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Hooligan And His Person Retire

And thank you for your service. It has been brought to my attention that Officer Patty Blake has retired after decades with the Providence Police Department. Most of that time was spent with the Mounted Command on top of her beloved Hooligan. She had been

Police Union Disgraces Itself

In a stunning act of shortsighted greed and stupidity, the Providence police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has voted to support the mayoral candidacy of Buddy Cianci who once spent 4.5 years in federal prison for running a criminal enterprise from Providence City Hall.

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Heroin Bust In The News — The War On Drugs Drags On

Look familiar? Haven’t we been down this road before? The headline in today’s Providence Journal reads “Record heroin seizure in R.I.” as if this were a big win in our war on drugs, when in fact it means just the opposite. If we were winning

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District 9 Community Police Meet and Greet

Residents of the Wayland, Fox Point and College Hill areas should head down to the RISD auditorium tonight and get to know the neighborhood police. Meet District 9 Commander Lieutenant John Ryan and join in a discussion of how you can become more involved in

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All you hoodlums — stay the hell outta Foster

From the paper of record: FOSTER — Patrolman John Forrest still had the small, red marks from where the two sharp, needle-like probes lodged in his skin. It had been hours since he was shot with a stun gun, but there they were, one mark