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Marijuana Decrim Law Takes Effect Monday, April 1

The marijuana decriminalization law, passed by the general assembly last summer and signed into law by Governor Chafee, will take effect on the first nanosecond of Monday, April 1st. Possession of small amounts of marijuana will no longer carry criminal penalties in Rhode Island. The

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General Assembly Decriminalizes Marijuana!

I don’t normally use exclamation points in the title line but . . . HOORAY! Rhode Island lawmakers have voted to decriminalize the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana. The House passed the legislation 50-to-24 Tuesday; the Senate passed the bill 28-to-6. It’s

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Obama And Marijuana — What Is He Thinking?

As a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) I have testified at the state house in favor of liberalizing our marijuana laws, and I have written in this space before advocating an end to the “War on Drugs” altogether. So I keep an eye

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This Is The Year For Marijuana Reform In Rhode Island

Testimony in front of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees in support of reforming our marijuana laws has concluded. There are actually two separate initiatives under consideration: decriminalization and legalization. Last week the house committee heard testimony on H7092 — the decriminalization bill introduced by

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Decriminalize Marijuana — It’s Time

It speaks volumes that several members of the General Assembly feel comfortable re-introducing a Marijuana Decriminalization bill even though it’s an election year. Perhaps politicians are finally figuring out that not only is there no political price to be paid for taking this position, but

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Rhode Islanders Ready For Marijuana Decrim

Late last month, the Marijuana Policy Project commissioned Public Policy Polling to survey Rhode Island voter attitudes toward marijuana policy. The results are in, and the numbers indicate that Rhode Islanders from both sides of the aisle are ready for change with an overwhelming 65%

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Ixnay On The Decrim Bill

You’d think with someone named Weed at the helm . . . oh well, maybe next year. Big big thanks to Representative John Edwards (D-Tiverton) for sponsoring the ‘Marijuana Decriminalization’ bill which, despite having 40 cosponsors, apparently lost momentum in the final days/hours of this

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The Smokin’ Of The Green

The Senate commission chaired by Senator Joshua Miller (D-Cranston) has recommended the decriminalization of an ounce or less of marijuana. According to the ProJo, the panel . . .voted Tuesday to approve the contents of a 24-page final report that concludes that “marijuana law reform”

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Whoa, hold on there Cheech…

… it ain’t legal yet. I don’t want any ‘students’ going off half-baked and sparking up a fatty in the Darlings’ parking lot. The Massachusetts marijuana initiative has a few more hurdles to clear before becoming law. And if I may speak to those DA’s