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St. Patrick’s Day

Great weather for walking to your neighborhood bar. The operative word there is “walking.” You live in Providence — you are definitely within walking distance of an Irish bar. Here’s a few. McBride’s in Wayland Square (seen here with the flag)  has the advantage of

Downtown Pahty Town

(3.19) What happens when you combine St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, WaterFire, and Gallery Night? We’re about to find out. Gallery Night —Thursday, 5pm to 9pm March Madness at The Dunk — Thursday, 12:15pm to 11-ish?/Saturday TBD WaterFire Slam Dunk event (basketball shootout competition, Union

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St. Pat’s Parade And 5K On Smith Street

(3.8) Noon — St. Patrick’s Parade starts at Wyndham Avenue, goes past the Newport Creamery and St. Patrick’s Pub, ending at the State House. (Map of route after the jump.) 11am — The St. Patrick’s 5k starts and ends at the State House. Everyone just

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E&O Irish Yoga Breakfast

(3.17) You just need something Irish to look at on St. Patrick’s Day; Mike Kelly over at the E&O Tap will do nicely. They start early so feel free to head over any time. From the Facebook event page: Chris Foster (McNulty) here kids, inviting

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Pub Quiz

(3.10) According to the Wild Colonial website there is a Pub Quiz Sunday. Compete for cool prizes and cover yourself with glory. Categories might include current events, local stuff, Barbarian hordes, marine biology, advertizing, and some Irish thing sure and begorrah. It’s different every week,

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If You Must

One of the benefits of living in the city is having a neighborhood bar you can walk to. Here’s one. The E&O Tap opened this morning at 9am. Mike Kelly is behind the bar with the Reverend Richard Dannenfelser; Chris Foster is out back on

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St. Patrick’s Party At City Hall

An invitation from Mayor Angel Taveras (and when Irish eyes are smiling, Angels are supposed to sing), Providence City Hall will be filled with festive Irish music and dance on Thursday, March 17 at 12:30pm as Mayor Taveras hosts a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Providence

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Because You’re Already Wearing Green

I should have used this to brush up on th’ auld Irish before the Dead-In last night.  Ah well, next year…

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Putting The Leper In Leprechaun

Smilin’ John from The Bucket (this is not him, I don’t think, I hope not) wants to remind readers that Pawtucket always gets a jump on the drinking season by holding their parade a week earlier than everyone else. Starring the Rev. Joseph Paquette as

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two days, one bar

St. Patrick’s Day Eve: Tonight is Pub Quiz night at the Wild Colonial. Teams can be up to four people and you just show up and sit down. The rules are explained as you go along. Categories might be ‘current events’, ‘sports’ or ‘famous Irish