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Steel Yard Studio Restoration

That’s a lot of caulk. Ironically, the fire-breathing forges and furnaces cranking away at the Steel Yard are no match for the icy gusts that blow through in winter. That’s about to get fixed. The Steel Yard has received a $100,000 grant from The Champlin

Iron Pour At Steel Yard

(10.24) The theme for this year’s Halloween Iron Pour is “Monster versus City.” For this event, artists harness the power of the Steel Yard’s custom built, iron pouring tilt furnace to pour over 2,500 pounds of molten iron. In the past the Steel Yard has

Blacksmithing At Lippitt Farmers Market

(8.15) The Steel Yard mobile demo trailer pulled into the Roger Williams National Memorial last Saturday where blacksmiths Alaina Mahoney and Nick Tomlin got to work hammering out bits and bobs. Spectators (some of whom seemed to know their way around an anvil) even took

Blacksmithing At RW National Memorial

(8.8) On Saturday experts from the Steel Yard will share their knowledge and passion for the old world craft of Blacksmithing at Roger Williams National Memorial. Forging a plow, a sword or just repairing a door hinge, blacksmithing is one of the most important skills

Cruise Night At Steel Yard

(7.10) Hood ornaments, tuck ‘n’ roll upholstery, candy flake paint, and chrome polished to within an inch of its life — these cars are works of art. Head over to the Steel Yard Cruise Night and see classic cars from all eras. Hoods are often

Steel Yard ‘Fire Camp’

(6.14) The Steel Yard is holding its third annual Fire Camp today. This event will feature hands-on mold making, attendees will have a chance to purchase a sand mold, which can then be scratched into to create unique designs, patterns, or images. Customized scratch molds will

Sims Avenue Fire — Steel Yard/Brewers Guild/RIPAC

Who isn’t breathing a sigh of relief for the Steel Yard today. Executive Director Howie Sneider posted this pic on Facebook with the following statement. I am so thankful that the Steel Yard is okay after last nights fire, but the neighborhood will never be

10th Anniversary For Steel Yard

(8.15) And what is the correct gift for the 10th? Tin, and also Aluminum . . . or some cool molten melty alloy of same. Head over to the Steel Yard Friday for an anniversary celebration of this unique and wonderful Providence institution. Join the

The Steel Yard

Fire Camp And Iron Pour At Steel Yard

(6.21) The Steel Yard hosts its 2nd annual Fire Camp with demonstrations and tours of the facility, and the Industrial Yard Sale (old machinery, tools, equipment) Saturday. Once again, we will be firing up the forges and the iron furnace on June 21st for our

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Camp Metalhead Applications Due Monday

Applications for Camp Metalhead at the Steel Yard are due Monday, June 16th. Full scholarships are still available. (Application here.) Spend two weeks ripping through steel with gas torches and fusing it back together with a 10,000° electrical arc! If you are between the ages

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Steel Yard Looking For Tool Donations

Some of you may be getting into the spring cleaning routine, rearranging the clutter in your garage and bumping into tools you no longer need . . . or ever got around to needing . . . or ever figured out how to use .

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Steel Yard Cruise Night

(7.12) Rain date Saturday (enough with the rain already). Head over to the Steel Yard for the 8th Annual Cruise Night. This unique event is more than a simple display of chrome and horsepower, but is also an important part of the Steel Yard’s Works

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Steel Yard Spring Courses — Register Now

The Steel Yard has prepared a spring course scheduled filled with engaging and informative hands-on classes. Explore all the possibilities waiting for you in our studio; you could weld a robot, slip cast a thousand rubber duckies, or throw a sufficient amount of ceramic plates

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New Rink Fence

Nice piece by Linda Borg in today’s ProJo about the new fencing surrounding the downtown skating rink (In Kennedy Plaza, a fence catches the eye). It almost goes without saying that the Steel Yard is behind this project, with funding from the $200,000 “Our Town”

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Iron Pour At Steel Yard

(10.26) This is a unique event. Join the Steel Yard and the Iron Guild for the Seventh Annual Iron Pour. Each year, the Steel Yard teams up with the Iron Guild to demonstrate the industrial arts in an exciting, accessible way. Our annual Iron Pour

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SCLT Fundraiser At Steel Yard — Wednesday

Join the Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) for their Harvesting Hope fundraising dinner at the Steel Yard. Against the stunning post-industrial backdrop of the Steel Yard’s two-acre site, the evening’s program will feature remarks by SCLT’s new executive director, Margaret DeVos, and a “Build a