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Mumblecore Jammin’ — Wah Do Dem Providence Premiere

12AM ON 28/08/2009
BY Ben Jones


UPDATE: In case of rain, film will be at the Black Rep.

So, perfect downtown night. The rain will be come and gone by early evening, returning after midnight. What better night to catch a movie outdoors? Arrive early enough and you can make the seats at Tazza your own cafe cinema.

But this isn’t just any film. It’s a work by some of our own.

From artist/educator/troubadour/dj/surfer Damian Ewens:

Providence locals Sam Fleischner and Ben Chace, just won Best Narrative Feature at the LA Film Fest for their movie Wah Do Dem and they’re coming home to do a Providence premiere this Friday, August 28th outside of Tazza at 8pm.

The film, Wah Do Dem, was filmed in Brooklyn and Jamaica and includes reggae legends The Congos, Carl Bradshaw (old-time Jamaican actor from “The Harder They Come”), Sean Bones and Norah Jones.

Should be a blast and there will be some great summertime reggae too!

8pm, Friday, Westminster & Union Streets

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The $17,000 Candy Bar or… Irish Guys Like Reggae?

11AM ON 01/12/2008
BY Beth Comery

ascap Today’s ProJo reports on the sorry plight of Patrick Griffin, owner of Patrick’s Pub on Smith Street, who has run afoul of federal copyright laws for songs played live in his bar.  We all know that ignorance of the law is no excuse but still, Griffin makes one good point.

“I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing,” Griffin, a native of Ireland, says of copyrighting rules. No one ever told him he needed to get a license, he says.

Even so, he says, the responsibility shouldn’t fall to him. “I understand everyone in the business [of music] has the right to collect dues,” he says. “I don’t believe it’s the pub owner that should pay … How are you going to know what tunes a band is going to play?”

Or… has played.  What if a band promised to play original music, but slipped in a few copyrighted songs from some obscure band or another? (AS220 is quoted in the article as “requiring all music performed there be original or in the public domain”.  But there are a billion unknown, but copyrighted, songs that nobody would recognize.) The article goes on,

Griffin says he doesn’t remember what band took the stage the night the investigator apparently visited the pub. According to The Journal’s listing, it was Almond Joy.

Three months later, Griffin was served with the suit around 11 p.m. at his home. He says ASCAP is seeking a settlement payment of $17,000.

Note to the band: Learn from Mr. Griffin’s mistakes. If some lawyer from Hershey’s sends you a letter, read it.



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