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One Last Stroke Of His Masters’ Lever

“The first option on your ballot is the straight party option, which is discussed on page 27.” (RI Voter Information Handbook 2014) There you go, that’s all you need to know about the outgoing Secretary of State Ralph Mollis. His legacy will be as a

Governor’s Race Just Got Interesting — Welcome ‘Moderate’ Moose

As did any future debates. Robert J. Healey, founder and chairman of the Cool Moose Party, will make a fourth run at the governor’s office, this time representing the Moderate Party. This is one politician who does not traffic in sound bites, bromides, bumper stickers,

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Mayoral Candidates At Wanskuck Library

(6.12) Providence Community Library (PCL) will host a “Meet the Candidates” forum at Wanskuck Library on Thursday, June 12. Candidates for Mayor of Providence will respond to questions about neighborhood issues and the audience will have an opportunity to tell candidates what they think about

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Athenaeum Salon — Recent Elections And A Look Ahead

(12.4) These are interesting people. A Tuesday Salon at the Providence Athenaeum — co-presented with Common Cause Rhode Island — “A Time to Campaign and a Time to Govern.” Brown University Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Wendy Schiller moderates a conversation with

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Obama Fundraiser At Blaze — Cool Merch

(9.25) Here in Rhode Island our votes may not actually count for much, but our money is still the right color. Recent polls (in the states that do matter) look promising but let’s not get complacent. Yes, we’ve all had our disappointments with this administration

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Debate — Cicilline V. Gemma

(8.28) The 2012 Congressional Primary Debate takes place tonight at Rhode Island College and you could attend; or watch the broadcast live on WPRI 12. Candidates vying for the democratic nomination for Rhode Island’s First Congressional District: incumbent congressman David Cicilline and challenger Anthony Gemma

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Drinking Liberally With Langevin

(8.22) This invitation from the folks at Providence Drinking Liberally, Summer 2012 is coming to a close. The Tall Ships sailed, the America’s Cup came and went, America won the medal count in London, a North Kingstown native took home some silver and bronze, Pauly

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RI’s Feisty Election History On Display

The Secretary of State’s office is giving you a chance to learn more about Rhode Island’s political past by visiting a free exhibit in downtown Providence. “Rhode Island Votes: A Lively Look at Election History” features early voting machines, campaign buttons, voter guides, newspaper stories,

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Coalition Needed To Reform R.I. Government

It’s encouraging that so many have taken out papers to run this year, but it will mean little unless major governmental reforms are made. And good people alone will not change anything. (Dale Earnhardt Jr. won’t win any NASCAR races driving a Yugo.)

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Lt. Guber Race A Statistical Dead Heat

I hate polls — and this one has a fairly small sample size (492) — BUT this seems pretty newsworthy. According to the latest NBC 10 Quest Research Poll, incumbent Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts is in a statistical dead heat with the man who wants

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CD1 Candidates Forum Thursday

The Summit Neighborhood Association is holding a forum at the Jewish Community Center this Thursday with the candidates for the 1st U.S. Congressional District. Audience members can meet and ask questions of Providence Mayor David Cicilline, State Rep. John Loughlin, Kenneth Capalbo, and Gregory Raposa.

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Primary Tuesday — VOTE SEGAL!!!

Vote in the Democratic Primary Tuesday! Go to the Secretary of State website to Find Your Polling Place. For a complete list of candidates in tomorrow’s primary go to ProJo. All polls close at 9pm. Opening hours vary by town — Providence opens 7am —

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Substance And Style

Yes, David Segal officially kicked off his campaign a few weeks ago on a cold, drizzly sidewalk in front of the Bank of America, but last Wednesday’s Drinking Liberally at the Wild Colonial might have been Dave’s actual coming out party. For one thing, there

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Vote Now For Dave Segal — Best Politician Ever

I can’t get a handle on the tone I should take here at all, but here goes. Apparently I missed one of the most important categories in my recent post about The Providence Phoenix 2010 ‘Best of’ poll — that being ‘Best Politician’. Because frankly

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Candidates Up The Wazoo

We don’t even pretend to ‘report’ on this stuff really so we kind of haven’t. The Rhode Island political scene in the last two days has been such a musical chairs melee I wouldn’t know where to start. And you can’t swing a dead cat

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Tired Of This Crew

There’s nothing like the new year to get you thinking of clean slates and fresh starts. And then comes the morning ProJo with news of the Providence mayoral race and who do we have taking a run at the mayor’s job? Lombardi? Paolino? We have