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Weekend In Music

8PM ON 24/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

minibeast Friday@Machines With Magnets, Vulgar Fashion, Statiqbloom, Nearest, Kidaura @the Met, Coyote Kolb, Torn Shorts @AS220, Major Stars, Minibeast, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores @News Café, Wind in Sails, Gypsy, Diana DeMuth, GypsyBlue @Dusk, Koffin Kats, Burning Streets, Turbo Acs, the Cretin 3, Evil Streaks, Wolfman Chuck @Fête Lounge, the Anchors, the Adventures of Peacewise, Nymphidels

Saturday@Nick-A-Nee’s, the Figgs, the ‘Mericans @the Parlour, Lenny Lashley, Red Pennys, Quahogs, Last of the Smoking Bars, Jenn Kitten @News Café, Conundrum Nine, Sadha, blindspot, Dirty Headlights, Temarius @the Met, Max Creek @AS220, Full of Hell, Cleansing Wave, Fucking Invincible, Column of Heaven, Nyodene D @Psychic Readings Darsombra, Queen Elephantine, Vomit Arsonist, Parasomniak Lustt, Lvmmvx

Sunday@AS220, Unstoppable Death Machines, Austerity Program, Meek is Murder

(Photo of Minibeast)

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Rock & Reel Registration Still Open

10PM ON 22/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

rock & reel Rock & Reel is a grassroots arts project that pairs independent filmmakers with local bands and challenges them to make a music video in just three days — you still have time to enter.

On Friday, May 2nd, bands provide three songs and film teams randomly pick a band, a song and then 72 hours of music video making begins. On Monday, May 5th teams turn in their finished films.

All films will be screened at the Rock & Reel Awards concert at Fête Music on Saturday, May 17th. According to the registration page,

Regular registration continues until the day before the “kick-off” event. If there are more musical entrants than filmmakers, “extra” musical acts will be fully refunded for their entry fees and receive a free ticket to the closing concert.

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SENE Music Video And Film Event

9AM ON 21/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

(4.23) Head over to Brooklyn Coffee & Tea on Douglas Avenue Wednesday for a SENE music event . . . but also kind of video and film as well.

6pm — music documentary shorts

6:45pm — music video competition (audience vote)

8pm — live music by NYC musicians Jefferson Thomas and Matthew Foster-Moore

Above is the video for ‘Singing So Sweetly’ by Arc Iris entered in the video competition.

Anne Beal’s bizarre animated world of dancing cabaret plant creatures celebrates the colorful music of Arc Iris, a Providence- based band fronted by Jocie Adams, formerly of The Low Anthem. The video is for their debut track, ‘Singing So Sweetly.’ Official music video, directed and animated by Anne Beal.

$10, doors 5:30pm, Wednesday, April 23, Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House, 209 Douglas Avenue

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Weekend In Music

11PM ON 17/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

the mowgli's Friday@Dusk, Tigerman Woah, Ten Foot Polecats, Cannibal Ramblers, Lucky United @AS220, Big Scythe, Sydesho and the Main Attraction, Project 401 @the Met, Fungus Amungus, @Machines With Magnets, Antti Tolvi, Hector 3, Nightmom, Mothertongue @News Café, Wind in Sails, Gypsy, Diana DeMuth, Gypsy Blue @Lupo’s, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, Sleepwave @Fête Ballroom, the Devil Makes Three, Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons

Saturday@the Columbus Theatre, the David Wax Museum @Dusk, Detroit Rebellion, Us ‘n’ Y’all, Allysen Callery, Haunt the House @the Spot, Twiddle @News Café, PALS, the Down and Outs, May As Well, Overwith @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tim Taylor Blues Band @the Met, the Mowgli’s, Misterwives, Finish Ticket @Fête Ballroom, the Budos Band, Ravi Shavi @the Parlour, Chachi

Sunday@AS220, Rawsome, Night Slice, Nuda Veritas, the Trance @Machines With Magnets, Jason Lescalleet, Titans of Jazz @Fête Ballroom, Stephen Marley, Wayne Marshall @the Met, Pizza Underground feat. Macaulay Kulkin, Toby Goodshank, Baylies Band, Six Star General @Dusk, Haxen, Dendritic Arbor, Ratstab, Human Bodies

(Photo of the Mowgli’s)

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Week In Music

10PM ON 13/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

Liz Isenberg Monday@the Spot Underground, Viking Jesus @AS220 Psychic Readings, Sick Din, VaVa Blume

Tuesday@AS220 95 Empire, Kyle Eyre Clyd, Tom Carter, Phemale

Wednesday@Dusk, Shackletons, A Deer A Horse, the Mad Clatter, Hot Jam Factory @AS220, Bloodpheasant, Ma Jolie, the Weaks, Darklands @Machines With Magnets, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Snakewagon, Rafay Rashid solo set

Thursday@Machines With Magnets, Blevin Blectum, Sontag Shogun, Hiro Kone @AS220 Psychic Readings, Jason Anderson, Liz Isenberg, No Parents @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Daniel Bachman, Jael’s Peg @the Met, Family, Dubbest @Fête Lounge, New Madrid

