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Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Mouni, Dog Hospice, Hoop, Mega Bog  @the Met, Kodaline, Good Old War @Firehouse 13, Wake the Sun, DC9, Bochek, Matt Fraza Band @Aurora, Littlefoot, Advaeta, Psychic Blood Tuesday — @Firehouse 13, Teenage Bottlerocket, Pears, Neutrinos, the McGunks @Lupo’s, Wale @Dusk, (Acoustic

twin foxes

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Lupo’s, Slash @AS220, the Donkeys, Tapestries, Detroit Rebellion @the Met, the Mallett Brothers, Sasquatch & the Sick-a-Billys, the Red Pennys @Machines With Magnets, Rafael Toral, Scøtt Reber, Sakiko Mori @Firehouse 13, Young Valley, Cannibal Ramblers, Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders Saturday — @Firehouse

night auditor

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Lupo’s, Panic at the Disco @Psychic Readings, Hartley C. White Project, CE Schneider Topical, Universal Cell Unlock @AS220, Vana Mazi, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Wolf Hongos @Aurora, Whitman, Night Auditor, VaVaBlume, Mantonio Forte Wednesday — @the Met, Bourne, the Okay Win @AS220, Rich Ferri

slingshot dakota

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Aurora, Lief Hall, Domestique, House Red, Bridget Feral @Lupo’s, Wax Motif, Danimal, A2Z and Sasha, Hank Beats @the Met, the Antlers, Port Willow @the Spot, Dumpstaphunk, Lucid, Resin Ed @AS220, Pixels, Aloud, Cat Has Claws, Food Court @Machines With Magnets, Dan Friel, Wilted

DJ LaRochelle

Last Of The Burnside Music Series

Head down to the Burnside Music Series Thursday for Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage. DJ LaRochelle (seen here) returns for one last time this summer! Facebook event page. [Cancelled due to rain.] The time is nigh, friends, and not a moment too soon!

weyes blood

Week In Music

Tuesday — @Psychic Readings, Brian 4 Ever, Mike Mountain, Invisible Robot Hands @AS220, Black Wool, Auvn, the Conversation, Antonio Forte Wednesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Little Wings, Weyes Blood @Psychic Readings, the Florists, Feng Shui Police, Speechcraft, the Woods @Aurora, James K, Draveng, Thorn, Virusse,


Week In Music

Tuesday — @AS220, Music to Drive Cars, Baggie Rajwah, Valley Reverse, Mic P Wednesday — @AS220, ThunderBug, Voodoo Cuisine, Deceiving Texture, Hombres del Mar Thursday — @the Met, Sayings, Actor Observer, In Depths and Tides, This Side of Paradise, Patrick Crowley @the Spot, Tauk, Wobblesauce,

jets can't land

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Triangle Forest, Home Body, House Red @the Met, the Uprising @Aurora, Albert Demuth, Wicked Rot, Suicide magnets, Mother Tongue @the Parlour, Mark Cutler Saturday — @Psychic Readings, Vudu Sister, Warbler Roost @AS220, Morals, She Said That, Twin Foxes, OTP, Forest Fires @the

seven hats parade

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Ariadne, Syzygy, Bed Death, S Hollis Mickey Tuesday — @Lupo’s, Beach House, Romantic States @Fête, Koffin Kats, OC45, Senior Discount @AS220, Boot Leg Soul, John Paul Colasante, Not for Coltrane @Psychic Readings, Single Lash, Future Museums, Pixels, Twenty Four Hours Wednesday —

the duppies

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Waterplace Park, Life in Film, Le Roxy Pro @the Met, Teazer, the Anchorites, the Funcrushers @the Columbus Theatre, Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band @the Spot, Binger, Nemes, Juice @AS220, Jodie Jolt and the Volt, GrandEvolution, Nymphidels, Jamie Craighead, Ben Tirrell @Aurora, Blevin

pianos become the teeth

Week In Music

Tuesday — @the Met, Pianos Become the Teeth, The World is a Beautiful Place, Turnover, Take One Car @Psychic Readings, Volcano Kings, Trigger, Wei Zhongle, New Bliss @AS220, S. Wolcott, No Time Wasted, Decent Souls Wednesday — @Lupo’s, Earl Sweatshirt, Remy Banks, Spocka, Peter Piffin

brother kite

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, the Easy Reasons, Spo, Grandevolution, the Furies @the Met, Lil Herb, Sam Ent, Bizmatik, Grand Stand @the Spot, Ellis Ashbrook, Brainfruit @AS220, the Hurt Ensemble, Eyelet, Bad Dinner, Paper Skeletons @Fête, (Metalfest), Pyrexia, Thrash or Die, Untombed, Carpathian Funeral, Headrot, and

sidy maiga

African Drumming At Burnside Park

(8.13) This week the Burnside Summer Music Series features Sidy Maiga and AfriManding, award winning African drumming with an expanded band, including Kora, Balafon, drum set, and Djembé! A djembefola is one who gives the djembe voice. In the hands of a master, a drum


Week In Music

Monday — @the Met, Delta Spirit and Friends, feat. Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), Ian O’Neil (Deer Tick) Tuesday — @Machines With Magnets, Soleilune, Dustan Louque, Layers and Frames, Bent Knee, Brian 4 Ever @Aurora, Darsombra, Woozy, Vomit Arsonist, LVMMVX Wednesday — @Lupo’s, Between the Buried

Smith & Weeden

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Machines With Magnets, Trinary System, A Band Called E, Odysseus Finn @the Met, (Roadhouse the Musical) Smith & Weeden, Jay Berndt and the Orphans @the Spot, Elephant the Wrecking Ball, the Edd, Gramps the Vamp @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Shabazz Palaces, Eaters @the


The Last Waltz Starring Neil Diamond — MotB

(8.6) Thelma get the scissors! I’ll get this out there right up front — I am not a fan of this movie. It’s been a while, but I remember it dragging on and on with boring interviews and lots of murky, backstage nothing-is-happening footage. It