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Tonight, On The Runway

7PM ON 21/01/2010
BY Matthew Lawrence

My week’s been kind of nutsy, so sorry for posting this at the last minute.*  But tonight there’s another Project Runway viewing party at Tazza, with contestant Jonathan Peters in attendance.  There were a ton of people there last week, most of whom appeared to be very heavy drinkers, so the bar line was a little gonzo.  But that’s okay!

The party starts at 9, with the show beginning at 10, and who knows what zany antics will ensue at 11?  (I, for one, will most likely be heading next door to Union for karaoke.  But, you know, that’s maybe not for everyone.)

(*I actually meant to write this up yesterday, just for the sake of making an obscure Innocence Mission allusion in the headline.   Because even though nobody knows that song, I think it’s really cute in an emotional-montage-during-the-last-five-minutes-of-the-season-finale-of-something-on-the-CW kind of way.)

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Tonight: Art! Boobs! Fashion!

10AM ON 14/01/2010
BY Matthew Lawrence

the peerless Three things happening tonight, all of which are conveniently located on the same corner:

Local filmmaker Faythe Levine curated the show opening at Craftland, which features work by Merrilee Challiss and Margaret Oomen.  From the press release:

Merrilee brings her gouache and ink images of a darkly humorous view of natural history all the way from Birmingham, Alabama. Hailing from Aurora, Ontario, Margaret makes work that combines her fascination with science as a medical doctor with her love of nature to create crochet covered stones featuring fractal patterns and Fibonacci sequences.*

Also from the press release:

This show is not to be missed. more »

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Mumblecore Jammin’ — Wah Do Dem Providence Premiere

12AM ON 28/08/2009
BY Ben Jones


UPDATE: In case of rain, film will be at the Black Rep.

So, perfect downtown night. The rain will be come and gone by early evening, returning after midnight. What better night to catch a movie outdoors? Arrive early enough and you can make the seats at Tazza your own cafe cinema.

But this isn’t just any film. It’s a work by some of our own.

From artist/educator/troubadour/dj/surfer Damian Ewens:

Providence locals Sam Fleischner and Ben Chace, just won Best Narrative Feature at the LA Film Fest for their movie Wah Do Dem and they’re coming home to do a Providence premiere this Friday, August 28th outside of Tazza at 8pm.

The film, Wah Do Dem, was filmed in Brooklyn and Jamaica and includes reggae legends The Congos, Carl Bradshaw (old-time Jamaican actor from “The Harder They Come”), Sean Bones and Norah Jones.

Should be a blast and there will be some great summertime reggae too!

8pm, Friday, Westminster & Union Streets

more »

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Steady Bongo To Rock Providence (Twice)

11AM ON 06/08/2009
BY Annie Messier

Steady-Bongo Sierra Leone activist and musician Steady Bongo is in town. Besides having the best stage name ever, Mr. Bongo (pictured with dance lesson volunteers Maria and Sarah) can boast of a collaboration with 75% of The Killdevils, a local Americana and blues band consisting of ubiquitous keyboardist Jake Haller, drummer Matt McLaren (Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores), and guitarist Chris Monti (The ‘Mericans), and with bassist Scott Robert (a.k.a. Death/Work).

The Killdevils (who play Nick-a-Nee’s next Thursday at 9pm) seemed an odd choice for an Afro-Pop collective, although this nice article in today’s ProJo explains the connection between Steady Bongo, Liberian Joseph Paye, and Matt McLaren. Chris Monti informs me that Joe Paye has been mentoring the Killdevils in playing African music, or what Mr. Paye calls “cultural music,” in the true folk style: orally.  Joe Paye also taught the group some West African Folk songs, to their immense pleasure. Elvis of the Dominican Republic and Mariamba of Liberia will provide background vocals, making this a true international band. (Interview after the jump.)

Free, Thursday, 5pm to 7pm, Burnside Park$5, Friday, 10pm, Tazza, 250 Westminster Street

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Ready to get L33t?

2PM ON 08/04/2009
BY AbbySaunders

Nerdsday Poster 4/8/09

This month’s Nerdsday tweet-up and work session features Wayne Franklin of Office Lab, DJs Tim O’Keefe and Ted James. Come out and be anti social with us. Bring your 20-sided die, laptops, projects and homework. Free.

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Go out, and blog about it at the same time.

1PM ON 11/03/2009
BY AbbySaunders

IRLTeaser Lite 2500

IndieArts/RI, Live Downcity, Tazza Caffe and DJ Ted James present NERDSDAY: Providence’s first DJ’d Tweet-Up and Work Session. Come down to Tazza Caffe on Thursday night (9:00 PM) and meet your fellow Twitter users. No Twitter account yet? Sign up here:

NERDSDAY is a different kind of social event, encouraging you to go and do the work you would normally do at home. Got a blog? Newsletter? Up to your neck in code? Constant site updates keeping you from going out? Homework? 
Come down and get some work done, have a drink, interact with your laptop cradling peers IRL and listen to some super-geeky music. Cult classic movies projected on the wall and plenty of iPhone Chess.. 
No cover
. Visit for more info or follow @nerdsday on Twitter.

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Cape Verdean recording studio brings its full roster to Tazza

10AM ON 07/12/2007
BY Micah Salkind

Unknown-1 I don’t have a ton of info on this showcase, but its a safe bet that it’s all gonna be pretty stellar. It seems like Southern New England may have taken all the venerable Cape Verdean artists that tiny Cabo Verde has to offer the world. Lucky for us that means Notera Studios is a bustling hub for the eclectic sounds of the island. This Saturday at Tazza come catch some of the local scene’s luminaries. If you haven’t caught the adorable and mightily talented Noah Andrade live yet, this is your chance. $10 and doors at 9pm.



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