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ask the dead

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Psychic Readings, Bad Canoes, Unmen, Ursola @Dusk, Ask the Dead, Pile, Husbandry, 14 Foot 1 @the Met, Sarah Potenza, Rat Ruckis @Fête, Yami Bolo @AS220, Speaker for the Dead, Uh Huh, Jake McKelvie and the Countertops, Lost Wolves Saturday — @DOT AIR music

Home Body

Home Body Play Burnside Music Series

(8.21) Electric pop duo Home Body will play the Burnside Music Series Thursday. (Listen at Bandcamp.) How do they describe themselves? Lightning strikes and we march forth, tits to the sky, mouths open wide, the Milky Way in our blood. We taste like apple crisp


Week In Music

Monday —@Dusk, Jetty, Steady Hands, W.C. Lindsay, Able Thought @Simon’s 677, Kevin Gates, Chevy Woods, Smile Empty Soul, Behind the Silence, Awaken the Tide @the Met, Vanilla Function, Bochek, the Whole Facade, Roslyn @News Café, Stephen Harms, Devin Tuel Tuesday — @AS220, Greys, the Dirty

scurvy dog

Parking Lot Mega Show — Scürvy Dög

(8.16) And it’s free so get over there. Chris Conti over at The Phoenix has the complete rundown over at the The Phoenix — “Westminster Dog Show” — and by the way, big props to the headline writer. The roster of musical acts spans Brooklyn

beta motel

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Steel Yard, Atlantic Thrills, 1-800-Band, Thirsty Music @the Met, Peter Piffen @Dusk, Lesch Nyhan, Headrot, Bog of the Infidel, Sire, Bestial Evil @News Café, Pixels, Girl Scout, Pyramid @Nick-A-Nee’s, Supreme Satellite Band @the Spot, Rebirth Brass Band, Background Orcs, the Electric Church

twin foxes

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Twin Foxes, Strange Mangers, Soft Fangs, Horse Jumper of Love Tuesday — @the Met, Beres Hammond, the Harmony House Musicians @News Café, Jackknife Stiletto Wednesday — @Dusk, Bukkake Moms, Finished, Suicide Magnets, Txoka Txoka, Ded Library @the Met, Neutrinos, Broads, Glenn Robinson,

doomsday student

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Phinehas, Silent Planet @Dusk, Coma Coma, Baylies Band, Mike Mountain, Six Star General @Fête Lounge, Jet Black Sunrise, Those Mockingbirds, Her Majesty, BROS @the Met, Whores, American Sharks, Extinction Machine, Post Wreckage @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Robcats @Machines With Magnets, My Fictions, Mean


Weekend In Music

Friday — @Waterplace Park, Sleeper Agent, the ‘Mericans @the Met, I Am the Avalanche, Somos, Rust Belt Lights, New City Ghost @the Narrows, Bettye Lavette, Dietrich Strauss @the Columbus Theatre, Vio/Miré, Death Vessel, Micah Blue Smaldone Saturday — @the Met, Phamily, From the Makers Of,


Eric Barao Band At The Parlour

(8.3) The Eric Barao Band will be performing songs from their recent eponymous album Sunday night at the Parlour. Clever arrangements and hooky songwriting got this power pop cd on several of last year’s ‘Best of’ lists. Some new work is on tap as well.

foo fest

Foo Fest Volunteers Needed

Foo Fest organizers still need volunteers. Meet new interesting people and get in free. Go here for the Foo Fest 2014 Volunteer form. (Particular need for shifts after 7pm.) The music lineup as it stands now includes: Headliners Psychic TV, Alec K. Redfearn and the

chk chk chk

Week In Music

Monday — @Machines With Magnets, Littlefoot, Herro Sugar @the Met, the Down and Outs, the Agents, the Copacetics @95 Empire Black Box, Hive Mind, Redrot, Shredded Nerve, Scant, Craow Tuesday — @AS220, Austin Vaughn, Ron Shalom, Caroline Park Wednesday — @the Met, Against Me, Creepoid,

black oil incinerator

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Aurora, Sirsy @the Columbus Theatre, John Reilly and Friends @Lupo’s, Juicy J, Peter Piffen @Nick-A-Nee’s, Red Sammy @AS220, Ontologics, the Really Heavy, Naked Nick, Resident Alien @the Met, Rhode Kill, Shred of Salvation, Superlimit, Seas of Scylia, Cad @Psychic Readings, Gutter Sluts, Pixels,

John Reilly and Friends (crop)

John Reilly And Friends At Columbus

Peter Glantz will be hosting a unique evening of music featuring actor John C. Reilly, Becky Stark, and Tom Brosseau. Ms. Stark, the voice of the band Lavender Diamond, also performs with the Living Sisters, and joined the Decemberists on their album”Hazards of Love” to

whore paint

Week In Music

Monday — @Fête Lounge, Electric Six, Ravi Shavi, Satellites Fall, VulGarrity @Machines With Magnets, Give, Fell to Low, Sweet Jesus, Balam @the Met, Awaken the Tide Tuesday — @AS220, Churchburn, Bädr Vogu, Rozamov, Bog of the Infidel @Psychic Readings, Jack Topht, Frank Hurricane Wednesday —

vudu sister

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Ballroom, Sage Francis and B. Dolan @Dusk, Boo City, Lolita Black, Tapestries, the Denver Boot, the YaBeautifuls, Vudu Sister, Viennagram, Pixels, more Saturday — @the Met, the Stilts, Dog Day Afternoon, the Dead L.A., Hwuevo @Aurora, Smith and Weeden, Bird Dog, Haunt


Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Glow God, Funeral Cone, more Tuesday — @Gillette Stadium, Beyoncé and Jay-Z Wednesday — @the Parlour, Funky Autocrats Thursday — @Fête Lounge, Iska Dhaaf, Collector, Phones @the Spot, Resin Ed, Danny Pease and the Regulators (Photo of Glow God)