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Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Lounge, John Brown’s Body, Thr33 Piece Suit @the Met, Karma Killers, New City Ghost, Northernmost, Allston Police @Lupo’s, Fabolous, French Montana, Young Legend @the Parlour, Providence Wholebellies @the Spot, Kung Fu, the Primate Fiasco Saturday — @Machines With Magnets, Honeybunch, Working, String

insect ark

Week In Music

Tuesday — @the Met, Carl Palmer (ELP) with Paul Bielatowicz and Simon Fitzpatrick Wednesday — @AS220, Kintaan, Insect Ark, Queen Elephantine, Gold & Silver (Photo of Insect Ark)


‘Holiday In Swingtime’ At Wilbury

The Wilbury Group and Chifferobe invite you to a fully immersive theatrical experience with a new holiday season spectacular — Holiday in Swingtime! Chifferobe’s ‘Holiday in Swingtime’ is a unique event that takes audiences away to to the good ol’ days. Through a collection of

the schemers

Weekend In Music

Friday — @What Cheer Records and Vintage, Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes, Tapestries, John Faraone @the Met, Fungus Amungus Saturday — @the Met, the Schemers @Dusk, Ravi Shavi, the Viennagram, Neutrinos, Twin Berlin @the Narrows, Sarah Borges Band @the Spot, the Heavy Pets, Spogga,

what cheer records

Record Store Day

(11.28) Head over to What Cheer Records and Vintage from 10am to 8pm on Friday, November 28, for some great deals. For this one day only, all New Stuff will be 10% of (except for Record Store Day limited edition releases) and Used Stuff will

roz raskin

Week In Music

Monday — @Machines With Magnets, Attila Faravelli + Mem1, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Sunk Heaven, Luke Moldof Tuesday — @the Parlour, open mic Wednesday — @the Met, Fungus Amungus, Jabooda, Project 401 @95 Empire Black Box, Frank Difficult Synth Porn @Dusk, Kris Hansen the Viking Jesus (cd

pink avalanche

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Columbus Theatre, Daniel Lanois, Lonnie Holley @the Met, Survival Knife, Pink Avalanche, Hungry Ghost @Dusk, Cannibal Ramblers, Wolfbane Blues, Zen Kowboy @AS220, Dead Empires, Terror Eyes, Pink Eye @Psychic Readings, OJ, Ursula, Dark Rodeo @Aurora, Triangle Forest, Beta Motel, the Kolour Kult,

ghost brothers

‘Ghost Brothers’ At The Vets

(11.22) How to describe “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County”? The names behind the project suggest that this is a different sort of musical: Stephen King, John Mellencamp, and T Bone Burnett. Andy Smith of the Providence Journal spoke with one of the stars, Gina Gershon,

Dylan Sevey

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Psychic Readings, Craow, Ora Iso, Winter Line @the Narrows, Eric Johnson, Mike Stern Wednesday — @the Met, Joywave, Jetty @Fête lounge, Jessica Lea Mayfield, T. Hardy Morris and the Hardknocks, Dylan Sevey and the Gentlemen @the Narrows, Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express

green dreams

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Lounge, Awaken the Tide, Bloodline Theory, 6 Foot Silence, Western Massacre, From Ashes Reborn @AS220, Cocek! Brass Band, Milkbread, Trunk @Machines With Magnets, Brown Lasers, Old Man Lady Luck, Spelling, Dan McCarthy, Divey Saturday — @the Met, Deerhoof, Lightning Bolt, Priests @PPAC,

dustin wong

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Psychic Readings, Igor Stravinsky, Nagual, Tim Rovinelli, Asha Tamarisa Wednesday — @Machines With Magnets, Dustin Wong (formerly Ponytail), Takako Minekawa, JP Falzone Band, House Red @the Met, the Mowglis, Satellites Fall, We Built the Moon @the Columbus Theatre, Mike Doughty Thursday — @AS220,

hutchings-votey organ

Massive Organ Recital At Brown

(11.9) This is the largest Hutchings-Votey organ in the world, weighing in at 25 tons with 3,355 wooden and metal pipes. The longest pipe is 32 feet long. Internationally acclaimed organist Douglas Cleveland will perform Bach, Whitlock, Yukl, and Briggs on the 1903 Hutchings-Votey pipe

the down & outs

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Machines With Magnets, Work/Death, Gordon Ashworth, Sakiko Mori, EDT @Lupo’s, Chris Webby @the Met, Bad Larry, Senior Discount, the Down and Outs @the Narrows, James Hunter Six, Jeremy Lyons @the Fatt Squirrel, BrianCook, JD Holiday, Ducky Hauke, Jodi Jolt and the Volt, Adapter

knox hamilton

Week In Music

Monday — @Lupo’s, Dirty Heads, Rome, Knox Hamilton, the Rare Occasions Tuesday — @Psychic Readings, Vio/Miré, Stephen Steinbrink, Decent Lovers, Kevin Steinhauser Wednesday — @Fête Ballroom, the New Mastersounds, the Heard @the Spot, Earthcry, Desert Dwellers Thursday — @the Narrows, Glen David Andrews @Machines With

the viennagram

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Columbus Theatre, the Viennagram, Ravi Shavi, Sugar Honey Iced Tea @Dusk, Wolvhammer, Mortals, Sin of Angels, Sire, Extinction Machine, Bog of the Infidel, King Diamond, more @Fatt Squirrel, Rebel Son Rise, Viking Jesus, Poppasquash, Sweet Release @AS220, Gun Boy, Erik Ruin and

Meat Puppets

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Lupo’s, the Glitch Mob @the Met, Cass McCombs, Meat Puppets Wednesday — @Dusk, Atlantic Thrills, Native America, Littlefoot, Rafay Rashid @Lupo’s, Jeezy, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Bibby @PPAC, Ian Anderson @AS220, Shryne, Sgt. Baker and the Clones, Project Alice Thursday — @AS220, Rifle Diet,