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laney lynx

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Iron Man, Yesterday’s Saints, Orsus @Psychic Readings, Scald Hymn, Noise Alto Jeffro, Brian 4 Ever @Firehouse 13, Psycho, Slutvomit, Nightmare City Tuesday — @AS220, Groundstate Automatic, Laney Lynx, Walrussia, Mease Wednesday — @Fête, SomeKindaWonderful, Lloyd Banks @Aurora, Heidemann, Rachel Rosenkrantz, Alex Dupuis,

satellites fall

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, Sage Francis, Ceschi, Metermaids, Storm Davis @Fête, Criminals, Jetty, Magic Island @the Spot, Tractorbear, Conehead Buddha, Durians @AS220, Hurt, Ask the Dead, Pink Eye, Improper Dosage @the Narrows, Kate Edmondson, Milton @Firehouse 13, Dave Sickabilly, Brook Pridemore, Kris Hansen, Pat the

New City Ghost

Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Kevin Steinhauser, Steven Gilbert, House Red, Birdlady Tuesday — @the Dunk, Neil Diamond @Dusk, Brighter the Moon, A Truth Divides, She Said That, the Fairview, New City Ghost Wednesday — @the Met, the Variants @the Spot, Freeway @AS220, 10 Volt Army,

jose oyola

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Fête Lounge, the Silks, Daddy Long Legs @the Met, Wargames, Varsity Club, Northernmost @the Spot, Midnight Spaghetti, Elephant, Jake Heady, the Ajapa Hum @AS220, Elder, Mos Generator, Magic Circle Saturday — @AS220, Forest Fires, Wild Sun, José Oyola & the Astronauts, Cats Have

dillon cooper

Week In Music

Monday — @Firehouse 13, Mobile Deathcamp, Orsus, Rhode Kill, Nightslasher Tuesday — @Fête Lounge, Mod Sun, Dillon Cooper, Blackbear Wednesday — @the Met, Death Before Dishonor, Cross Me @the Spot, Gang of Thieves Thursday — @Lupo’s, Eric Paslay, Dean Alexander @the Met, Dee-1, Boy, Zeek

ravi shavi

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Barn Burning, Swampbirds, Gill Moss, Zack Slik @Lupo’s, Gaslight Anthem, Northcote, Scandals @the Met, Apathy @AS220, Us ‘n’ Y’all, Sun Voyager, Greasy Hearts, Pixels @Machines With Magnets, Ukiah Drag Saturday — @AS220, Ravi Shavi, the Kominas, Atlantic Thrills, the Viennagram @the

me jane

Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Hollow Earth, Divider, Good Lord @Machines With Magnets, Lucy Lewis, Wilted Woman, Nick Klein, Tinnitustimulus, Automatic Lover Tuesday — @the Met, Chadwick Stokes, Big Thief @Psychic Readings, Traveling Sal,Barrens, Funeral Cone, Rats Rest Wednesday — @Psychic Readings, Ian O’Neil, the Ryan Brothers,

eric and the nothing

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Machines With Magnets, Denver Boot, Só Sol, Eric and the Nothing,  @AS220, Further Down the Road, Classic Ruins, Silver Screams, Coma Coma @the Spot, Rico Lewis and Smoovtime, @Lupo’s, George Clinton @the Met, Milkbread, Northeast Traffic, Morris and the East Coast @Firehouse 13,

records collecting dust

‘Records Collecting Dust’ At AS220

(2.17) Armageddon Shop presents “Records Collecting Dust,” a documentary film about the music and the records that changed our lives, tonight on the main stage at AS220. Written and directed by San Diego based musician and filmmaker Jason Blackmore, Records Collecting Dust documents the vinyl


Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Host, Herb Chambers, Phemale Tuesday —  @the Parlour, open mic Wednesday  — @the Columbus Theatre, Swans, Xylouris White @the Met, Back Rhodes, Matt Fraza Thursday — @ Machines With Magnets, Blevin Blectum, Virusse, Donna Parker @the Narrows, Buckwheat Zydecho (Photo of

harris hawk

Week In Music

Tuesday — @AS220, Soapbox Opera, Grey Morning, Ghosts in the Snow, Howlround @the Met, Bad Dreams, PsychoTropics, Bad Motherf#*ker Wednesday — @Lupo’s, Breaking Benjamin @the Met, Futurebirds, Smith & Weeden, Taylor Berrett @AS220, Moment of Clarity, Octobrists, Apothecary, Nymphidels Thursday — @the Met, the Woods,

venetia fair

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Shore City, Bob McGunk and the Hangovers, the Dead LA @the Spot, Strange Machines, Beau Sasser’s Escape Plan, Chicken Ghost House Tribe @the Met, Churchburn, Superlimit, Temple, Throne of Saturn Saturday — @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, John Reilly and Friends, Becky

mighty good boys

Week In Music

Tuesday — @the Met, She Said That, Halfway Home, A Truth Divides Wednesday — @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Puddles Pity Party @the Met, the Mighty Good Boys, Adapter Adapter, Bros Thursday — @Fête, Swampcandy, Cannibal Ramblers @the Met, From Ashes Reborn, Along Came the Flood,

the upper crust

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Extinction Machine, Lyra, Sire, Secret Cutter, Good Lord @Dusk, I Destroyer, Panzerbastard, Noose, Crypter, Lustrum @the Met, Rustic Overtones, the Most Dangerous Men Alive, the Stilts @the Spot, Trails, Outer Stylie, William Thompson Funk Experiment @Firehouse 13, Cancerslug, dnr, Rhode Kill, the

pier jump

Week In Music

Tuesday — @the Columbus Theatre, Benefit moved to Thurs. @the Met, Jezebel, the Safari Lounge Band @AS220, Project Alice, All the Way Through, Foster Children, Wednesday — @the Met, Esmeree Sky and the Northbound, Even Keel, Luv Songs Thursday — @Dusk, the Damn Garrison, Taxi

the silks

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Columbus Theatre, the Besnard Lakes, USA Out of Vietnam @the Spot, Tauk, PandaJam, Bobby Paltauf Band, Stuart’s Giant @AS220, Twin Foxes, Bloodpheasant, Gymshorts, Snowplows @the Met, Max Creek @Firehouse 13, Cactus Attack, Pistol Shot Gypsy, Adapteradapter, Bombs Remain, Pals @Fête Lounge, the