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World of Queercraft

10AM ON 14/10/2009
BY Matthew Lawrence

Not to turn this blog into the Matthew Lawrence Press Release Clearinghouse, but just so you know a show I curated is opening tomorrow at Craftland (235 Westminster St).  It’s called World of Queercraft and it features eight artists who have stitched and sewn and crocheted and painted all kinds of flags and karaoke and teapots and naked wrestling and rainbows and Barbra Streisand.  So come on down between 5 and 9 tomorrow to see work by Liz Collins, Michael DiPietro, Steven Frost, Monica Panzarino, Christopher Schulz, Anna Shapiro, Jason Tranchida and Matt Underwood.

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Yes Darling, But Is It Art?

11AM ON 03/04/2009
BY Matthew Lawrence

Three art happenings tonight:

i. Jonathan Bonner’s sculpture and Scott Lapham’s often eerie photography at 5 Traverse. (5 Traverse St, 6-8 pm)

ii. De/Construct II:  Twenty site-specific architectural installations on the seventh floor of some place in the Jewelry District.  This one has the added bonus of a Narragansett Creamery sponsorship, which I think means an extra-exciting cheese spread. (150 Chestnut St, 5-9 pm)

iii. Sign Language: Josie Morway, Katie Truskoski and Sarah Clover at Machines With Magnets (400 Main St, Pawtucket) This one has the added bonus of turning into a Six Finger Satellite Show.  Also featuring Made In Mexico and The In/Out.

[*In order to understand this video, I guess you have to know that I the title of this post is a reference to the delightful Television Personalities.  And that this completely fascinating-in-every-way video of an eight year old covering a TV Personalities song was the closest I could find to them on Youtube.  So, that's why.]

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Douglas Miles @ Gallery 17 Peck

8AM ON 13/11/2008
BY Tim Blankenship

Douglas MilesDouglas Miles, connects the universality of mainstream’s skateboard culture to today’s Indian youth. His Graphic imagery of Apache warriors and contemporary “Rez” portraits brings a Native aesthetic and sensibility to the skateboard culture. The Apache skateboards break through a seemingly closed mainstream boundary, reasserting and affirming Indian youth’s presence in the mainstream culture of today.

Artist Reception
Nov 13, 2008 5-9 pm
Gallery 17 Peck
303 Atwells Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

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Sustainability Show!

8PM ON 30/10/2008
BY Michaela Colette

Sustainability Print Show!
The opening is this SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 2008 from 4-7pm at The AS220 Main Gallery space, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903. It’s also FREE!
Print Show by Just Seeds Visual Arts Cooperative & Thirty+ RI Artists, including (but not limited to! and possibly inaccurate in some instances!):
Mary Tremonte, Josh MacPhee, Bec Young, Pete Yahnke, Meredith Stern, Dylan Miner, Colin Matthes, Erik Ruin, Beatrice McGeoch, Raphael Lyons, Cybele Collins, Michaela Colette Zacchilli, Mike Taylor, Monica Majewski, Scott Noise, Delia Kovac, Tim Patterson, Jenine Bressner, Jola Bielat, Meg Turner, Xander Marro, Caroline Paquita, Jen Daltry, Amber Schulz, Andrew Oesch, Sarah Ryan, Jean Cozzens, Will Schaff, Lu Heintz, Erin Rosenthal, Shawn Gilheeney, Ben Fino-Radin, Anna Shapiro, Jomas Daconceicao.
Come thru! Bring snacks or whatevs, I think its gonna be potluck styleeesssss!!!!!! Suckah!

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hera gallery’s all-rhode island comic book show

10AM ON 17/07/2008
BY Michaela Zacchilli

Whatever happened to that dude who posted about comix weekly????  Well, whatever.

[Answer from David: He's co-managing my campaign.  Yeah, that's how we roll.  But I'll give him the day off for this.]

This SATURDAY, July 19th is the opening of Hera Gallery’s 30 Days + 24 Hours: All-Rhode Island Comic Book Challenge/Graphic Novel Exhibition. Which consists of way more than JUST an opening — the 24hr challenge begins noon on the 19th… the official/traditional ‘opening’ reception is 6pm-9pm, and the challenge ends the 20th at noon. During those 24 hours, food will be served, music will be heard, movies will be watched, Alec Thibodeau will read comix, and a slew of random Rhode Islanders will draw them.

Hera Gallery is located at 327 Main Street, in Wakefield RI 02880-0336

To get your ass down to Wakefield, take the #66. Apparently it goes right by the gallery.



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