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Chafee Leads In At Least One Category

And it’s a good one because it reflects well on all of us. According to The Wichita Eagle, The most-followed Democratic presidential candidate has the least grammatically correct Facebook supporters, according to a new online study from Grammarly. Hillary Clinton’s supporters made the most grammatical

Let’s Get Lincoln Chafee To 1%

Conan O’Brien has decided to help get Lincoln Chafee’s presidential campaign on the radar. In an effort to get Linc’s poll numbers up to at least 1% before the inevitable occurs, Conan has recruited singer-songwriters Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to create an “energizing” campaign

Chafee Announces For President With ‘Robust Peace Agenda’

Former Governor Lincoln Chafee announced his candidacy for president yesterday at George Mason University. Locals who have been scratching their heads at this odd development should check out his appearance last night on “All In with Chris Hayes” — Lincoln Chafee: 4th Democrat for President.(Chafee

Chafee Said Balls On TV

Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee was a panelist on “Real Time With Bill Maher” this week. Maher got all excited that he got Chafee to announce he’s running for president. Of much greater interest was hearing Linc proclaim about his record . . .

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A Manufactured Controversy: The Holiday Tree

On November 28, 2011 in Rhode Island, Governor Lincoln Chafee’s office issued a routine and rather perfunctory press release entitled “Governor Chafee to Host State Holiday Tree Lighting.”  The press release read, in part: Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and First Lady Stephanie Chafee will

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Embarrassing Tree Battle On Daily Show

Well, we made The Daily Show. Of course Jon Stewart does a great job of skewering the lying fools at Fox News who this week made little Doreen Marie . . . a star! (She looks like she’s going to wet her pants she’s so

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We Cool Now Linc?

Among the many sins to be laid at the door of George W. Bush — one I’m sure he gave absolutely no thought to whatsoever — was the de facto disenfranchisement in 2006 of thousands of Rhode Island voters who very much wanted to reelect

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Congratulations Lincoln Chafee — Governor Elect

“A politician gives the people what they want; a statesman gives the people what they need.” * Lincoln Chafee took a huge political risk announcing his plan for a 1% sales tax on some now-exempt items. Lila Sapinsley, a member of his exploratory campaign committee

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Judge Caprio’s Personal Jobs Program

I agree with independent gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee — Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio should resign from his position as chairman of the Rhode Island Board of Governors, the state board that runs the two state colleges and the University of Rhode Island (ProJo). In

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Into The Red

Governor Carcieri does not seem able to distinguish between jobs and the promise of jobs. And what does this man know about the video game industry?  Gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee however is not blinded by celebrity and asks the RIEDC to slow down before  guaranteeing

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Time For A Third, Centrist Party

Independent candidate for governor, Lincoln Chafee, had an interesting piece in The Sunday New York Times yesterday concerning Evan Bayh’s decision to leave the Senate. While empathizing with Bayh’s frustration he hints that perhaps this time of wheel-spinning partisanship might finally give birth to a

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Reminder: Chafee At Wild Colonial

Chris Blazejewski, the guy who is single-handedly redeeming the tarnished reputation of Harvard (see: Bush, George W., MBA), invites everyone to meet gubernatorial candidate, and your host for the evening, Lincoln Chafee.  And it’s at the Wild Colonial where you might enjoy going anyway. .

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Linc Chafee On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

Gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee will be Bill Maher’s guest tonight on HBO at 10pm, repeated at 11pm and throughout the week. They ought to get along famously now that I think about it — I’m not sure about the pot and the mushrooms and the

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If 1,888,000 People Each Sent In One Dollar . . .

. . . then independent candidate for governor, Lincoln Chafee, could stop fundraising and start campaigning. Extrapolating from the 2006 guber campaigns, Chafee estimates that $2,000,000 will be needed to mount a successful run. He’s only got $112,000 so far, well behind Attorney General Lynch

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Chafee The One To Beat In 2010?

No surprise to Rhode Islanders, but notable that the 2010 Rhode Island Governor’s race is already getting some national punditry, from both sides of the political aisle: …there is one independent candidate both parties point to as not just a spoiler, but as a potential

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Too late for ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ I suppose

The Sunday New York Times devoted an entire op-ed page to the question “Are We Experienced?” that readers might consider exactly what life experiences are useful preparation for the presidency. (Given the current situation on Wall Street, I think we can all agree that an