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New Year’s Eve TV Marathons

3PM ON 30/12/2012
BY Daily Dose

feminist bookstore And some of New Year’s Eve day. And most of New Year’s day.

Portlandia on IFC: 6pm Monday through 5:30pm on Tuesday. Do yourself a favor and catch the 10:30pm episode, “Spyke and Irys want an unconventional wedding; Toni and Candace (the feminist bookstore owners seen here) have a book signing.” (Marathon schedule.)

The new season of Portlandia starts Friday, January 4th at 10pm.

Twilight Zone on SyFy: 8am Monday through 4:30am Wednesday.

The Walking Dead on AMC: 9pm Monday through 4am Tuesday.

Plan accordingly.

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“City Hell?” They Have No Idea

11AM ON 15/02/2012
BY Beth Comery

City HellThe Syfy “Ghost Hunters” (a couple of local plumbers actually) suspect that the ghost of long-dead Mayor Thomas A. Doyle may still be taking the occasional whazz in a fifth floor bathroom in Providence City Hall. Even if true, it is sooooo the least of our problems.

I need to go on record with the following statement: This show is really stupid and our nation would be a lot better off if people stopped believing in paranormal phenomena and started using their senses, reason, and intellect to interpret the world. Our country needs more scientists not palm-readers, psychics and spoon-bending charlatans. This mystical, magical dreaming is what allows people to even consider the illogical tenets of Creationism. (And some of these people want to be President . . . of the United States!) Having said that, Providence City Hall is featured for about 20 minutes in tonight’s episode.

9pm, Wednesday, February 15, Syfy

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Portlandia And Downton Abbey This Week — Yay

9AM ON 04/01/2012
BY Beth Comery

feminist bookstore Friday, 10pm, IFC: At this point Portlandia is in danger of over-exposure and the inevitable backlash from people who have to to be the first to hate something. But if the sneak preview — “Wanna come to my DJ Night?” — is any indication, hating on this show is going to be hard. (Armisen and Brownstein have even been touring live but the two upcoming shows in NYC and Brooklyn are already sold out.) The denizens of Portlandia will be instantly recognizable to liberal-leaning, college towns everywhere, as evidenced by Armisen’s recent SNL skewering of the Northampton crowd (video). Also of interest, a recent New Yorker profile.

Sunday, 9pm, PBS: Downton Abbey returns and while there is nothing particularly recognizable about these lives the show is fantastic.

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‘Body Of Proof’ Premiere Tuesday — Science Fiction?

10AM ON 28/03/2011
BY Beth Comery

BoP Poster Okay it’s time to watch another TV show where we all try to see what’s behind the actors the whole time. Hey, that’s my nail salon! It’s where the school used to be! Finally, a crime drama about forensic medicine. Crews from the new ABC show —  starring Dana Delany as a flawed but brilliant medical examiner — could be spotted around town last year taping exterior scenes, turning Providence into Philadelphia.

In reality, the situation at our Department of Health crime lab is dire. Ace ProJo staff writer Amanda Milkovits first reported last month on the backlog of 400 cases. The situation is further explored in her in-depth cover story from yesterday’s Sunday paper elaborating the staffing problems and limited resources facing the lab.

. . . the forensics lab at the Health Department is so backlogged that it takes from six months to more than a year to analyze DNA in most violent-crime cases. Lesser crimes can take longer.

So, do them a favor and try not to get yourself murdered.

First episode of ‘Body of Proof’ — Death by Zeppole: Does This Smell Right To You? — Tuesday at 10pm.

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DownCity Nightmares

7PM ON 13/03/2011
BY Tim Blankenship

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Nightmare On Weybosset Street

7AM ON 04/08/2010
BY Matthew Lawrence

Bad publicity is still publicity.  Or something.  Which is presumably why the folks over at Downcity are so anxious to tout their forthcoming appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, the FOX TV program where a British man walks into a failing restaurant and then throws a series of conniptions about how bad the food is and about how the owners are bad people with unresolved parental issues.

Of course, Downcity could probably stand for someone to throw a conniption or two.  (It is the only restaurant where I have ever been served a meal largely comprised of eggshells!  It is the only restaurant I ever left hungry, because I was served something I don’t like and didn’t order and I couldn’t find my passive-aggressive waiter for the remainder of my lunch break!  It is also the only restaurant I ever left because the staff were watching What’s Love Got To Do With It on the giant TV thing, oblivious to the fact that some people might want to drink our Pink Ladies without having to think about domestic abuse!  Plus the bartenders are surly and the Pink Lady is off their drink menu now, anyway!  And have I mentioned the world’s ugliest bathrooms?  Because oh my God.)

more »

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Watch Less TV

10AM ON 02/01/2010
BY Annie Messier

On January 1st, most Americans resolve annually to eat less/exercise more. But since a sizeable chunk of the Dose community appears to consist of skinny, kickball-playing hipsters, let’s skip to another top new year’s resolutions for many Americans: watching less TV.

Here, let’s let The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy tell you why:

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TV Marathons Of Note

1PM ON 31/12/2009
BY Daily Dose

three stooges

Toast the New Year with The Three Stooges on AMC, or The Twilight Zone on SYFY, all day Thursday. On Friday The Twilight Zone continues, but AMC switches to the Matrix trilogy.

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Designers Within Reach

9AM ON 16/12/2009
BY Matthew Lawrence

The cast of the seventh season of Project Runway has just been announced, and Woonsocket native Jonathan Peters will be appearing on the program, which kicks off next month on Lifetime.

