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No Taxpayer Funds For PawSox Stadium

Go PawSox! No really . . . go. Get your hands out of my pockets and go away. Millionaire team owner Larry Lucchino is back with a new pitch — he heard your concerns and has repackaged his outrageous demands. Gone is that not true

Stadium Victory Rally At State House

(9.24) Come celebrate the rescuing of the Providence riverfront from the PawSox greed-heads at the “We are the Champions State House Rally” on Thursday. (Facebook Event page) We all know the battle is not over. I certainly hope the team stays in McCoy, but if

Riverfront Stadium Plans — Scrapped!

Ding dong, the deal is dead. If ever there was a time for exclamation points in the header this is it! Negotiations are over. Kate Bramson of the Providence Journal finally tweeted a few moments ago, The Pawtucket Red Sox today said that Rhode island

Fox Point & Jewelry District Weigh In On Stadium

With a great big “NO!” John Rousseau, executive secretary of the Fox Point Neighborhood Association (FPNA), appeared recently with the RIPDA state coordinator Sam Bell* on Dan Yorke State of Mind. Bell also heads the ‘Stop the Stadium Group’ and the topic was of course

Parcel 4 Party

(8.31) The various groups and individuals fighting the stadium boondoggle are getting together for one last summer celebration of the parcel set aside for use as a public park by the 195 Commission. Go to the “Act like you own the place!” Facebook page for

Providence Riverfront Land Forum

(8.25) City park or baseball park? We now know where the Providence Preservation Society comes down on the stadium issue (agin) thanks to executive director Brent Runyon’s excellent piece in the ProJo. Learn more, and explore what the best uses for this land might be,

Summer Reading For House Leadership — “Field Of Schemes”

A message for those elected officials still supporting the PawSox stadium deal: With all the data and analysis now available (including the conclusions of Mattiello’s consultant, and PawSox mole, Andrew Zimbalist, who didn’t like stadiums until he suddenly decided he did) a ‘yes’ vote on

Enough With The Durham Bulls*#t

Did they think that we could be bought off with a trip to Durham, North Carolina? Come on sizzle it a little, throw in a layover in Moosic, Pennsylvania and then maybe we’ll talk. Mr. Lucchino et al. have yet to figure out that opponents

Stadium Opponents Organize City Hall Campaign At Rochambeau

(7.27) Let’s not forget that this battle has two fronts. Today’s focus will be the decision-makers in Providence City Hall. The ‘Providence Campaign Against the Stadium Deal’ will meet today at 7pm at the Rochambeau Library. From organizer Sam Bell, We have the momentum behind

House Speaker Needs To Hear From Stadium Opponents

House Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello is still talking as if he has heard, read, and learned, absolutely nothing about the current thinking on taxpayer-funded stadiums from around the country. From Katherine Gregg’s ‘Politics’ column in today’s ProJo. On the proposed Providence stadium, he said: “Negotiations are

Anti-Stadium Rally At State House

(6.25) Head down to the state house, Thursday at 5pm, for a Rally Against Stadium Proposal. Organizer David Norton of “Keep PawSox in Pawtucket,” and “No New Stadium” (a grassroots organization opposing the riverfront site and taxpayer funding), invite everyone who opposes this project to

Forum On Stadium Proposal Sold Out

(6.9) Apparently there is some interest in this topic. A forum to discuss the proposed stadium will be hosted by Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) Tuesday at the Metcalf Building at Brown. (The event will be live-streamed and taped for later airing on RIPR.) Rhode

The RI Convention Center — A Cautionary Tale

It has been evident from the beginning that opposition to the new stadium project has united people across the political spectrum; small government conservatives and progressive liberals have found much common ground in their objections to this boondoggle. The ProJo coverage, as well as the

Forum On Stadium Proposal At Hope High

(5.18) [Additional Note: The meeting will go on as planned. See ProJo.] This Monday, May 18th, State Rep. Aaron Regunberg will be hosting a forum at Hope High School along with Councilman Zurier, Rep. Ajello and Sen. Goldin regarding the baseball stadium proposal and to

NO! To Riverfront Stadium Site

This should be an absolute deal breaker. Opposition to the stadium scheme has been largely focused on the taxpayer money grab — and rightly so — but the owners’ choice of the riverfront location has been hugely problematic as well. Now comes Kate Bramson’s piece

Mayor to Address CHNA

(4.22) The original agenda of tonight’s scheduled meeting of the College Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) was “Plowing, potholes, and parking” but it looks like the stadium proposal might also get an airing. According to the website the agenda does include a Q&A with Mayor Jorge