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Spelling Bee At AS220

(6.27) The 6th Annual ‘Not About the Buildings’ Spelling Bee has been rescheduled, having been postponed from an earlier date. Apparently Master of Ceremonies Matthew Lawrence lost his voice for seven days during which time it can be assumed his good friends tormented him mercilessly.

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Free Scoop AmeriCone Dream Tuesday

While supplies last! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream, participating Ben & Jerry’s shops will have a free single scoop give-away from 5pm to 8pm, on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day. And the Meeting Street shop is participating! I know cuz

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Spelling Bee Fundraiser At AS220

Come down to AS220 tonight, Monday, June 6, for the fifth annual Not About the Buildings Spelling Bee. This invite comes from master of ceremonies, Matthew Lawrence, who was spotted two days ago buying yet another dictionary. Relive your childhood glories and/or traumas at AS220

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Save The Date — June 6 Spelling Bee

Can you write in the air? When two vowels go walking, who does the talking? Can you spell ‘fun’? Then pull up your diphthong and get in the Bee. Not About The Buildings’ 5th Annual Spelling Bee Fundraiser is once again happening at AS220. There

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Dictionaries Needed

The ‘Race to the Top’ $75 million jackpot was announced on Tuesday to great fanfare. The Channel 10 graphics department (read: intern) helped illustrate just how urgently these funds are needed.

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Get Your Mitochondria On

Next Monday, join library-loving nerds and fans of grueling competition at the second annual Not About The Buildings Spelling Bee.  It’s five dollars to enter but free to watch, and the watching’s going to be good, if last year’s Bee at Firehouse 13 is any