You can get a tour of the Providence-based designer’s home (and his mysteriously stocked refrigerator) at the Lifetime website, as long as you don’t mind hearing Miranda Lambert and/or Jazmine Sullivan singing to you about how cotton is the fabric of their lives first.

(Disclaimer: I don’t actually know anything about Project Runway, having only seen part of it once in a bar where the sound was off.  I don’t have cable and my knowledge of fashionable TV shows has been spotty since Roseanne got cancelled.  Speaking of which.)

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Who Are We Kidding, It Does Make You Look Cool

3PM ON 05/10/2009
BY Beth Comery


Mad Men makes me want to smoke, a lot.

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Project Runway Recap: There Will Be Beachwear

12PM ON 04/09/2009
BY Joe Roch

When Ian Curtis sang that “love will tear us apart”, what he must have meant was “trying to design surf-inspired clothing in groups of two will tear us apart” – such was last night’s episode of Project Runway. After last week’s maternity-themed challenge, our merry band of designers were forcibly paired up by (a sandal-clad!!) Tim Gunn and given the task of creating a “fun and fashionable surfwear look”. Project Runway on Lifetime (maternity challenge!) and in Los Angeles (beachwear challenge!), how you shock us with not one but two imaginative, network-challenging episodes! Fear not, though, cynics. Half-way through the episode, Tim made a shock announcement – each team would also have to create an avant-garde look to correspond to their beach look. TWIST!
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Return of the Draper

9AM ON 29/07/2009
BY Joe Roch

TV darling Mad Men returns for its 3rd season in just a few short weeks, and we here at The Dose are guzzling our Old Fashioneds in anticipation. Will Betty keep the baby? Will Pete forgive Peggy? Will Sal and Ken finally have the gay sex? So many questions to answer, so many cocktails to drink.

If, like me, you can’t wait for the August 16th season premiere, drop over to AMC’s website and give yourself a Mad Men-inspired makeover. That’s me below, flirting with Don over a stiff drink. Don Draper, you dirty dog!

Season 3 premieres Sunday, August 16 @ 10pm.

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Programming Note/Double Feature

3PM ON 13/06/2009
BY Beth Comery

jerri blank Comedy Central is running Strangers with Candy — The Movie tonight at 11pm. They have been running episodes of the original series this week. The movie was not well-received initially, the most common sentiment expressed being “I really wanted to love this movie, but…”. Well, I really wanted to love this movie and I did. Directed by Paul Dinello (why isn’t he huge?) and starring the awesome Amy Sedaris and a younger, gayer Stephen Colbert, this film exposes the dark underbelly of Science Fair Projects, finally! Another movie in need of a larger audience is Let’s Go To Prison featuring an Oscar-worthy performance by Will Arnett, and that will be on at 9pm. This one is totally perverse; I liked it a lot. With TV this good, why leave the house?

Saturday, 9pm, Let’s Go To Prison/11pm, Strangers With Candy — The Movie

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The Muppets Take On Red-Hattin’

12PM ON 17/12/2008
BY Annie Messier

muppets Thank you, ProJo, for reviewing a new Muppets Christmas special that airs tonight (although I don’t know if it could rival “A Muppets Christmas Carol,” one of my faves).

It seems the cuddly creatures will encounter special guests including an airport security guard (Nathan Lane, who seems well-suited to working with zany puppets) and a hopefully fun taxi driver (Whoopi Goldberg, who was a royal bitch once when serving us drinks in her bar) on the way to the North Pole, with Shrimp Pepe apparently stealing the show.  Since we’re out of town tonight, I’m taping it and will be happy to share.

“A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa”, tonight, NBC, 8 p.m.

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Ix-nay on the Oney-may

8AM ON 10/12/2008
BY Beth Comery

lusitania Gaudeamus hodie and honor Lydia Fassett for her impressive performance last night on ‘Jeopardy!’.  While not taking top honors, she acquitted herself very well, racking up quite a pot of money, just not enough for the win. (Let me say here that I am in awe of people who can remember to breathe when near a microphone, never mind think quickly on camera.) I was really rooting for her, hoping she might get into a ‘Ken the Mormon’ groove and drag this thing out for months giving me at least one thing to write about every day. In her personal chat with Mr. Trebek, she revealed that she is a Latin teacher, and that she and her husband were married in the Providence Atheneum. Very Cool.

Some of her correct answers were; Leviathan, Girlcott, Puleeze, Ix-nay (she also speaks Pig Latin) and The Lusitania. I got really excited when one of the categories was ‘Flight of the Concordes’ but it turned out to be about aviation.

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Lydia, oh Lydia, Encyclopaedia

10AM ON 09/12/2008
BY Beth Comery

jeopardy! Hometown smarty-pants Lydia Haile Fassett is a contestant this week (scheduled for Tuesday) on’ Jeopardy!’. Wild Colonial pub quiz participants found this out last Sunday night when her teammates outed her.  She seemed quite modest and not at all braggy but the team did name itself something like “Hey I’m going to be on ‘Jeopardy!’” and then proceeded to kick everyone’s ass around the block.

So Lydia has game and she’s representing — you have to go see her super little Hometown Howdy at the Jeopardy website.  Well done Lydia. (It was kind of weird trying to ‘interview’ her.  Apparently Homeland Security is holding her family at Gitmo until after the show airs.)

7:30pm, tonight, Jeopardy! on WPRI-Channel 12



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