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Spelling Bee At AS220

9AM ON 24/06/2012
BY Beth Comery

spelling bee (6.27) The 6th Annual ‘Not About the Buildings’ Spelling Bee has been rescheduled, having been postponed from an earlier date. Apparently Master of Ceremonies Matthew Lawrence lost his voice for seven days during which time it can be assumed his good friends tormented him mercilessly. Happily, Mr. Lawrence has found his voice and an open slot on the AS220 schedule.

Everything else will be the same as before. Signups will be at 8:30 and the Bee will begin at 9. It’s still $7 to spell and free to watch. There are still great prizes from the Providence Athenaeum, Tiny Showcase, Ada Books, What Cheer?, and Craftland. JP Reader will be judging and Kath Connolly will be dictionarying [sic] and Jason Tranchida will be the bookie. The Spelling Bee Study Guide zine will be debuted. Fun will be had.

He’s right about that; it’s real fun. And it gets funner and funner as the evening progresses . . . this being a bar and all.

Beth’s tip sheet/handicapping the contest: Last year I watched the first few rounds and put my money on the one contestant I could find not holding a beer bottle. I am told she came in second . . . if that helps. I don’t know if Jason can handle quinellas and such, but you may find some side action on the floor.

[Results from NATB: With a winning BIVOUAC/DYSPNEA combination, Benjamin Legg of Providence is officially the 2012 Spelling Bee Champion.]

9pm (8:30 if you want to spell), Spelling Bee (and Zine Release!), Wednesday, June 27, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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Free Scoop AmeriCone Dream Tuesday

3PM ON 13/02/2012
BY Beth Comery

AmeriCone DreamWhile supplies last! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream, participating Ben & Jerry’s shops will have a free single scoop give-away from 5pm to 8pm, on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day. And the Meeting Street shop is participating! I know cuz I checked.

A new AmeriCone Dream SuperPAC Pack 2012 Collectable [sic] Package is available with its fudge-covered waffle cone bits, “sweeter than the Bill of Rights, colder than Valley Forge, and twice as much caramel as the Louisiana Purchase.” Proceeds from the sale of this AmeriCone Dream will benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Donors Choose, so go buy a pint too. (See the February 1st Colbert Report for details.)

And I repeat, while supplies last! I can’t stress that enough. And only AmeriCone Dream.

[Note to Stephen: 'Collectable' is not listed as an accepted spelling in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; it's more of a British thing really. But good men died at Valley Forge so the limey bastards at the OED couldn't push us around any more, and this is America the greatest country in the world!]

Free scoop AmeriCone Dream, 5pm to 8pm, Tuesday, February 14, Ben & Jerry’s, 237 Meeting Street

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Spelling Bee Fundraiser At AS220

8AM ON 06/06/2011
BY Daily Dose

speller Come down to AS220 tonight, Monday, June 6, for the fifth annual Not About the Buildings Spelling Bee. This invite comes from master of ceremonies, Matthew Lawrence, who was spotted two days ago buying yet another dictionary.

Relive your childhood glories and/or traumas at AS220 while competing for fabulous prizes. Speller registration starts at 8:30 and the bee proper begins at 9. (As always, due to time constraints, the number of spellers will be limited to the first 36 to sign up.  It’s suggested that you arrive right at 8:30 to ensure that you get to spell.) Prizes this year have been generously provided by the likes of Providence Athenaeum, Tiny Showcase, Craftland, Thee Red Fez, and more!

This is a fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Not About the Buildings and there is a gambling  component to the event. Whoever wagers the most money on the winning speller will also head home with some fabulous prizes. Or just show up and support/harrass your friends.

Mr. Lawrence has proven to be perfectly suited for this roll (and he actually wears a suit). He is smart, unflappable, and droll. And he is very concerned about getting things right so as to avoid the bench-clearing brawls that plagued initial installments. (But we can not emphasize enough how droll he is.) Still trepidatious? Check out last year’s word list. The event has in past years run past 11pm. Remember, this takes place in a bar. It’s lots of fun.

[Additional Note: Congratulations to Kevin Girard who won with 'glasnost'. More info and this year's word list, click here.]

Free to watch, $8 to compete, Bee starts at 9pm,(speller registration 8:30pm), Monday, June 6, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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Save The Date — June 6 Spelling Bee

7AM ON 25/05/2011
BY Daily Dose

spelling bee Can you write in the air? When two vowels go walking, who does the talking? Can you spell ‘fun’? Then pull up your diphthong and get in the Bee.

Not About The Buildings’ 5th Annual Spelling Bee Fundraiser is once again happening at AS220. There will be fame, honor, glory, and prizes for one smartypants speller. Could it be you? This is the biggest fundraiser for NATB and pays for nearly all our costs for the entire year. Also it is fun!

And if you’re shy, you don’t have to spell, but you do have the option of placing a wager on your favorite speller. If they win, you get prizes, too.

$8 to spell, free to watch. Sign-ups start at 8:30pm and, because of time constraints, we are once again cutting the number of spellers off at 36. The bee itself starts at 9pm.

Monday, June 6, Spelling Bee, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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Dictionaries Needed

8AM ON 26/08/2010
BY Beth Comery


The ‘Race to the Top’ $75 million jackpot was announced on Tuesday to great fanfare. The Channel 10 graphics department (read: intern) helped illustrate just how urgently these funds are needed.

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Say the word. Spell the word. Say the word again.

7AM ON 02/06/2008
BY Matthew Lawrence

spelling beeTonight at 8, AS220 is hosting the second annual Not About The Buildings Spelling Bee.  It’s a bee for adults (and not an adult spelling bee, which people keep asking me for some reason as though I’d want to watch people spell dirty words.  Although, come to think of it, that could be fun too.  But not tonight.)

There will be fun, there will be snacks, there will be a bar, there will be me hosting, and there will be fabulous prizes from Grandburo, Tiny Showcase, if n books, Blue State Coffee, and more.  Be there or be a haasiophis.

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Get Your Mitochondria On

1PM ON 27/05/2008
BY Matthew Lawrence

Next Monday, join library-loving nerds and fans of grueling competition at the second annual Not About The Buildings Spelling Bee.  It’s five dollars to enter but free to watch, and the watching’s going to be good, if last year’s Bee at Firehouse 13 is any indication.  It’s hosted by little ol’ moi and starts at 8.  You can sign up at the door or ahead of time.  It’s five dollars to enter but free to watch/cheer/heckle. Here’s the poster, designed by the dashing Jason Tranchida.




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