Ending War On Drugs

In its discussion of the recent elections in Mexico and why the National Action Party may have been voted out, the Providence Journal editorial board has recognized our role in the Mexican drug violence and suggests a possible alternative to our government’s current drug policy.

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The New Jim Crow — The War On Drugs

Law professor Michelle Alexander is the author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, a book about the invidious effects of our decades-old war on drugs and our exploding (and disproportionately black) prison population. The paperback has been on The

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Keep Ending Prohibition

Look how happy these people are. They are celebrating the ratification of the 21st amendment ending Prohibition. On December 5, 1933 the Noble Experiment was deemed a complete failure when it turned out that normally law-abiding citizens would gladly engage in criminal behavior just to

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Protect Our Youth

Well, I’ve been riding this hobbyhorse for a while now and it turns out I have an ally over at the Providence Journal — the much smarter and more articulate columnist Froma Harrop.  In yesterday’s paper, she blasted the foolish and wasteful ‘War on Drugs’