(Photo of Liz Isenberg performing with Death Vessel)

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Weekend In Music

9PM ON 10/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

huge face Friday@Fête Ballroom, the Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach @Dusk, Headrot, Martyrvore, Witch King, Venomizer @AS220, Math the Band, Dirty Fences, Huge Face, Nightmom @Nick-A-Nee’s, Biscuit City @the Met (WBRU Rock Hunt finals), Jetty, the Rare Occasions, the Stilts, the Bithchin’ Aardvarks

Saturday@Lupo’s, B.B. King @AS220, Ask the Dead, Pink Eye,Teazer, Jezebel @Dusk, Sidewalk Driver, Eldridge Rodriguez, Geri X, Most Dangerous Men Alive @News Café, Pixels, Guttersluts, Sneaky Creeps, the New Gun Slingers @the Columbus Theatre, And the Kids, Way Out @the Parlour, Mertz, Pale Amanitas, Failsafe, Matt Fraza @the Met, the Hold Steady, Cheap Girls @Machines With Magnets, Boyfrndz, Owl Food, Working, Feeds

Sunday@News Cafe, Yeesh, 14 Foot 1, Lame Genie, Oakli Boys @the Met, Jerry Douglas, Mark Cutler

(Photo of Huge Face)

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Week In Music

10PM ON 06/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

nymphidels Tuesday@the Columbus Theatre, memorial celebration for David Lamb @AS220, JV, Fam Squad, MicP

Wednesday@AS220, Nymphidels, Milk, East Coast Runaways

Thursday@the Columbus Theatre, Happiness, Andrew Cedermark, Cannibal Ramblers @AS220, the Novi Giants, Purple Honey, Daniel Pond @the Met, Bun B, Kirko Bangz @Fête Lounge, Milo and Otis

(Photo of Nymphidels)

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Group Art Exhibit/Music At Columbus

10PM ON 04/04/2014
BY H.L. Parker

angels & outlaws (4.5) The Columbus Theatre and Owls to Athens present Angels & Outlaws, a group art exhibition and celebration of creative culture.

Please join us for a night of local art, music, and celebration at one of our favorite venues in the city — the historic Columbus Theatre. We’ll have a lot of original artwork on display, installation/sculpture work, digital projection art, affordable prints available and some beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale as well. So join us for the evening and help show some support for local artists and friends.

Music by Devil’s Twins, Littlefoot, and Party Pigs, and DJ’s Tank Jones and Ty Jesso.

Free admission, 6pm to midnight, Saturday, April 5, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Facebook

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Rice Cakes Release Party Benefits RI Food Bank

9AM ON 04/04/2014
BY Beth Comery

roz & rice cakes (4.4) Roz and the Rice Cakes are back from a tour of the south and a six-show run at SXSW and are ready to throw a party and celebrate the release of their new album “Need to Feed.” And in a nice bit of synergy and good karma they will be collecting canned food for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Chris Conti has all the details over at the Providence Phoenix.

The Rice Cakes spent the past 18 months writing Need To Feed. The album was recorded at the Columbus Theatre with help from co-producers Prystowsky and Knox Miller (it was mastered by go-to studio duo Keith and Seth at Machines With Magnets). Belisle and Foster, who built a studio from scratch for the Monster Man sessions, produced two of the new songs. And, perhaps a sign of just how unique a sound the Rice Cakes kick out, Raskin noted this is the first time the band recorded with electric guitar.

The Low Anthem and Dr. Jones and the Shiners open. Bring a can!

$10, all ages, 8pm, Friday, April 4, the Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket

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Weekend In Music

10PM ON 03/04/2014
BY Daily Dose

the silks Friday@the Met, Roz and the Rice Cakes, the Low Anthem, Dr. Jones and the Shiners, Houdan the Mystic @Nick-A-Nee’s, Becky Chace Band @Lupo’s, Dirty Heads, the Burning of Rome, the Silks

Saturday@AS220, Gym Shorts, Downtown Boys, Power Masters, Miami Doritos @Local 121, Pauly Dangerous @Fête Ballroom, Dumpstaphunk, Richard James and the Name Changers @the Met, Danny Brown @the Parlour, Headless Nixon, Nymphidels, Baylies Band @Dusk, Hot Guts, Nearest, Brown Recluse Alpha @Columbus Theatre, Party Pigs, Littlefoot, Devil’s Twins,

Sunday@Dusk, Satan’s Satyrs, Magic Circle, Keefshovel

(Photo of the Silks)

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Week In Music

8AM ON 31/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

arc iris Monday@the Narrrows, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Birds of Chicago

Tuesday@the Columbus Theatre, Arc Iris (album release), Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Chris Daltry @the Met, Passafire, Lullwater, Bourne

Wednesday@Fête Lounge, the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Michelle Cruze Illuminated States @the Spot, Kim and Chris

Thursday@the Met, the Underachievers, Dillon Cooper, Denzel Curry @the Parlour, the Custies, Skinny Millionaires, Us ‘n’ Y’all @the Narrows, Hot Club of Cowtown

(Photo of Arc Iris)

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Weekend In Music

9PM ON 27/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

NT Of 1927 Friday@Fête Ballroom, Switchfoot, the Royal Concept @Dusk, Nightbitch, the Golden Grass, Hessian, Alpha Owl @the German Club, Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys @Local 121, Dox Ellis @Lupo’s, Slightly Stoopid, Mariachi El Bronx, Brett Wilson @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Automatics @the Spot, the Mantras, Mister F, the Hornitz @the Met, the Colourist, Night Terrors of 1927, the Winds and the Wave @AS220, Dead Rider, Doomsday Student, Whore Paint @the Columbus Theatre, Magik Markers, Pixels

Saturday@AS220, White Load, In Heat, Low Charge, Ratstab, Finished @Dusk, Lucky United, SEXCoffee @Fête Lounge, Hope Anchor, Dog Day Afternoon, Swan @the Parlour, Nothing but Enemies, Usual Suspects, Ya Te Veo @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dime Bag Criminals @Local 121, Blademon @Lupo’s, the Devil Wears Prada, the Ghost Inside, I Killed the Prom Queen, Dangerkids @the Columbus Theatre, Lonesome Leash, Diane Cluck, Orion Rigel Dommisse @the Met, the Most Dangerous Men Alive, Dubbest, Escape Pod, Sadie Vada @Machines With Magnets, Wind and Ghosts, Lists, Cardboard Cannons

Sunday@Dusk, Putrid Pile, Dysentery, Goreality, Headrot @Machines With Magnets, Panoply Performance Lab, Future Death Toll, Islands, Ian Deleon and Anabel Vazquez

(Photo of Night Terrors of 1927)

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Week In Music

10AM ON 24/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

faylene sky Monday@the Spot, Viking Jesus, Big Jon Tierney

Tuesday@AS220, John Faraone, Whitney Lockert, Steve Delmonico @the Met, A Faylene Sky, Outliers, Watermarks, Marianas

Wednesday@AS220, Holy Roller High, the Three Busketeers, Valencourt

Thursday@the Met, Zumo Kollie, Spocka Summa, Khary Durgans, Cesar Luciano, Hil Holla, Cam Bells, Roger, Lunch Bagg @AS220, Dementiacat, Running Maid, Ants in the Cellar @Fête Ballroom, Beans, Louis Logic, Ecid

(Photo of A Faylene Sky)

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Opening Reception — Crenca At MWM

9AM ON 22/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

machines with magnets (3.22) Longtime Providence-based artist, and founder and artistic director of AS220, Umberto Crenca exhibits all new work at Machines With Magnets. “PUZZLED: ODE (OWED) TO CHANNING?” — Crenca’s first exhibition in well over two years — kicks off tonight with an opening reception, followed by a show and dance party. All in one place. This is it. You don’t have to go anywhere else. Performances by Monkee Head, Cyrus Leddy, Jared Paul, Islands, King Rahnu.

5pm to 7pm — Gallery Opening.

7pm to 1am — Performances hosted by Agent Royer OOOO/Dance Party.

Saturday, March 22, Machines With Magnets, 400 Main Street, Pawtucket

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Weekend In Music

10PM ON 20/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

prince rama Friday@Lupo’s, A Cry on Deaf Ears, Scriptures, It Lives It Breathes, Machinez and Magnetz, Noxii Arena @the Met, the Mallett Brothers, Jay Berndt and the Orphans, Cactus Attack @AS220, the Attending, Way Out, Somos, Gavage @Dusk, Balam, Magic Circle, Throat, Blackout @Nick-A-Nee’s, Paul Geremia @Columbus Theatre, Prince Rama (performance and screening), Tapestries

Saturday@the Columbus Theatre, Rough Francis, Ravi Shavi @the Met, Lee DeWyze, Collington, Great Big Circles @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Barking Spiders @AS220, Barn Burning, Sharks Come Cruisin’, Forts/Gainesville, Cactus Attack @the Parlour, the Throttles, Wild Sun, Shifty Eye @the News Cafe, Point Street Bridge, Nymphidels

Sunday@Columbus Theatre (Sold Out), Death Vessel, Purple Ivy Shadows @Local 121, Allysen Callery @the Met, Elise Testone, Eric French Band

(Photo of Prince Rama)

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Week In Music

8PM ON 16/03/2014
BY Daily Dose

alpha owl Monday@the Parlour, Sharks Come Cruisin’ @Ri Ra, the Pourmen, @the Spot, Viking Jesus, Big Jon Tierney

Tuesday@AS220, Alpha Owl, Lyra, estates, Boy Parts, Crucidix @the Met, the Morgana Phase, Toadstool, Lame Genie, Anyone Anyway

Wednesday@Fête Lounge, Blitzen Trapper, Torn Shorts @AS220, Cutiepie

Thursday@Dusk, the Warriors, Victory Revilers, Reason to Fight, the Damn Garrison @the Met, Mr. Vegas @the Parlour, the Denver Boot Elison Jackson, Haunt the House @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dennis McCarthy and Friends @the Columbus Theatre, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, White Hinterland, Dr. Jones and the Shiners

(Photo of Alpha Owl by Todd Pollock)



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